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Newsbytes archive for August 2015

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Contributors this month include crossaffliction, dronon, earthfurst, Fred, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, Patch Packrat, Rakuen Growlithe, RingtailedFox and Sonious.

earthfurst: Royal Canadian Mint selling Bugs Bunny silver coins for $20. Mint selling coins of other Looney Tunes characters, but are more expensive.

Fred: Hanging a teddy bear for good luck.

Fred: Gunman injured by ricochet off armadillo.

crossaffliction: Zootopia/Doctor Who crossover fan-art ... by the movie's co-director!

crossaffliction: Speaking of furry series that crossover with Doctor Who, MLP:EG is doing shorts again.

crossaffliction: And speaking of horses, American Pharoah is a stud, but not literally yet.

earthfurst: A crowd-funding at Patreon for creating Extinctioners comics (1st published in 1998) was announced Saturday, Aug 1.

InkyCrow: Watch a new animated short featuring a cat and pig detective team in "The Casebook of Nips and Porkington".

crossaffliction:'s Luke McKinney defends furries. But they still won't accept my "furry personal experience" article pitch.

earthfurst: Comic The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 for $1. Order cut off Aug. 17;in shops Sep. 9. Furry-interest: she talks with squirrels

crossaffliction: The announcement Lionsgate will distribute the 2017 MLP movie contains a vague synopsis.

InkyCrow: January 2016 will be a very furry month for animated movies (Norm of the North, The Nut Job 2 and Kung Fu Panda 3).

dronon: Here's a music video based on the recent CGI Monkey King film made in China.

RingtailedFox: Canadian cable network Teletoon Retro is shutting down on September 1st, 2015.

earthfurst: A photo of an orphan kangaroo (named Doodlebug) hugging teddy bear, goes viral. Photos taken by mother of @Tim_Beshara.

GreenReaper: Rare staff reveal the truth: Kazooie was created to one-up Mario's double-jump. (Also, Banjo was initially a rabbit.)

Fred: The North American carnivorous plant that's eating Asian hornets.

InkyCrow: Recent animated short featuring a night of living with a werewolf.

Fred: Coyotes make home in downtown Los Angeles.

GreenReaper: Bonobos do it like fursuiters - use squeaking as a form of context-free communication, that is.

crossaffliction: MLP:FiM season five, part two is coming September 12.

dronon: Imperial March Pikachu.

crossaffliction: Randomly created t-shirt has unnerving things to say about furry Jesus. [Xiphias/bo news]

dronon: Coming soon: Regular Show: The Movie.

Rakuen Growlithe: A Toronto man kept 150 crocodilians before they grew too big and he called a zoo for help.

Rakuen Growlithe: Fur Affinity Transparency imgur album might be of interest to some.

GreenReaper: See a spandex-clad Benedict Cumberbatch apply method acting to Smaug.

Sonious: Furry Drama 2 LJ community succumbs to drama/lockdown from group owner, users flee to group called SrslyFurries.

crossaffliction: Pretty neat looking Disney Infinite Zootopia figures have been revealed.

crossaffliction: While I'm lurking in Zootopia's Twitter here's some of Byron Howard's original character artwork for Gazelle.

Fred: Four critically endangered takahe birds shot.

Fred: Stolen stuffed wolf worth £32,000 returned to police.

Fred: Mama bear and 4 cubs playing in a backyard swimming pool.

Fred: Mama bear and 5 cubs playing in a backyard swimming pool.

Sonious: Pokémon Fighting game coming for Wii U entitled Pokkén Tournament.

RingtailedFox: UN adopts anti-poaching legislation.

crossaffliction: Sorry, wolf fans; random chance itself favors foxes.

crossaffliction: Spoiler alert! Disney Infinity's Zootopia disc accidentally give away the movie's ending, so avoid until the movie comes out!

dronon: Shucks darn, we missed the film Jungle Shuffle.

Fred: A backpack for bees.

Fred: Medical chimpanzees released in Liberian jungle, but there are doubts they can survive in the wild.

Patch Packrat: New Dogpatch Press facebook page just for news feed.

GreenReaper: Grey wolf pack sighted in California first since 1924.

dronon: Magnetic Press has announced they intend to publish English editions of at least one volume of the Love series (trailer), each involving a day in the life of an animal, and also the Klaw series, about people who can assume forms from the Chinese zodiac.

Patch Packrat: Growth stats for r/furry on reddit. Spikes in October and December 2014 (DDOS attacks on furry sites and MWFF chlorine attack.) Also a lot during Anthrocon when they got a lot of press this year.

Fred: What killed Knut.

Patch Packrat: Mapping The Most Embarassing Google Searches by State... #9, Wyoming, picturing me :)

crossaffliction: It's time for a Death Battle! Knuckles vs. Donkey Kong!

Patch Packrat: Furry fan injured in Taiwan explosion with 90% chance to not survive is now well enough for release from hospital.

GreenReaper: The Onion's EDGE interviews 'human lizard' Brian Lindstrom, and asks: why no three-foot tail?

crossaffliction: I always liked Fox's characterization in these.



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Hey, thanks Patch for linking to Facebook! It got my reddit post auto-modded; I'm still not sure if its even accessible yet. Hijacking the competition's Twitter feed for your site's promotion in a way that sabotages their site's promotion; pretty sneaky.

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Haha oops. I did post some not-mine stories! You should share these on reddit more often and then we'd know you're doing it. I have a feeling these sites are under promoted in general. Nobody is even doing Furry clickbait parody news (One twitter account was good but only stuck around for a little while), so I will.

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