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Music video: 'Parler le Fracas'

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The Cartoon Brew website says that Parler le Fracas, a 4:26-minute French music video created by Wasaru for Le Peuple de l’Herbe, is sort of an update of Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Put the emphasis on “sort of”; fat pig capitalists oppressing other-animal workers have been a common image of communistic (as distinct from Communist) propaganda since long before Orwell. Be that as it may, this is superficially anthropomorphic, although it feels more like humans in cheap animal-head masks.


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Superficially anthropomorphic? This is the real thing. Nothing superficial about it.

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And that is what keeps the definition of anthropomorphics so rich. So few Furries agree on the same definition.

Fred Patten

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Fred, you're confusing the definition of "anthropomorphic" with the definition of "furry."

Furry means a lot of different things to different people; anthropomorphic means "attributing human characteristics to things that aren't human" to everyone.

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I still say that the characters in "Parler le Fracas" look to me more like humans wearing animal-head masks then real anthropomorphized animals.

Fred Patten

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"Real anthropomorphized animals." I'll have to drink about that.

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I forgot you were talking about the specific video, not generalizing.

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Actually, the reason they look like humans wearing animal masks is because all the characters are small bodied and fully clothed. You can't see anything but the heads.

They're anthropomorphic animals all right, but this is a real nasty art style, totally devoid of cuteness. Though, actually, I have examples of a lot of Funny Animal comics in hideous styles like this from the 80's.

Animal Farm itself was somewhat hideous. So it could be said that Furry has a long tradition of stuff like this, particularly in works that are meant to appeal to art snobs and politically minded adults. And though I would never venture to say this is not Furry anthropomorphics well in accordance with the general guidelines of the established Furry Fandom, I'd be lying through my teeth if I said I feel some obligation to like this just because I'm a Furry fan.

But does it make this "Not Furry" just because one Furry, or even a whole message board full of Furries, doesn't like it? Could be a subject for a deep philosophical debate on the actual nature of fandom, if anyone wanted to be bothered thinking that hard about such a trivial subject.

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Fred probably biased us all by mentioning "Animal Farm," because Orwell's characters were definitely anthropomorphic animals.

I can see these as human-like animals or animal-like humans. Usually, I find the term anthropomrphic too vague, too limitless. In the case of this video it might be too limiting.

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Crossie is on-line
Insistng he gets to define what is and what isn't furry, every fucking time.
He really does make me sick
Isn't Crossie a fucking twit?

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Well there was this one time I tried "online stalking of prepubescent girls," but that didn't really work out like I imagined, so now I stick to th is.

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Finally got around to watching this. I found it was actually pretty good. The style is weird and I didn't understand the song but you can still follow the story, it has good mood and everything fits. It gets a bit freaky at the end though.

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