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Newsbytes archive for October 2015

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Contributors this month include crossaffliction, DarkXander, dronon, Fred, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, Kakurady, mwalimu, Patch Packrat, Rakuen Growlithe, RingtailedFox and Sonious.

GreenReaper: Edinburgh scientist describes newly-discovered beaver-sized mammal which survived the end of the Cretaceous.

crossaffliction: RainFurrest writes an open letter to attendees of the 2015 con.

crossaffliction: Nerd toymaker Funko Pop! may be making Zootopia figures.

RingtailedFox: Juggling otter time!

mwalimu: "Being a Furry Can Change Your Life" (article by Matt Baume in Seattle's The Stranger).

DarkXander: Furnation hacked again, been down for 3 days now!

dronon: The United Nations releases a computer-animated ad for their "Global Goals for Sustainable Development" campaign.

DarkXander: DarkXander: FurrTrax hits 14000 Members in its second year.

Sonious: Rainfurrest is currently looking for a new venue for 2016's convention.

Fred: Too many brumbies.

GreenReaper: Prohibition of captive orca breeding "inhumane", says SeaWorld San Diego.

InkyCrow: Wes Anderson's next movie to be an animated feature about dogs.

Fred: Zoo fat jaguar would rather eat than mate.

Fred: The bird's beak worth more than ivory.

dronon: Furries became a plot point in the season 2, episode 2 of the iZombie TV series, "Zombie Bro".

crossaffliction: Cover art for most of the Zootopia books discussed in this article have been revealed.

Fred: Milking spiders in Australia.

crossaffliction: A new trailer for The Lion Guard reveals specific air date of Sunday, Nov. 22.

Rakuen Growlithe: UFC champion... Pikachu!

Rakuen Growlithe: The first chicken with a twitter account.

Fred: When polar bears come to town.

Fred: More about "the wooliest sheep in the world".

Fred: Now it's an elephant.

GreenReaper: Toronto officials plot to starve poor, hungry raccoons with new green bins, bylaws.

GreenReaper: Australian government defends call to cull two million feral cats, noting extinction of "at least 27" native species.

Kakurady: Them's Fightin' Herds, the successor to Fighting is Magic, has reached its crowdfunding goal with three days to go.

RingtailedFox: Lion pride goes for stroll on highway in Gujarat, India - maybe it's time for the king of the jungle to get a royal motorcade?

GreenReaper: Dog genetic survey suggests 'single origin' in Central Asia – but is it right?

GreenReaper: Snakes slide on lipid layer.

InkyCrow: Wolf-headed rock band Man With A Mission release their latest single/video "Raise Your Flag".

Fred: Lost 1950s film of parachuting beavers found.

dronon: The Doctor Who episode "The Woman Who Lived" (s09e06) has a couple of scenes with Leandro, a lion-faced antagonist. Who can breathe fire, for some reason.

mwalimu: More voice cast and characters announced for Disney Animation’s Zootopia.

Fred: New Zealand mystery of scattered possum tails.

Fred: Doctors say crawling on all fours like an animal can improve health.

Fred: Seven tales of feral children.

InkyCrow: "Escargore", a "snail-paced" animated horror short.

InkyCrow: A bird gets an education(?) in nutrition in the latest episode of "Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared".

crossaffliction: Matthew McConaughey will not be playing the villain of Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2.

Fred: Service dog travels first-class on airplane.

Patch Packrat: 16 years in prison for McGruff the Crime Dog.

crossaffliction: Man donates My Little Pony coffin to four-year-old fan.

GreenReaper: Is the 'coywolf' a new species?

GreenReaper: Scientists are more certain about this bat, with teeth like scissors. Think Golbat, a terror to all berry-kind.

dronon: There's a trade paperback of the first six issues of The Autumnlands.



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