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Anthrocon 2002 Invention Fair

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In keeping with the theme of this year's convention, Anthrocon will hold an INVENTION FAIR to showcase the creative talents of our members. Entry is quite simple: design a novel device, implement, article of clothing, system, etc. that fits one of the following categories:1) "V.R. Inventions" Items that would be of benefit to an anthropomorphic character in today's world. Examples might be a pair of pants designed for a person with a bushy tail, shoes for someone with grasping feet, or a lounge chair for a hexapedal creature a "taur").

2) "R.L. Inventions" Items that would be of benefit to anthropomorphics fans. Examples might be a costume modification that better simulates a digitigrade stance or a device to redirect a call-waiting beep to a speakerphone so as not to interrupt your MU*-session.

Inventions can be completely original or can be a new approach to a pre-existing concept.

The idea can be presented as a schematic drawing or a model. The maximum size for drawings is 11 x 17 inches; models should not exceed 18" depth x 24" length x 24" height. Larger worker models may be entered with special permission from the Programming Director. A short essay (less than 300 words) summarizing the design and benefits of the invention will be required.

A team of judges made up of our guests of honor and other professionals from amongst our membership will choose winners from each category. Inventions will be judged on originality, feasibility, and utility. Artistic presentation will be considered but will not be the primary basis for judging.


1) Best V.R. Invention: The winner will receive ONE FREE ROOM-NIGHT in the Adams Mark Hotel* and a guest appearance by the inventor along with his or her invention in "A Doemain of Our Own," Susan "SusanDeer" Parkin's wildly popular online comic strip.

2) Best R.L. Invention: The winner will receive ONE FREE ROOM-NIGHT in the Adams Mark Hotel* and will have his or her invention featured in the Anthrocon con book in 2003. There will also be ringing accolades from all of those whose lives will benefit from it!

To enter, simply send an email to with
'INVENTION FAIR' in the subject line before June 20, 2002. Indicate which category you wish to enter, and briefly describe your entry, including whether it will be a scale model, a working model or a schematic drawing. Then bring your invention to the con in July and let us show it off for you!

*Entrant is responsible for making reservations. Anthrocon will arrange for one night's rooming charge (lodging and tax only) to be credited to an existing reservation at the Adams Mark Hotel, or at the official overflow hotel should the Adams Mark be filled.

Entrant will retain any and all rights to patentable inventions.
Anthrocon makes no claim of ownership of any idea or device that is presented for display at this event. Deadline for entry June 20, 2002.


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So exactly how "theoretical" can these inventions be?

Are they limited to current technology?

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I don't know, but the artical did mention "feasibility" as one of the three primary judging criteria. That would tend to favor inventions possible with current technology, or a simple linear extrapolation of it.

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