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January 2012 Newsbytes archive

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Two directors were mentioned by name in last month’s Newsbytes; Martin Scorsese and John Carpenter. Unfortunately, neither is making a furry movie, which would be awesome.

Fred: More on the death of the chimpanzee who may have been Cheetah.
Fred: Photos from Wired of 13 new animals and 1 new fungus discovered during 2011.
Higgs Raccoon: Wolfire Games releases Alpha Version 163 of Overgrowth.
Ringtailed Fox: closes its doors.
dronon: John Carpenter's The Thing, starring Pingu. (Not for the squeamish.)
Fred: A team of biologists has discovered that male spiders spy on their rivals during courtship ceremonies, so they can mimic and pinch their most successful dance moves.
Rakuen Growlithe: Cat survives euthanasia attempt... twice.
dronon: A Samurai Pizza Cat action figure may be coming out in Japan later this year.
GreenReaper: The full Taboo furry segment has appeared on YouTube, though who knows how long it'll stay up there. [HappyWulf]
Ringtailed Fox: Yet another kangaroo attack in Australia occurs. Is it overpopulation, stress, or are the kangaroos beginning to rise up against their human overlords?
Equivamp: Planet of the 'Roos. I blame Sonious.
Fred: Too much sex results in stay of execution for ram.
Sonious: Sydney Morning Herald piece on furries.
Fred: An extinct giant tortoise may be re-breedable.
Ringtailed Fox: Fans of StarFox will love this: StarFox vehicle figurines are coming to Japan!
GreenReaper: Furs on a boat (2011 Furry Cruise).
Higgs Raccoon: Publishing company are offering 25% off Paul Kidd's novels. Coupon code: LULUBOOKAU305, expires January 31. Maximum $50 savings. [OzFurry mailing list]
Fred: Global warming may make reptiles smarter.
Higgs Raccoon: Indian broadsheet DNA reviews Uud Bilaw Manus, a comic based on a Bhojpuri-speaking anthropomorphic sea otter.
GreenReaper: SFWeekly interviews Chairo on making fursuits.
Fred: World's smallest frog discovered in Papua New Guinea .
Higgs Raccoon: Article in the St. Helena Star: Teen designer discovers hot glue, faux fur and Pluffy.
dronon: That ostrich is totally checking you out.
dronon: Police wear tails at Glastonbury Festival.
crossaffliction: Rango wins its first televised animation award at the17th Critics Choice Movie Awards [Higgs Raccoon].
Rakuen Growlithe: Massive SoFurry 2.0 beta update with launch expected on 20 January.
Sonious: Russians use a husky/jackal hybrid in counter-terrorism operations.
crossaffliction: Given my predilections I found this interesting. [StephenTStone/Reddit]
Higgs Raccoon: My Little Pony Skyrim mod replaces dragons.
Fred: Near-extinct, never photographed monkeys rediscovered in Borneo.
Higgs Raccoon: Volkswagen's 2012 Super Bowl commercial features dogs barking the Imperial March from Star Wars.
Ringtailed Fox: Spider trips alarm at German bank.
Higgs Raccoon: Animal trainers call for new Oscar category for animal film stars.
crossaffliction: Uggie the dog is supposed to be the real star of Best Picture frontrunner The Artist.
GreenReaper: Bad Dragon has been reinstated.
GreenReaper: Grizzled langur monkey “rediscovered” in Indonesia. [tip: M Bunny]
GreenReaper: Missouri furs are fixing for a convention. No date yet, but there's a dance party fundraiser on Feb 2.
GreenReaper: Apparently the Firefox dev team is full of furries. [WagzTail e.p. 5, 7:42]
GreenReaper: SoFurry is switching to v2.0.
GreenReaper: Animals are the latest theme on Milan’s fashion catwalks. [tip: earthfurst]
GreenReaper: Tirrel's Rockoons 3 is out - spot the norn!
GreenReaper: Photo: an all-white blackbird.
Fred: A curious snow leopard in the Afghan mountains steals a camera trap.
Ringtailed Fox: Kung Fu Panda meets Mad Max.
Equivamp: A bit late, but SF Weekly was invited to Further Confusion 2012, and noted the fandom's individuality. Further Confusion's media director Chairo even gave them a three-page interview on fursuits.
GreenReaper: Another FC2012 article. [baracudaboy/furrymedia]
crossaffliction: Well, The Adventures of Tintin failed to receive a Best Animated Feature nomination, so Rango has that Oscar in the bag.
GreenReaper: The editor of the Baltimore Sun's youth tabloid b suggests a furry/plushie themed bar.
Higgs Raccoon: Chinese doctors remove volleyball from dolphin’s stomach.
Green Reaper: Siberian huskies have “more than tripled” in the UK in the last decade, while the English Setter is now vulnerable.
Fred: Watch a baby condor hatch and grow on live webcam.
Rakuen Growlithe: Minister kills cat by keeping it in a cage for a few days before throwing it off a bridge.
Fred:Jumping spiders have not only 8 eyes and hundreds of ears, they have 3-D vision.
Fred: What you always wanted to know: binturong’s butts smell like popcorn.
Fred: Gray wolves (well, wolf, singular) return to California, and he has lots of fans.
GreenReaper: Sea lions shot of Puget Sound.
banrai: New regulations regarding laboratory animals including more space. A step forward for vivisection?
Ringtailed Fox: Elderly Alaska woman saves hubby from ornery moose.
Ringtailed Fox: Calgary lion dies after surgery to remove cancer from spleen
dronon: A trailer for the upcoming anime film, Wolf Children.
dronon: A brief discussion of unfairly typecast species.
Fred: Poisonous mammals.
GreenReaper: Going to Furry Fiesta 2012? You have just over a day to pre-register.
GreenReaper: The DHS is monitoring “human to animal” tweets - do they think furries plan to use a virus to wipe out humanity?
dronon: From the creator of VVVVVV comes a short, silly cat simulator.
crossaffliction: Martin Scorsese points out his Oscar front running movie has a dog too. [Kristopher Tapley/In Contention]
Fred: Severe wild animal decline in Florida because pythons are eating them.



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But, but, I thought the new furry-fundie orthodoxy was that even if Scorsese directed, say, Blacksad and Carpenter made Watership Down, they still wouldn't be, couldn't be, 'furry movies' because Scorsese and Carpenter aren't, you know, 'one of us'.

Welcome to the new furry-fundie orthodoxy, just as crazy and cunt-y as every other blinkered orthodoxy throughout human history:

Crusader Cat? CigarSkunk? 'One of us', even if they do make Rick Santorum look like Michael Moore.

Watership Down? Blacksad? The Lion King? Pshaw, those trivialities weren't created by us and for us, they don't count as 'one of us'.


Your rating: None Average: 1 (4 votes)


I think next month "Here's last month's Newsbytes" might be in order.

I mean, yikes.

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