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'A Fox Tail' - what?

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A Fox Tail, by Eric DealHas anyone ever heard of A Fox Tail, or of Eric Deal? According to CreateSpace, this has been out since March 2011. It makes Deal sound like a veteran and well-known Furry author.

Polar, a handsome arctic wolf, crosses paths with Vulpie just as the fox boy is about to unleash his life's greatest work, the computer Virus/AI, In a world of carnivores and herbivores, carnivores have the upper paws and everyone knows foxes control the media. Wolves are figureheads and make much of the success, but there has always been a sly fox somewhere in the fate of all great things. Polar and Vulpie display that, as Polar unknowingly meets a fox that will become famous, infamous, loved, and feared more than the dark goddess Aila herself.

Can Polar hold to his convictions? Is Vulpie a blessing or a curse? These questions are asked every day in the world of Sufias and the universe of Halvia. Wolf-fox romances have been frowned upon for centuries, yet with a love as strong as theirs what could possibly stand between them? Sometimes souls are destined to be together, and nothing can tear them apart.


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An ad for this book has been running on FurAffinity for at least the last few days. (Strangely, the ad features photorealistic animals instead of the toony anthro style on the cover.) Never heard of the author before this, though.

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Hello, I received your message on my author page on amazon. I was happy to send you a copy of the book so you may review it. A Fox Tail has been live since March 2011 but I did not start advertising on fur affinity until recently.

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Never heard of either of them. Nice pic on the cover though.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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I have a bad feeling about this... something tells me the "romance" aspect takes 100% of the story. Summer Wars this will be not.

Well, I'll be...

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Looks interesting to me. How would you know what the book is about unless you read it. Troll you are, YES.

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I FEEL it.

Well, I'll be...

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Hi y'all!

First time posting, but might just become a regular :)

i found the book to look promising, so I went ahead and bought it.
Now I'll just have to wait for Amazon to get it to Denmark, which might take a while, knowing danish customs. It'll probably be a month or two before they figure out it's not narcotics or a bomb...

There does seem to be a bit of explicit homosexual material in there, but that doesn't bother me at all, even though I'm straight.
I wish people would just get over their homophobia, why does gender have to matter if people love each other?
Doesn't seem like bigots are a big problem around here, I just noticed a bad review on Amazon.

At any rate, a little bum bum fun ain't gonna prevent me from reading a promising story.

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Thank you Fuzzy Dane, I think you will enjoy the novel. There is a long story waiting for you to enjoy, as the Paperback is 556 pages long. Vulpie and Polar go to some amazing places together and I plan to make my sequel about the same length. You're absolutely right about love. It doesn't matter what sex or orientation you are, if you love a person, you love them. And on another note, half of the novel is cyber punk science fiction.

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Just reading around in the book on amazon made me want the book, but now you tell me it's cyber punk sci-fi too?!
Well, sounds like this might be right up my alley! (Not sure if pun is intended.).

If the book's as good as it seem to be, you can expect a nice review and a future customer :)

Now I just have to wait for my books to arrive, sigh.
I dislike shipping times to Denmark almost as much as I do my e-reader, annoying thing keeps glitching.
Oh well, at least I have Stephen Kings 'Pulse' to pass the time, found it in a bargain bin for about 3.50$

Happy writing!

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XD (LoL @ not sure if intended pun is intended.) I have a close friend that made the adorable cover art for the book and he is straight, but he really loved Vulpie and Polar both. Sorry you will have to wait to get it in Denmark :3 My artist lives in New Zealand so I understand your pain. He was on pins and needles waiting about 2 weeks to get it. Thanks again. ^^

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Your cover artist, Travis Orams, deserves more publicity. Thanks for providing his studio’s weblink, He says that he is a New Zealand commercial artist and shows many attractive examples of his work, your cover included. I agree; more Furry authors looking for book covers should be aware of him. Thanks again for introducing him to us.

Fred Patten

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Travis is a very nice person. I chat with him daily and he's done the cover art for my sequel plus additional pieces that he will release when I publish it. He has drawing skills that are hard to fathom really, because he is self taught. He never went to art school but cites Disney cartoons as inspiration for how he draws. Travis really needs the work as well, as he is trying to make a living off of his fur affinity commissions and would rather do that instead of working for a cartoon company. He says they don't let you draw what you want, so his creative endeavors usually stay on a piece by piece basis. I'm sure he will be thrilled that you've taken an interest in him. I know he'll do very well, whatever path he chooses.

It is worth noting though that I paid a hefty price for my cover art. It was not cheap, but every penny was well spent. He draws quality artwork and can also he do it very fast. His work on Fur Affinity is not to be used commercially, so anyone looking to have him enhance their book needs to contact him directly the website you listed.

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"...working for a cartoon company. He says they don't let you draw what you want, ..."

Well, yes. Companies have this nasty habit of expecting their employees to work on company projects, not their personal projects, for their paychecks. It's to be desired when an artist can set up his or her own studio, and determine his/her own balance of personal projects and commercial commissions.

Fred Patten

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I think he just really wants to do his own thing. He's making adoptables on FA right now.

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The CreateSpace entry says that A Fox Tail was published on March 9, 2011, over a year ago, yet "This title is still being prepared for sale and should be ready soon." ???

Fred Patten

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I imagine that a revision has been made recently. If old stock has been removed, they'd probably want to take down sales until it is inspected and/or printed (assuming that they don't operate purely on print-on-demand).

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Createspace operates purely on print-on-demand and this has not changed since they launched. They are never supposed to sell used copies of a book, especially one that is years old as brand new, as it is a violation of contract. In this digital age, one of the new abilities an author has is to revise their book at whim, any day of the week, at any time. It is encouraged by Amazon to ensure authors can deliver any product they desire to the consumer. One might assume that once a book is published it can never ever be fixed or changed again, but that is simply not true anymore, as amazon has changed the playing field. No longer does an author have to suffer from not being able to improve their works...

Createspace has enabled me to sell thousands of copies of a Fox Tail and I have never had a complaint about the quality of the work so I can grateful to Amazon for providing the service. They have, however, recently sold a few used books instead of new ones to try to cut corners. Several authors have had to firmly call them and remind them that createspace is print on demand, not warehouse sales.

Despite what you may see on the createspace page for the book, A Fox Tail is available for print now. And createspace will never refuse and author the right to alter their book.

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"No longer does an author have to suffer from not being able to improve their works..."

Authors who revise their books on a whim may do so at the risk of losing readers, though:

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Oh so true, but who would be silly enough do that on a regular basis? I surely don't. I'm speaking about the fact that it can be done. I only make changes when they are very important.

And you'll find, if you ever publish a book, that if you can fix certain elements its... Pretty smart to do so. You would be making a mistake if you didn't. Cute kitty in your link though.

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Musing on this issue I will say this. Amazon is in business to make money and perhaps many readers are unaware of the fact that a kindle book as well as a createspace book by any author could possibly be changed any day of the week. I have found that after buying a kindle book a second time, for my kindle fire as opposed to my kindle touch, that the same book would be a different version because I bought it days apart.

Amazon keeps a strict record of what file is used to print, so they can pay appropriate royalties, but none of this is ever mentioned to kindle consumers. Any kindle book may be altered at any time according to Amazon's internet business practices and some other companies have complained about them having a monopoly on the ereader market, which they do.

I would not choose anyone besides Amazon personally, though, because of the overall satisfaction I have both with their kindle and createspace program and their royalty option is very rewarding.

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the author gave me this book for free paid me in his own money to buy it on paypal im going to have him sign it.

you can look in my pics @ its either in my scraps or in my main gallery

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