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September 2005

Furtopia Arts For Kids Community Project 9-16-05!

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Furtopia is proud to sponsor our second "Furtopia Arts for Kids" community project on 9-16-05! See:
See also: this forum post.

Basicly here is how it works. Furtopia reaches out to talanted and caring artists. For those who can make it we gather artists and fursuiters here in Ohio. We then travel to children's hospitals where artists do will drawings for sick kids and fur suiters can perform for them! For those of you who cannot attend you can donate (children friendly) art. "new unopened toys", or paypal a donation to to help us cover the expenses (we DO need finanicial help) of making this great gift happen!

Upcoming Furry Comics for November 2005

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From Doodles, the upcoming furry comics list for November 2005.

Furry Fiction Anthology Published

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FANG, the Little Black Book of Furry Fiction, edited by Alex "Osfer" Vance, has published its first issue, available here at an RRP of $19.99.

Feral! 2005: The Best Yet!!

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Heya furs! Feral! 2005 was by far the most successful and exciting yet, breaking our registration records and fulfilling everything we had hoped for, continuing its status as one of the funnest and most unique furry events in the world!

Southern Tails: Furry Weekend Atlanta Newsletter

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The official newsletter of Furry Weekend Atlanta
September 2005

In this issue...
- Hurricane Katrina
- Conbook Submissions
- News for Dealers
- Artists' Alley
- Art Show
- Volunteers Needed
- Want More?

Wyrmkeep Entertainment Newsletter for Sept 2005

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Items of Interest:

1) Wyrmkeep Entertainment Third Anniversary Sale
2) Fan Art Contest
3) Close-out Item: Inherit the Earth for Mac OS X
4) Upcoming Conventions Appearances: Conifur Northwest and Midwest Furfest

Click Read more... below for details.

New Orleans holdouts won't abandon pets

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Of those who are refusing to leave their homes in New Orleans following hurricane Katrina and the ensuing flooding, refusal to leave pets behind was cited by rescue workers as the number one reason given by people who refuse to leave.

"I don't know why the government won't let us take these people's pets out," said Steve Miller, a volunteer rescuer. "But FEMA has told us we cannot take the pets. They told that we could not take one cat or dog in our boats. It's a stupid rule. More people are going to die because of that."

See the full article at The Baton Rouge Advocate.

Oklacon T-shirt entries are in!!!

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Well.. it's time to vote on this years Oklacon T-shirt image. The images are posted in the "photos" folder of the "oklacon_talk" yahoo group, and there's a poll created for you to vote on your favorite image.

May the best fur win!

-Your oklacon 2k5 staff

Paul Lucas' CREATURA available as Trade Paperback

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Paul Lucas, an artist who has been active in the fandom for a number of years, recently had his anthropomorphic novel CREATURA become available as a trade paperback. It had previously been available only in ebook form.

CREATURA takes place 300 years in the future, as human/animal hybrids, the only survivors of a global pandemic, struggle to survive and prosper in a world left empty by th death of the human race.

CREATURA can be ordered from outlets such as Borders, Barnes & Nobles, Waldenbooks, and anywhere books are sold.

For more complete information, as well as ordering the original ebook version, go here


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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here, making a public Call For New Material in behalf of his furry webzine, Anthro! I've been getting stories, even a poem or two, and I hope this continues -- but what about other kinds of furriness? Where are the fursuit patterns, the "how to draw X" tutorials, the articles on Great Moments In Furry History, the... Well, you get the idea, right? The basic idea is simple: If it's Furry, Anthro wants it! Send it to me, Quentin Long. If you're unsure, ask and I'll be happy to let you know if Anthro could use it!

Upcoming furry comics for November 2005 (Previews only)

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I have to admit it. "Doodles" wrote to