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Newsbytes archive for August 2018

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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, dronon, Fred, GreenReaper, Rakuen Growlithe, Sonious, and TyphonDog.

Fred: Window-smashing kangaroo on the loose again.

Rakuen Growlithe: Austrian arrested at Paris airport with 80 birds in hand luggage.

GreenReaper: Forest destruction - for timber and palm oil production - combined with poverty-driven hunting threatens Madagascar's lemurs, with 105 of 111 subspecies proposed for the IUCN Red List.

Fred: Zurich police urge dog owners to put shoes on them in heat wave.

Fred: The curse of Pooh bear.

Fred: European record heat results in Swiss fish suffocating; zoo animals fed frozen foods.

Fred: Hawai'ian crow, extinct in the wild, is being bred in zoos.

Fred: CatCon, biggest cat convention in the world.

Fred: Boa constrictor filmed eating pigeon on busy London street.

Fred: Winnie the Pooh is politically incorrect in China.

dronon: SonicFox wins the EVO 2018 Dragon Ball Fighter Z tournament.

Fred: The kitten with six legs.

GreenReaper: Newsbytes are now credited in the front page "Recent contributors" block, and usernames will be skipped if redundant with the full name.

Fred: Belgium's retirement home for elderly animals.

Fred: Why you shouldn't eat octopus.

Fred: Police in Germany rescue man chased by baby squirrel.

Fred: More Southern California bears relaxing.

Fred: French rooks trained to clean park for food.

Fred: Greek cat sanctuary wants new employee; gets over 200 applicants.

Fred: Endangered London parrot swears at would-be rescuer.

Sonious: Buzzfeed introduces furries to three strangers.

Fred: Coelacanths threatened with extinction by oil exploration.

Rakuen Growlithe: Local artist's practice picture of a wombat becomes a permanent piece of public art in Warrnambool, Australia.

2cross2affliction: Furry FortNite players: The new P.A.N.D.A. Team Leader skin is available in the Item Shop for the next two days, if you're a fan of the Cuddle Team Leader skin but want something stealthier than hot pink.

Fred: "Kung Food": has anyone in furry fandom reported this Chinese CGI animated TV series and theatrical feature from Yi Animation (released August 10) with anthropomorphic Chinese food? The hero is a dumpling, and there is a comedy-relief buck-toothed egg roll. It hasn’t been released in America yet, but someone has invested a lot of money dubbing it into English.

Fred: Everyone has heard of Francis the Talking Mule; the 1946 novel and the 1950s Universal movies. But has anyone checked out the original magazine stories that were rewritten into the novel? Francis was Frances, and he was a she – a jenny. And "Peter Stirling" was the pseudonym of the author, [who wrote "Frances and the Golden Brew".]

Fred: Baby gray whale has fun.

dronon: The Ironclaw RPG is Kickstarting a book of monsters for campaigns, and 3 reprints of novels set in the game universe.

2cross2affliction: Finally, someone let them out of their cage; PETA frees the Animal Crackers.

dronon: Massive fiberglass dinosaur head for sale.

Fred: The ugh bug bites people's toes.

2cross2affliction: Looks like Thanos just won. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 may not be happening anymore.

Fred: Dinosaur-surviving solenodon threatened by dogs.

Fred: Super-snake mutants in the Everglades.

TyphonDog: Denfur smashes the first con record with 2086 attendees.

Fred: 20,000 bees swarm NYC hot dog stand.

Fred: Climate change/hotter weather brings more tarantulas out.



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I bought the Cuddle Team Leader skin later in the month.

Just btw.

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Okay, the entire reason I posted this was for a stupid "crossie finally bought a fursuit!" in-joke, but then I forgot to put the damn joke in the comment.

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