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March 2001

Heinlein Chair at USN Academy

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Robert A Heinlein is a well-known and popular author. But what even the hardcore fans often don't know is that he graduated from the US Naval Academy (class of 29.) Now the Academy has created an Endowed Chair in Aerospace Engineering to honor him and to provide "vision and direction for the USNA's astronautical engineering curriculum, our small satellite program, and our satellite ground station."

Chronicles of the Cheysuli Omnibus

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This just off Jennifer Roberson's webpage: the eight books of the Cheysuli series will be available soon in four omnibus editions. Good news for those of us tired of loose books. For those who haven't read them, the Cheysuli books are about a magical shapechanging race whose members can become animals by bonding with a special animal companion. I did a review of the first book in the series for Fuzzy Logic a while back.

Kalahari Raptor Center

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One of our members helps maintain the web page for the Kalahari Raptor Center, which is how I found out about this sanctuary. There are plenty of splendid photographs of the birds of prey and small mammals that make their home at the Center, so even if it's unlikely you'll visit anytime soon, you can still check out the animals.

Blue Horizon Website Move

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From Ted Blasingame on "I have registered a new domain specifically for various fur projects to free
up space on my domain for other non-fur related interests. The BLUE HORIZON website has been moved to and is already

The new URL for Blue Horizon is: Our mirror site is located at

Academy of Anthropomorphic Arts and Sciences breaks ground.

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A brand new arts association has been created, dedicated to public education about the anthropomorphic arts. The Academy of Anthropomorphic Arts and Sciences homepage at broke ground last month and a call for charter members was announced by the Academys creator Eric Stout. "We need charter members with experence in the anthropomorphic arts community to help us get off on the right foot".

It is hoped that this body will serve as both a educational forum for the public and a resource to the artists themselves. Come check out the website as they get off the ground.

Worldcon Rate Hike

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For those of you considering attending the annual Worldcon this year, MilPhilCon, note that the membership rates have been raised to $170. Another hike will go into effect May 31st. Hotel information is also now available.

Anyone planning on going to the con? Drop notes in the comments if so!

The Future of the Written Word

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I'm still rescuing some content intended for Fuzzy Logic #10. The following is an article by Allen Kitchen on the future of publishing--specifically the advent of print-on-demand publishers, and e-books. Read on... Code Update

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Some of you may have notices subtle changes around the website; we're now running the latest version of PHPNuke. In the process, I've also updated the FAQ. Next on my list of things to do is to implement the reviews manager portion of the code, and update the Cornwuff Press website.

New Furry Serial Novel

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Simba Wiltz has begun serializing his furry novel, Mainframe at this website. The last time I read a serialized work on the web was probably Regan Pylman's Tails of the City, which was actually quite good (Blue Horizon isn't really a serialized novel as much as it is a collection of related short stories). Has anyone had a chance to read the inital chapters of Mainframe?

FurEcard Launches

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From Kurst on "...FurEcard is a free web site that specializing in providing tools for
furry artists to build their own customizable free email card site! In
minutes an artist can have his or her own branded web site..."
The site also incorporates a picture gallery site featuring "...html templates and a thumbnail engine..." Looks promising. Anyone put it to use?

Member of the Vulpine Commons gives UK Commons sign of approval

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If you want to see how much vulpes vulpes appreciated the UK government's vote for a ban on fox hunting with dogs (Or maybe it's just nature's sense of irony at work), visit the BBC News article about a fox that was found sleeping on top of a filing cabinet in the UK's House of Commons.

Name of Proposed Moderated Newsgroup Announced

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Kay Shapero announced on that the name of the proposed moderated newsgroup will be rec.arts.anthropomorphic.

Voting on the name of the newsgroup closed March 6, with a total of 55 votes. The votes were distributed as follows: