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Newsbytes archive for May 2021

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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, dronon, earthfurst, GreenReaper and Rakuen Growlithe.

earthfurst: Sweet Tooth is a live-action post-apocalyptic fantasy series in a world with human/animal hybrids starring a deerboy, debuting June 4 on Netflix. It is based on the comic book series by Jeff Lemire, published by DC/Vertigo. Trailer released April 29.

GreenReaper: Who's a pretty bird? And which gets the most likes? German researchers think they know the answer to the second, at least: the aptly-named frogmouth.

dronon: Let's talk about assholes. (I knew those hooves had to be useful for something else.)

GreenReaper: “Walking around at night with these thermal eyepieces – it seems like overkill.” - efforts to eradicate hedgehogs in New Zealand call for extreme measures.

Rakuen Growlithe: Due to an official letter received by the site owner, SoFurry has changed it's AUP to disallow cubs in sexual situations in text-based submissions.

GreenReaper: Going too far for a Charizard? Street briefly locked down after gun pulled over Pokémon trading cards at Target in Brookfield, Wisconsin, with police to lay charges of "battery, strangulation and disorderly conduct".

GreenReaper: Black cat makes death-defying jump to safety from burning building in Chicago.

GreenReaper: The dark side of "cats in boxes."

dronon: Not only will cats sit in boxes, they'll sit in illusory squares.

2cross2affliction: Rotten Tomatoes is hosting a Disney Animated Film Showdown. Robin Hood's already out, Zootopia is currently in a duel to the death with The Little Mermaid, but The Lion King defeated Frozen early and is the clear favorite.

2cross2affliction: The latest episode of YouTube series Death Battle features Po from Kung Fu Panda. Can the Dragon Warrior defeat Marvel's Iron Fist?

GreenReaper: Big cats confiscated from Tiger King campus.

GreenReaper: Beavers bit back last month in BC, chewing cabling to take Tumbler Ridge off the net.

GreenReaper: Still, they're not as bad as the conniving cockatoos: "I guess that's Australia for you; if the spiders and snakes don't get you, the cockies will."

GreenReaper: Insectivores beware: some of those aged cicadas have gone mouldy.

2cross2affliction: Furries might want to watch the trailer for the upcoming movie The Green Knight (an adaptation of the medieval poem "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"), which features a talking fox.

dronon: Not sure if this qualifies as a game - The Longest Road on Earth is a kind of experimental set of wordless narratives set to music.



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Update on The Green Knight; the trailer kind of ruined it, because the fox only talks in that one scene, and nothing else really furry going on, but I did enjoy the movie.

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