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October 2014 Newsbytes archive

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Contributors this month include dronon, Echte Sinte, Fred, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, mwalimu, Patch Packrat, Rakuen Growlithe and RingtailedFox.

GreenReaper: Chimps develop culture of drinking with moss sponges.

GreenReaper: 'Lone shark' no longer a misspelling - UK researchers find some individuals are more solitary than others.

Echte Sinte: According to some people, animal uplifting may already be on its way. :)

dronon: A good article on the Usagi Yojimbo art project that was created to help out artist Stan Sakai.

Fred: Housecats are evolving very quickly.

Fred: The loneliest baboon.

Fred: Hungry bullfrogs invade Montana.

Fred: The 15 most bizarre housecat breeds.

Fred: The importance of sheep and goats in Senegal.

Fred: The endangered Tazy dogs.

Fred: Yellow ribbons for democracy dogs in Hong Kong.

Patch Packrat: Fox cartoons that make you tingly. Furry Newsdump (10-3-14).

Patch Packrat: Nice Usagi Yojimbo link from dronon ... I have a confirmed interview opportunity with directors of the Usagi feature film, but low time to do it. Any of his fans feel like passing questions for it? (Contact me thru the site).

Fred: Eek! The steamer duck is angry!

Fred: Which roam further, city cats or farm cats?

Fred: How many squirrels to make a squirrel burger?

Fred: Why aren't mammals more like trees?

Patch Packrat: Q&A with master animator Michel Gagne, part 2. Another in a series for fans and furries.

Fred: They will squirt blood at you.

Fred: The real-life dogs who became animated cartoon feature stars (no, not Balto).

Echte Sinte: Excalibur - a dog exposed to Ebola - is to be euthanized by the state. His family fights back.

Patch Packrat: Philly’s “Unleashed” joins a New Thing of independent furry dance parties. Call it- “furclubbing”?

Patch Packrat: Historian and editor, Fred Patten, invites writers for “Furry Future” anthology.

Fred: Can a chimpanzee become a legal person?

Patch Packrat: “Further Confessions” photo project puts fursuiting in an art gallery, and does FUN right.

Fred: Another view of can a chimpanzee become a legal person?

Fred: Forget the giant sharks; this really makes you not want to go back into the water.

Fred: The friendly horse.

Fred: What to do when attacked by hundreds of thousands of killer bees: run!

Fred: Asian yak-killer hornets are no fun, either.

Echte Sinte: Confirmed: 2015, Marvel will deliver us Guardians Of The Galaxy - The Animated Series and here is a preview.

Patch Packrat: Denver’s Fox Trot Club – Q&A for “The Furclub Survey”, from organizer Kelar. Seeking more clubs and parties to profile, too.

Fred: Lost parrot found; now speaks Spanish.

Fred: Jules Verne's mechanical elephant, spider, inchworm, crab, and more brought to life.

Fred: Giant rubber duck now in Seoul.

mwalimu: Fred Rogers lives on in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, according to this story from NPR.

GreenReaper: Fur Affinity and its virtual neighbours suffer downtime due to DDoS attack originating from their shared block.

Patch Packrat: Creators of a furry fetish party dare to be “Wild Things” (NSFW content).

Patch Packrat: Biebsuits, fursuits and videos. Furry Newsdump (10-15-14).

GreenReaper: @SoFurryNews reports a DDoS attack, as @FurAffinity downtime continues.

GreenReaper: Now @Inkbunny is also under attack.

RingtailedFox: Man mauled by bear, then accidentally shot by friend trying to save him, lives to see another day.

RingtailedFox: Missing parrot drops British accent, learns Spanish. [The Windsor Star]

Fred: The missing curlew.

Fred: The world's tallest cow.

InkyCrow: Kickstarter campaign for a print edition of Rudek and the Bear webcomic is underway.

Fred: Science has now dated the invention of sex to 385 million years ago.

Fred: The killer seagull that catches pigeons in London's Hyde Park, drowns them in the lake, and eats them.

Patch Packrat: Creators of furry fetish party “Wild Things” explain “human sized cat box”.

Patch Packrat: Five pro photographers advancing the art of furry documentary.

dronon: A 50-foot dragon-horse sculpture. (Also, a 20-foot spider, just warning you.)

Patch Packrat: Animated Dawgtown news, cool pandas and creepy clowns. Furry Newsdump (10-22-14).

Echte Sinte: John Oliver discovers the way to make politics more interesting: Dogs!

Rakuen Growlithe: Otters eating sushi is adorable.

InkyCrow: Hoho announces new Wind in the Willows series.

Fred: The flying vampire frog really has fangs.

Fred:Camel abuse sparks outcry in China.”

dronon: With Rainbow Brite poised to return, be wary of Starlite/Rainbow Dash crossover fanfic.

dronon: Futility Closet podcast episode 31 discusses medieval legal trials against animals.

Fred: The true history of the jackalope.

Fred:Have there been lions in London since 1210?”

Fred:"Giant tortoises' 'miraculous' recovery.”

Fred: "Extinct" snails found living in alley of capital city.

Fred: The Philippine tarsier; the world's oldest primate.

Fred: Vaccine developed to prevent koala extinction.

Patch Packrat: Punishing a paper tiger: Abuse against man in “tiger porn” case shows contempt for rights.

Patch Packrat: Johnny Depp’s wolf and San FURancisco pics. Furry Newsdump (10-30-14).

GreenReaper: Winnipeggers wake up to furries in their midst.



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I think this article is tied for my most highly rated article, ever.

I don't know how to feel about that.

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And it is officially now the highest rated article of 2015.

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So I guess the question is why?

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

Your rating: None Average: 2 (2 votes)

In this case, I think everyone was glad I was still doing this (after a considerable absence), rather than any particular Newsbyte being just that awesome. Everyone just ended up five starring it, because it also can hardly be considered objectionable (and even if it was, it's hardly the compiler's fault), and it's a nice service I provide (I guess).

Other articles (both by me and in 2015, and by me in 2015) have gotten more 5 star votes; but in those cases there's always someone with a differing opinion.

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