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Newsbytes archive for April 2019

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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, BlindWolf8, dronon, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, Rakuen Growlithe, RingtailedFox, and Sonious.

Rakuen Growlithe: What really happened when a tiger mauled Roy? One of Siegfried and Roy's tiger trainers speaks up after 15 years.

dronon: The goal's been met, and there are a few days days left on the Humblewood kickstarter, a 5e DND setting with birds and other species.

2cross2affliction: Reports out of CinemaCon's presentation on the upcoming movie adaptation of Cats reveal the titular felines will be created via motion capture rather than costumes.

BlindWolf8: The BBC highlights a 12-year-old girl who is interested in creating her own fursuit-making business and some of her creations.

GreenReaper: The bat which burrowed down under. (Old news, but we missed it at the time.)

Rakuen Growlithe: After 2.5 weeks of technical issues, SoFurry is back online! Received record donations from supportive furs.

dronon: Another good story to remember Dogbomb by this weekend.

GreenReaper: Nkwocha Ernest sees the crocodile in the tyre-treads.

GreenReaper: "I always wondered what was behind the square" - Kentucky artist Lunumbra has been converting Pokémon cards into textless, borderless and full-art forms since 2014.

RingtailedFox: Lions devour rhino poacher trampled to death by elephants... Not the Lion King/Zootopia sequel we need, but the one we deserve?

dronon: Not quite a Disney live-action remake of The Lion King.

2cross2affliction: A YouTuber (who is definitely #NotAFurry) takes the free April Fools dating simulator based on characters from Rivals of Aether for a spin.

BlindWolf8: To make friends... be an animal?

dronon: "Like Stardew Valley, except cats."

Rakuen Growlithe: Wolves resident in the Netherlands again after 140 years.

Rakuen Growlithe: The last known female Yangtze giant softshell turtle has died. Three other individuals remain, though the species is now functionally extinct.

2cross2affliction: In the newest update, you can add Fortnite to the list of games where the answer to @CanYouPetTheDog is yes.

InkyCrow: David Lynch in a wolf suit narrates a story to feral children for musician Flying Lotus promo video.

dronon: The white wolf violinist in the Montreal subway. [tip: Tempe O'Kun]

GreenReaper: Gorilla selfies? It's more likely than you'd think.

RingtailedFox: Dog rescued from watery grave by oil rig workers 220 km off Thai coast.

Rakuen Growlithe: Norway is divided over the migration of wolves back into the country.

Sonious: Portland area furs be on the lookout for fursuit stolen in Beaverton.

Sonious: Boozy Badger discusses the legal labor perils of making for-profit furry conventions.

GreenReaper: Environmental award for woman who saved Mongolian sneps from strip mining (and goatherds).

GreenReaper: White Russian spy whale defects to Norway.

2cross2affliction: A profile of the illustrator behind Bojack Horseman and Tuca and Bertie.

GreenReaper: A contributor to the National Post criticises pups for "stealing a species".

GreenReaper: New York reporter @Teirrabyte cracks open last month's furry midnight carnival celebration, @Thaitails 2019 - which grew 53% this year - for @CoconutsBangkok.

dronon: Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer.



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Articles wanted

I am very serious when I say I am looking for articles. Reviews, opinions, and experiences WANTED. If you have something to say, I am interested as long as it does not contain hate or cub porn it is more than welcomed. I still see posts on Twitter on people saying still despite issues Dogpatch Press has they still want to see their articles posted there. Unlike Dogpatch Press, My forum is open, I rarely block anyone and I am willing to make my Twitter Block List Public. I have never been caught up in anything that could get me arrested and I fully admit posting things in the past I did not have a clue about. Yes, that was dumb and I fully admit I was dumb. Unlike Dogpatch Press, I reply to messages sent to me, it may take me a while but really I do reply and am looking for STUFF to post here.

I promise anything I approve will be posted unedited. Meaning unless you specifically want me to correct any spelling or grammar mistake it goes up as you sent to me.

If I get enough submissions I might even offer a prize to the best piece but we will have to see.

Send your submissions here ahmarwolf [at] mail dot com

(I wrote my email address that way to fool spambots.)

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Unfortunately your reputation is in tatters, and my pet project which "borrowed" your name never got any traction because of it.
Here's some advice:
Get off social media, its dangerous. If I was a religious follower I'd call it the spawn of Satan.
I don't have any social media for this key reason that its dangerous and too much of it is for instant gratification seeking milenial special snowflakes who take everything out of context

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I know self-promotion is necessary to get clicks and stuff but something feels wrong about the way you're doing it here in a comments section in a way that's completely unrelated to the topic, which isn't even a topic but an announcement giving credit to contributors, when you're not a contributor of anything but shameless self-promotion. But I said, okay, I'll bite, I checked out your site and um, it's not a lot of content. Which would explain why you're looking for writers. I don't know what you did to ruin your rep like Sonikku said but this isn't a good way to go about repairing it if that's what you're trying to do.

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You seem a little confused. This is a monthly collection of Flayrah's "newsbytes"; one-line, link-based pointers to news of interest elsewhere (which we prefer over rewriting the news here, as that seems largely wasted effort).

Posting them here is for archive purposes (the chat itself has limited scrollback), gives readers a chance to comment, and to see them if they missed them the first time around. Submitters are noted in the lede as the collection itself can only list at most one author, but many people submit newsbytes over any particular month; it's credit for the pointers, no more, no less.

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I think you might be a little confused, there, GR.

BlackDog333 seems to be replying to Ahmar's folded comment up top; it just managed to thread wrong. I don't think he's complaining about the Newsbytes archive (which fun fact, actually kind of was a bit of self-promotion on my part when it started!).

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Touche! Yeah, since he didn't actually reply to Ahmar I figured he was replying to the newsbyte archive itself.

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Yeah, that's what's up, I just derped is all.

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Hello, this is off topic, but where did you get the Html template for this site? Thank you!

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See the credits page - there are links on the names under "Arthemia (site theme)".

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