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Trailer: 'The Secret Life of Pets'

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And we've just become furry Variety.

Illumination Entertainment has released a trailer for The Secret Life of Pets, due summer of 2016, "a comedy about the lives our pets lead after we leave for work or school each day," according to Illumination's own description.

Given how jam-packed 2016 is with fully anthropomorphic animal movies, the fact that this movie only features talking animals makes it feel like almost a footnote (Finding Dory is another 2016 movie with "only" talking animals that would in any other year be the upcoming furry movie, but is also dealt with as an after thought, if at all). That being said, at the very least skip to the pogoing poodle at the end of the trailer.

Update (11/25): A second, Christmas themed trailer highlighting characters has been released.


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Okay, just how jam-packed with anthropomorphic features is 2016? And what does “fully anthropomorphic” and “‘only’ talking animals” really mean? I see a couple of humans briefly in “The Secret Life of Pets”. Was “The Nut Job” considered “fully anthropomorphic”?

This is assuming that nothing is postponed or moved up.

The Nut Job 2 – January 15
Kung Fu Panda 3 – January 29
Zootopia – March 4
Monster Trucks – March 18
Angry Birds – May 20
Sausage Party – June 3
Finding Dory – June 17
The Secret Life of Pets – July 8
Ice Age 5 – July 15
Storks – September 23

Have I missed anything? There are doubtlessly a few others that haven’t been announced yet, or foreign anthropomorphic releases like “Ernest et Célestine” that will be brought to America in 2016. That’s at least ten. See ‘em all.

Don’t forget what I said in the “Zootopia” comments about most or all of these also getting “authorized novels”.

Fred Patten

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Sly Cooper and Spark, which don't currently have release dates, but which are still listed as "2016 releases" on IMDB, plus the Ratchet and Clank movie, which a. which was originally listed as a 2016 release, b. is now supposed to come out this year according to IMDB, but, c. still also doesn't have a release.

Spark is from the Nut Job studio, and if 2 is coming out in January, Spark will probably be late 2016 or bumped to 2017. Meanwhile, Sly Cooper and Ratchet and Clank both have the same director, so no idea how that's actually working out. And actually, all three of these movies could possibly drop out of theatrical and go to "straight to video".

I commented on the Zootopia piece that there have been approximately 10 movies released theatrically in America that fulfill Zootopia's three advertised unique features (which of course means they are not actually unique, but nobody expects truth in advertising): no humans, bipedal stance, clothes. Admittedly, there are a lot more movies that fulfill the second and third while failing the first part (Rango and Fantastic Mr. Fox spring to mind, but that's just my favorites), while, the really weird one is The Lion King, which may be the only theatrically released American movie that fulfills the "no humans" requirement but not the other two.

Of course, that's not counting foreign language films, which would add quite a few, though probably still not quite that many; I think the earliest would be the German stop-motion Tale of the Fox.

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Yes, probably. Amusingly, I have "Tale of the Fox" listed in my Funny Animals and More weekly animation column as the earliest French, not German, anthropomorphic feature with no humans. The Starewiczs did the animation production in Paris during 1929 & '30, then moved to Germany to produce the sound tracks for a multilingual release. The German release in 1937 (with Nazi funding) was the first, although the 1941 French release seems to be the only one available today; and it was still the earliest French anthro feature.

One of the most recent French animated features, "Loulou, l'Incroyable Secret/Wolfy, the Incredible Secret", which has no human characters, got an American release on On Demand TV and DVD just this year.

Fred Patten

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Will "Spark" show the characters dancing, Gangnam-style, in the closing credits?

Fred Patten

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I like the poodle and his buddies near the end of the trailer.

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That's at least ten 2016 anthropomorphic animated features, and maybe "Sly Cooper", "Spark", and "Ratchet & Clank", too.

Now comes news that India and China are making "Beijing Safari", a sequel to "Delhi Safari", which was India's first popular homemade animated theatrical feature; not counting its "Roadside Romeo" theatrical bomb (even if American furries love it). "Delhi Safari" may have been popular in India, but it was a direct-to-DVD kids' animated feature here, so "Beijing Safari" probably will be, too. It also probably won't get to America before 2017.

Fred Patten

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Thanks, crossie. The American trailer for “Kung Fu Panda 3” certainly is different from the Chinese trailer.

And both from “Mists of Pandaria”.

Fred Patten

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Do 2016 direct-to-DVD animated movies count? There isn't a trailer yet, but Sony Pictures Entertainment is in production of "Open Season 3 (or is it 4?): Scared Silly" for a direct-to-DVD release next spring. The bear, the one-antlered deer, and the gang.

Fred Patten

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It's 4, Fred. This is the "third sequel" according to the makers.

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The part at the end with System of a Down! \m/
This was amusing in parts and looks nice but it doesn't explain much. How will they make a whole movie out of this? I doubt they would try just a bunch of cute shorts so we're really getting nothing out of the trailer.

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Here is trailer #2:

Fred Patten

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Here is trailer #3:

Fred Patten

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Here is trailer #4:

Fred Patten

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And not only animation, animation with an all-anthro (of the major characters) cast. What does this mean for "Sing!", coming in December?

And "Zootopia", which we thought did spectacularly for an animated/anthro feature, is being left in the dust.

Fred Patten

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