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Newsbytes archive for December 2017

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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, Acton, BlindWolf8, dronon, earthfurst, Equivamp, Fred, GreenReaper, mwalimu, Rakuen Growlithe, and Sonious.

GreenReaper: Zoomorphic business terms, from A-Z.

dronon: Overgrowth released after 7+ years of development.

2cross2affliction: The Annies announced their 2017 nominees for awards in animation. The Big Bad Fox taking a Best Feature-Independent slot is about the biggest furry movie nom.

GreenReaper: Cryptographic cats cause havoc for Bitcoin's biggest rival.

Equivamp: Syfy Wire on the interspecies sex scene in The Shape of Water

earthfurst: Vice Media (who have their own TV channel) have made a video intro to furries, "The Truth About Furries: Fandom Not Fetish". Some of Vice's coverage of furry is at

2cross2affliction: The man who wrote the book on cinema in '67 writes on the cinematic Book of '67.

GreenReaper: While everyone is up in arms over frowning piles of poo, the big news for furries in Unicode 11 is the proposed addition of raccoon, kangaroo, peacock, parrot, hippopotamus and llama.

GreenReaper: Whether "raccoon" should be a raccoon face, a full-bodied raccoon, or both is also the subject of debate.

2cross2affliction: Detective Pikachu is anthropomorphic, and also voiced by Ryan Reynolds.

dronon: Kotaku article on furries in GTA Online.

dronon: The FurScience 2017 International Survey - Please share this link with others in the fandom!

2cross2affliction: A sexy cow logo for a local New Jersey dairy story would reportedly "make a furry blush".

GreenReaper: Line of lizards winding out door outside National Geographic casting office. (Tip: @TheOnion)

GreenReaper: Researchers claim thylacine genetic decline dates back 70,000 years.

GreenReaper: New "smart drug" launched in bid to uplift dogs, supplanting A.I. as greatest threat to humanity.

dronon: BBC One will be airing an animated Christmas special, The Highway Rat.

dronon: A dog got a bit too caught up in a performance of the musical Cats.

Acton: Warburtons in "furries" social media mix-up

earthfurst: In November the Warner Robins police department (of Georgia, USA) debuted Lieutenant Arno, a robot dog, to communicate better with kids. Arno is named in honor of a real WR police dog that did PR work with children. @WarnerRobinsPD

mwalimu: A Japanese trailer is out for Mamoru Hosoda's forthcoming film, Mirai. The film evidently has some anthropomorphic content as we briefly see Kun, the young boy, sporting a tail. Hosoda's previous films include Wolf Children and The Boy and the Beast.

BlindWolf8: Funny animal photos with heart: "[The contest] is a great initiative and [shows] people how funny and lovable these cute creatures are, like we are."

Rakuen Growlithe: Japanese monkeys may be starting a new cultural tradition of interspecies sex with sika deer.

dronon: With Christmas nearing, it's time for this year's squirrel TV bumpers! (tip:

Fred: Except Russia does not celebrate Christmas. The Moscow Channel 1 TV bumpers are for New Year's Day, when Father Winter brings New Year presents.

Sonious: One Kotaku writer reminices about the time good artists, like furries, perpetuated Splatoon 2's lobby.

2cross2affliction: Reports of the extinction of a carnivorous marsupial turn out to be greatly exaggerated.

Fred: Los Angeles' "animal court".

2cross2affliction: The porgs of Star Wars secret origins revealed! And, no, they weren't designed to sell toys.

GreenReaper: Hare performance tips provided by cast and director of Guess How Much I Love You (@GuessUKTour). #FursuitFriday

dronon: Biologists critique animal emojis.



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