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Newsbytes archive for December 2015

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Contibutors this month include crossaffliction, DarkXander, dronon, Fred, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, Patch Packrat, Rakuen Growlithe, RingtailedFox and Sonious.

Rakuen Growlithe: Why werewolves are sexy but centaurs suck.

InkyCrow: A "media preview event" report on Zootopia.

crossaffliction: This year's Oscar contreversy: Did that bear just rape Leo?

Fred: The missing British cicada.

InkyCrow: The world created for Zootopia is so vast it might need a sequel to explore it fully.

crossaffliction: In other Zootopia news, the countdown to "Zoo Year's Eve" begins. Oh, yes, there will be puns.

DarkXander: Looks like tonight FurrTrax,, and SoFurry are targetted by DDoS ... wannabes.

DarkXander: The DDoS attacks are using a specially crafted rule to get connections stuck in FIN_WAIT_2 state, adjust firewalls to a state limit of 4-5 seconds for ports 80 and 443 to mitigate and then flush states, or reboot firewall.

crossaffliction: Finally a non-furry venue gets around to writing a "yeah, that's looks furry" article about Zootopia.

crossaffliction: The Good Dinosaur may be Pixar's first financial flop.

dronon: Reuters made a photo montage from MFF 2015.

dronon: Zootopia concept art.

Sonious: "Accidentlal Guest" - Non-furry writes on MFF experience. [Tip:Zidders]

crossaffliction: Trump versus a bald eagle. This is probably symbolic of something.

GreenReaper: Test-tube dogs are now a thing.

crossaffliction: Zootopia has a new poster.

crossaffliction: And in other Zootopia poster news, where the heck's Mad Max: Furry Road?

RingtailedFox: Baby otter orphaned by storm seeks help in Scotland.

GreenReaper: 'Political animal' isn't always just a metaphor - remember Mulvar and Candigato Morris?

InkyCrow: Teaser trailer for the upcoming animated film Storks released today.

Fred: Wild turkeys attack Massachusetts mailman.

crossaffliction: AWISE FWOM YUOR GWAVE! Portal of Evil revisited.

crossaffliction: A well timed Zootopia trailer before Star Wars might have just turned a generation furry.

crossaffliction: Oh, and Byron Howard says happy Star Wars, while we're on the subject.

RingtailedFox: A long, long way from home: Cheetah spotted along highway in British Columbia!

dronon: And now, presenting the winners of the 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Fred: But bad news for the cottontails.

crossaffliction: "Passing the salt ... the struggle is real." A sloth-based anti-weed campaign from Australia goes viral.

crossaffliction: RainFurrest is either moving from Seattle to Spokane ... or just going the way of Oklacon.

dronon: A game called Aviary Attorney has just been released. (trailer)

GreenReaper: Furries are the new #millennials, apparently.

crossaffliction: Disney's latest pun-based Zootopia parody is sending real mixed signals to furries.

crossaffliction: RainFurrest moving to Spokane for 2016 much more likely.

Patch Packrat: French con, "Fursuit Black Light" has a good long article at journalism blog about internet subculture. Translation here.

crossaffliction: A bat interrupts an NBA game, so furry Batman comes to the rescue. The flawed commentary makes the clip.

Fred: Dogs that protect little penguins.

RingtailedFox: Raccoon steals donut ... from INSIDE a Tim Horton's donut and bake shop!

RingtailedFox: Yahoo! Canada's Best animals of 2015.



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