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'Tower of the Dragon' opens funding campaign on Kickstarter

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Tower of The DragonTower of the Dragon is a 3D animation project based in San Leandro, California. It plans to tell the story of Lyric, a young girl who has to save a world where reading is forbidden and magic is only used by those who obey without thinking.

The story is to deal with such issues such as bullying, insecurity, and self reliance. The fully-rendered movie is anticipated to cost $2,000,000 to make, so at present the project is focusing on creating an animatic of the screenplay.

A Kickstarter campaign has been started, hoping to raise $50,000 to fund its creation. Once the animatic is complete, it will be shown to 100+ reviewers, and their feedback will be used to create a revised animatic, in an iterative process until the story is ready to be rendered at full resolution.

With 21 days to go, the campaign has raised $16,811.


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I say it as maybe shouldn't, but what is anthropomorphic or Furry about this project? This may be a fantasy world with flying dragons, but all of the characters - knights, wizards, peasants, etc - in the model sheets and plot synopsis so far are humans.

Fred Patten

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Flayrah has a fairly broad definition of what is appropriate content. Historically, it has always included articles deemed "of particular interest to furries" without necessarily containing anthropomorphic content. Random examples: [1], [2], [3], [4]

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The technology being used by this will be non-proprietary, and we hope to encourage others to use the same techniques to make their own movies. Say Fuzzy Sapiens if you've read that one. We are working with groups like which makes the best tool for making anything Furry and will use some of the tricks on an upcoming film Russel, a Koala's Tail.


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All of the Fuzzy novels are movie-worthy. The first, Little Fuzzy, is in the public domain, so copyright permission from an author or an author's estate might not be required -- I am not sure whether making a movie adaptation of a public domain novel with characters that might still be trademarked is permissible.

Fred Patten

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I'm sure some group will claim infringement, but like Pinocchio and other classics, I think this is fair game! Thanks for pointing out it is Public Domain, it was one of my favorites. I also would love to do some Anne McCaffrey and Andre Norton, Jerry Pournelle (I think he's still alive J/K) and a hundred others. This is just the proof of concept.

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Yes, Jerry Pournelle is at the Thursday night meetings of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society most weeks.

Here is a recent photograph (at the bottom) of Jerry and me at the LASFS.

Fred Patten

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I should bring down a box of Tshirts and hawk them. Still have a ways to go. I tried to license several of my favorite books and they were way to expensive. My plan though is to use these tools to make dozens of movies a year, and the real value is to previz movies, and work through the transition from script to vision. Many good books end up being nothing like what was expected by the time they have spent a hundred million dollars. We think we can take a lot of the tricks I've learned from David Gerrold and Anne McCaffrey and help make movies better, more affordable and more fun.

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Funny he doesn't look much different from when I met him at CES more than 20 years ago!

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Update: The funding campaign was cancelled on March 14, with pledges standing at $18,251.

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