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A Comprehensive List of Internet Based Furry Convention-like Gatherings

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While the pandemic has been chipping away at the furry convention scene, other furs have stepped forward to try and give those in the community events to look forward to over the now dormant weekends. This had started with a group of Furnal Equinox members creating a digital replacement for their late March convention called Keep Calm and Carry Con - Furnal Isolation. More have started to spring up this spring.

They can have internet dealers dens, streaming dance competitions, and other staples that conventions are known for. Accessible from the safety of your own home.

Below is a comprehensive list of conventions. Last updated May 2nd, 2020 12:18 ET.

Please feel free to place any not listed here in the comments below and we will look into adding it if it appears legitimate.

Upcoming Internet Gatherings

Weekend Events
Other Events

Past Gatherings - For historical record

  • Keep Calm and Cary Con - Furnal Isolation: Held March 20-22, 2020
  • Down Home Furry Con - May 1st - 3rd - Artists from Texas holding a hootenanny. Further information can be found on their F.A.Q.
  • Furcific Northwest - May 3rd - 9th 2020
  • Virtual Furry Con - From May 1st to the 3rd there will be a virtual convention in Belgium, as far as that matters in our virtual world. VFC, short for Virtual Furry Con will have several online events on their Discord Server, such as Jackbox games, Art-Streams, but also streams of movies, and fursuitmakers and Music Broadcasts and various DJ’s. A great example of a virtual panel you see right here with Cooking with Fumps! Do you want to join or volunteer? I’ve included more information in the description.
  • CozyCon- May 2nd - May 3rd
  • Furry Weekend AtHome - May 8-9 - Furry Weekend Atlanta's Virtual Convention

*VRChat can be run without a VR headset, though the controls may be a bit clunkier it can be run in a window and via mouse and keyboard.


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Furry Weekend At-Home:

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Furcific Northwest May 3-9 2020

Links to Twitter and Telegram

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Yup, just got that one from a Pocari Video along with several others to add to the list.

If there's one bit of commentary I have to make here is that there are too many of these happening *this weekend*. It's almost like they all had the same thought at the same time and didn't plan, this is a secondary hope of providing an accumulative list like this is that people can see what weekends are booked so we aren't stepping on each other's toes so much.

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True, many these online cone came to being as a last minute lifeline to support local Dealers and Artist hit by COVID-19 cancelations.

Also stepping on toes is a bit of a stretch, except for MFF and Antrocon for examples, most fur cons reach is the local area. It is moot FWA at home and Furcific Northwest are on the same weekend.

A small convention thinking they are the next MFF is a pet peeve of mine , I do not see spending thousand to fly cross county for a local fur con.

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Furcific Northwest turn up to more of a Furry dealers den and artist ally as a ways to support dealers and artist hit by cancelations not just Furlandia but Sakuracon (Anime) and Emerald City Comic-con in Seattle.

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