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Furry musicians to build bridges at Anthrocon 2015

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Anthrocon is exceptionally supportive of furry music. The following performances – by Amadhia, Bucktown Tiger, Fox Amoore, "Bandthro", Matthew Ebel, Pepper Coyote and Rhubarb & Cosmik – can be seen at this year's event, running July 9–12 in Pittsburgh, PA.

The rumors and Google searches are true: furry female singer-songwriter Amadhia was once the writer, director, animator, VFX supervisor, author, artist and composer Timothy Albee.

“You know, there's been a Wikipedia article on me for over a decade – how could I pretend to hide who and what I was? Besides, I'm proud of all I worked so hard to achieve in my 'past-life,'” Amadhia said.

Before dedicating herself to her musical career full time, Amadhia’s work in the film industry, including winning a Peabody Award for her work on Battlestar Galactica and her ultra independent film “Kaze, Ghost Warrior” earned “Special Guest” or “Guest of Honor” status at over a dozen furry conventions ranging from Eurofurrence, Anthrocon, Further ConFusion, Midwest Furfest and, most recently, Califur 2015. She will also be performing in four shows featuring her friends and several stars of the furry fandom at Anthrocon this year.

Amadhia’s feature show will be on the AC Main Stage on Friday 2:00 PM to release her new album “Not Quite Human.” Although the album is produced for mainstream audiences, the show will feature the original FURRY lyrics for songs including “With a Flick of Your Tail” (inspired by fursuiters), and “One Part Fashion and Two Parts Fun,” (the title track for her upcoming album, inspired by wearing a tail in public). Joining her onstage will be Rhubarb & Cosmik, Pepper Coyote and Teddy Wynton with a special appearance by Fox Amoore.

Although the album “Not Quite Human” is targeted for her mainstream followers, fans can get the original, furry versions for free by signing up for her furry mailing list either in person or online at

The star studded Anthrocon Musical Track also includes a performance by Bucktown Tiger on Friday at 3 PM in DLCC rooms 319-321. Renowned for playing piano in fursuit, Bucktown has playing for furries for years. This is a chance to see the tiger tickle the ivories up close and personal. Anyone interested in performing in fursuit should also attend his panel Sunday at 4:00 PM

Fox Amoore’s show starts on the Main Stage on Friday at 4 PM. With so many stars of the furry fandom present, many may take the stage with him - including Amadhia. You can expect songs from his album “Come Find Me” and much more. If you’ve never seen Fox Amoore perform, it is a real treat.

The superband “Bandthro" (Fox Amoore, Amadhia, Rhubarb and Cosmik, Alexander Adams, Teddy Wynton and Pepper Coyote) will be back to perform on the AC Main Stage on Friday at 8:30 PM. The Fox and his friends have a wide variety of surprises in store for fans of furry music.

On Saturday, Matthew Ebel takes the AC Main Stage at 4:00 PM for an unsurpassed high-energy rock concert, which must be seen to be believed. Matthew’s music started in the furry fandom and is taking the mainstream by storm. Attendees of the show may find themselves singing his “Pirate Song” for days after the show.

Anthrocon Saturday night features an intimate show for those interested in putting up their footpaws and grooving to a free form show featuring swing and jazz by Amadhia, Fox Amoore and some surprise special guest appearances.

Pepper Coyote takes over the Main Stage on Sunday morning at 11:00 AM. He is sure to be better than a Bloody Mary when it comes to getting tails twitching again. Folks will be laughing and toes will be tapping. His song “Lighthouse” may even bring a tear.

The laughter continues Sunday afternoon on the Main Stage at 3:30 PM. Rhubarb & Cosmik take the stage making fun of songs that people love to hate. Come out and see an Epcot Center quality performance without the lines.

If you enjoy the shows, please thank KP and Uncle Kage. Please don’t forget the scores of support staff it takes to set up stages, pull wires and light the rooms, making musicians look and sound great.


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Anthrocon is supportive of furry music or music by furry musicians? They are not the same thing. I'm only familiar with Fox Amoore from the list given but most of his work is not furry music.

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Your rating: None Average: 5 (3 votes)

Presumably you're defining what furry music is by its themes. The description of Amadhia's tracks suggest they'd qualify. I'm not so sure about Bandthro's set; Lighthouse is not specifically furry or even inspired by furry topics.

Of course, "furry music" is too small a market to specialize in right now, and many furries enjoy other music in any case; but I agree that it's disingenuous to include music that just happens to be composed or performed by furries under that classification - just as a drawing of a human would not be "furry art", even if the creator was considered a "furry artist".

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