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Digging Up Positivity - November 2021

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Hello and welcome to the November episode of Digging Up Positivity. October and November are traditionally busy months filled with all sorts of conventions and events, and boy does it show in our overview. We got a lot of fundraisers for various charities all over the world this time! Which brings us to our featurette: Joe G. Bear, our American friend who is one of those wonderful people behind Team Tony, one that is working so hard to raise funds against this terrible disease of ALS [Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis]!

But first we have the other charity news, followed by some animation news including Disney’s Zootopia+ and of course after all of these things, we will find out who has won that wonderful Thabo Meerkat T-shirt ‘I am just a mere kat’.

So now, on with the show!

Biggest Little Furcon

Last month we already had a little preview of what was to come, but the official numbers sure blew me away regardless! In the end the wonderful people of BLFC managed to raise $21,000 for the Save Haven Wildlife Sanctuary. Many kudos to you all!

Confuror Online

This year, one of the biggest furry events in Mexico, Confuror was being held online. It was a wonderful festivity filled with amazing colors and amazing characters in honour of Viaje Al Mictlan. During the closing ceremony I was delighted to hear they raised 97,211.33 Mexican Pesos [~$4,655.69 US] for the El Cora Crocodile Sanctuary.

Be sure to check out their amazing virtual fursuit parade featuring fursuiters from all around the world which I have provided as a link in the corner.


During Aquatifur, 594 attendees managed to raise $6,571.52[US] for Feathered Friends and Rescue Incorporated, a non profit organization that has been committed to providing a safe haven for homeless parrots living in captivity.

A wonderful charity and just like they say on their website: Don’t buy or breed, adopt a bird in need!


Our friends in Canada with CanFURence have managed to raise $8,870.98[US] for Courageous Companions, a registered charity which provides quality trained certified service dogs to military veterans and first responders. A wonderful charity indeed.


From the UK we have Furcation who spent their online convention in the pool. After a fun filled weekend they have raised $560.30[US] at the time of making this video. Their charity of choice was the National Search and Rescue Dog Association. This group recently celebrated their 50th anniversary of providing search and rescue dogs all over the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, and Ireland.


This year Bewhiskered had an amazing theme: They blasted off into space, this went together with a very cute promo movie. They also supported SAFE Haven for Cats. An amazing organization that helped adopt over 12,100 cats and spayed and neutered over 36,000 more at their low cost clinic.

The Bewhiskered crew raised $6,243[US] for them!

ALS Walk

Every time I hear about it, it warms my heart to see how much Team Tony is doing for ALS, even during these trying times. One of the driving forces behind it is Joe G. Bear, who raised $4,185 this month with his walk. In this video he is our special guest, stay tuned for an interview of this amazing individual!


The fastest critters in the fandom, TeamFastestFurs has been raising money for TransLifeLine, a peer support and crisis hotline for trans folks in English and Spanish. They are active in the US and Canada, providing an essential service to the trans community. During a fun filled weekend filled with all sorts of streams where members of TeamFastestFurs demonstrated their skills, they raised $14,269!


The larger than life kaiju artist Ryan Gates, also known as Tyrn on Twitter, has been dedicating his time in November to raise money for The Wild Animal Sanctuary. I think this is a win-win, people are getting amazing art, and this lovely organization devoted to solve America’s captive wildlife crisis is getting a healthy booster. As of recording of this video, $1,231.87 has been raised!

Ideas Through The Sky

This month the second track of JonSkey C.S. ’s album ‘Don’t give up’ came out! As a big fan of chiptunes, I had to check it out, and has that uplifting signature beat. It is available for all to listen on his channel. And of course, this time he closes this episode with a funny remix of me saying "Digging up Positivity" once more!

Little Kitty, Big City

Some play big MMO games such as Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn, Call of Duty, or go for other games with deep storylines with man twists and turns, and for others... there is Little Kitty, Big City. This game, looks like a free for all sandbox, it's about a little kitty, in a big city.

Now little kitties are known for being distracted easily! And this reflects in the trailer. So much so that even on the Steam page the deadline is listed as ‘Cats don’t have deadlines’. Well, I am waiting, and I hope it will be fun when it is being released...eventually...sometime...please.

Aggretsuko: Season 4

Many within the fandom are familiar with Retsuko, the little red panda who found a very interesting way to let our her frustrations of every day life. This show is so popular, that the voice actor of Haida, one of the recurring characters of the show, that very cute hyena, was guest at Anthrocon 2019. I do recommend one of the interviews did by LatticeRose studios’ linked below or in the corner.

But that is not why I am talking about the show. Netflix has announced they will premiere Season 4 on their network in December! And from the looks of it, Haida will have some very rough waters ahead.

I for one am very curious and hyped about this season four.


Another beloved movie by the fandom is Zootopia. And I have to admit, I am a bit biased here, because sometimes people see me walking around as a certain fox with a love for pie. Disney+ has announced a spinoff series of Zootopia, this time focusing more on the side characters of the movie. And the fun part is, because of the excellent worldbuilding of the original movie, there are so many possibilities here: from Judy’s neighbors to Flash, the sloth from the DMW.

Seeing the big success of the original movie, I personally think Zootopia 2 is just a matter of time. But, fun times ahead for fans of this movie! Zootopia+ is going to be on the Disney+ network next year.

Featurette: Joseph Goria (Joe G. Bear)

And now for our featurette, our special guest of this episode, who has been keeping the spirit of DogBomb alive through his continued efforts against ALS:

[Featurette Interview]


Thank you so much for sticking with with us until the very end. Time to announce the lucky winner of the ‘I dunno, I am just a mere kat’ Tshirt, as found on my webshop. Blaze the [Firewolf], please do use the form below to send me your details so I can verify them, you have up to December 31st to respond.

In December we have the big rundown of all the charities of this year, if you know of any in your neighborhood, no matter the size, please let me know in the comments or submit one in the form in the description. The big video featuring all these amazing fundraisers and events will be published shortly before Christmas.

I would like to thank you all for watching, and an extra thanks goes to these wonderful critters for sponsoring my channel through Patreon or SubscribeStar: Cosmik with a K, Els Deckers, Falconeo, Hanzana, Ishnula, Kitako, Tantroo McNally, Taross, Score Chaser

Thank you all so much, and see you all around. And remember: All the hugs


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I’m Joe G Bear, not Joey (haha). Thank you, Thabo for allowing me to come on and explain about Team Tony and oour involvement with ALSOC. I am proud of each and everyone on our team, from our captain Trip E Collie and our many furry friends. Thanks to those who donated to ALS as we passed the QR Dogbowl at BLFC and PAWCon. I’m hoping for a larger turnout next year when we go back to a full walk event. Please support us at ALSOC’s website. Tony would’ve been so proud as ALS Association does so much in our communities and are very much needed, and support is needed more than ever in this pandemic. Let’s Kick ALS in The Ass!! Thank you. Joe G Bear

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This has been corrected.

Do note, I do have to correct my name from Tantroo McNalley to drop the 'e' each month on the file as well. If I wasn't the one editing it, I'm sure it'd be placed up as McNalley each time instead of McNally.

I receive a raw script from the show creator which I go through and clean up while watching to match more with what is in the video. So if people are featured or are sponsors of the program and there is name typos, please let us know and we can make the correction.

Thanks for your continued efforts in the securing the funding for research.

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