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Newsbytes archive for August 2020

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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, dronon, GreenReaper, Rakuen Growlithe, and Sonious.

GreenReaper: Beavers given retroactive permission to return to the Otter.

2cross2affliction: @Zoops247 (the Twitter feed posting the entirety of Zootopia, one frame each fifteen minutes, since May 2016) has reached the credits. Disney credited the coffee guy, so there's still about a year to go.

2cross2affliction: The newest skin released for Fortnite is Axo the anthropomorphic axolotl.

dronon: "You have to remember, these are simple animators. People of the industry. The common claymation of the west coast. You know - gaijin."

dronon: First there was one horrible goose. Now there will be two.

dronon: Minnesota's annual Cat Video Festival is online this year, and the 39-minute compilation is available for viewing until the end of Sunday August 23.

dronon: CGI recreation of the opening of Thundercats.

Rakuen Growlithe: Hyena females kill and eat the cubs of low ranking females in their own clan, possibly to maintain social ranking.

GreenReaper: First UK war dog to get a prosthesis to replace an injured paw is awarded the Dickin Medal for valour, having seen action against al-Qaeda while serving a second tour in Afghanistan with the Special Boat Service.

Sonious: The Stranger covers Pepper Coyote's song about horse phallus being utilized during BLM Protests.

dronon: Streaming on YouTube today - Mascot Fur Life, and the premiere of Wolfgang Doe! (Technically, the online premiere.) The video stream should still be available to view, for about a week after Aug. 29!



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This all sounds pretty cool. Apart from the horse thingy. And maybe the hyena fact. But otherwise pretty cool.

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