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Disney's Infinity 3.0 to feature 'Zootopia' characters

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nickandjudyinfinity.jpgDisney Infinity 3.0, the figure-based game featuring characters from most Disney properties, released August 30. The big news for most followers of video games and other such hobbyist pursuits is the addition of multiple characters from the Star Wars franchise, which follows version 2.0's inclusion of Marvel comics characters. For normal nerd and geek types, the thought of Luke Skywalker joining the Avengers is the kind of crossover normally reserved for fan-fiction, so the fact that this is really happening would be exciting, but we're furries. Our biggest hope for Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens is that an Amaran appears long enough onscreen to gain an action figure.

More exciting for fans of anthropomorphic animals is the pair of, well, anthropomorphic animals Nick and Judy from the upcoming movie Zootopia (you might have heard something about it) as playable characters/collectible figurines. As the movie doesn't come out until March next year, the figures were not available at launch; there isn't actually a release date for them yet. YouTube footage of Judy and Nick has surfaced; note that the channel these videos appear on do not seem to be official Disney channels, so they may not be available for long.

A Zootopia "power disc pack," which will unlock content in the game will also become available eventually; a preview of some of the content available was taken down when it became obvious that they gave too much of the movie's ending away.

Disney Infinity 3.0 will be compatible with all previous Disney Infinity figurines; despite a large number of possible furry characters, the number of anthropomorphic animal characters is actually disappointingly small. Only three character figurines actively embodied both the terms "anthropomorphic" and "animal" before 3.0; Donald Duck, Agent P of Phineas and Ferb and Rocket Raccoon. Surprisingly, Mickey and Minnie Mouse are also new additions as of 3.0, though Mickey was available as the Sorceror's Apprentice from Fantasia in the original game.


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Oh. I thought the rabbit was male.

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Really? You can't have seen any of Disney's publicity for the coming "Zootopia", which has been heavily advertising Nick Wilde, the male fox, and Judy Hopps, the female rabbit.

Fred Patten

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Take a closer look at Judy in some of the publicity stills. She actually has... um, curves! Which really makes one wonder about the supposed "nude scene" in the movie.

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An interesting tidbit; way back almost two years ago exactly, I just automatically assumed the rabbit was female; the artwork that was released only featured Nick. I guess a lot of people assumed the (pretty obviously male) rabbit scowling at Nick was the cop bunny; however, if you actually read the synopses, no pronouns, male, female or otherwise, are used for the character who we would eventually learn was named Judy.

Early art by Byron Howard featured a much more feminine Judy (seriously, she looks like a furry Bond girl to Nick's furry Bond), but it wasn't released publicly until recently. The design, however, hasn't really drastically changed (other than her fur color) since those first sketches; however, it should be noted Judy is wearing a dress in the first sketch, while more recently she's wearing a gender-neutral cop uniform.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but she obviously had breasts; Gazelle also obviously has them. It's kind of an interesting point that, costume wise, Judy is essentially wearing what appears to be some sort of body armor; no matter what video games erroneously teach us, that's going to cover up any feminine attributes pretty quick.

Anyway, I really like Judy's not obviously, obviously female design; Rich Moore described her as a bit like Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road, which is probably laying it on a bit thick, but at least sounds like they're heading in the right direction for an awesome character. Also, I think part of the reason I always thought the rabbit would end up being female was because I wanted her to be female.

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