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March 2006

WatchingStone AnthroStory Contest - 1 Year Anniversary & New Season

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Well, here it is, a year after I created this contest off the top of my head. Did I hope it would continue successful this long? Yes, and longer. Did I think it would? Well, to be honest, I wasn't sure. You authors and voters have made this thing a success, so thank you everybody. I know you're wanting the details of the new season, so I'll spare you the entire thank you letter I prepared (which was sent out on the mailing list. If you want to be a part of our mailing list, please email me or send me a PM message here on planetfurry.) Several changes have been made this season, including a little change as to how stories are judged. For details, check out the contest page here at .

ANTHRO #4 is online!

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here with good (and, hopefully, expected) news: ANTHRO #4 (the March/April issue) is online -- no thanks to the dod-rotted weather we're having these days! The cover by Holly Ann depicts a sentiment that we're sure will bring a smile to quite a few people's faces...

RCFM newsletter ver. 4.4.1

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Subject: 4.4.1 Newsletter for RCFM

Time is that quality of nature which keeps events from happening all at once. Lately it doesn't seem to be working.
--- Anonymous

As the sun set on Further Confusion with its RenFur theme, we went 'Back to the Future' with Furry Weekend Atlanta. Rocket City Fur Meet was there with our annual room party. The party was a blast and so was the convention! The next gathering on the furry calendar is PawPet MegaPlex which runs from March 17th to the 19th in Orlando, Florida. RCFM will hold a room party there as well, so there's another reason to attend and share the fun.

Cat People in Doctor Who

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The first episode of the BBS' new DOCTOR WHO second season will feature a "plague farm" in the far future in the guise of a hospital run by evil Cat people.

The cast of this episode: David Tennant (the Doctor), Billie Piper (Rose), Zoe Wanamaker (Cassandra), Noel Clarke (Mickey), Michael Fitzgerald (Duke), Lucy Robinson (Clovis), Dona Croll (The Matron), Adjoa Andoh (The Sister), Anna Hope (The Novice), and Sean Gallagher (Chip).

The air date has not yet been released, noting only that the second series will begin in the UK in the "Spring of 2006".

(Note: The last episode to feature any kind of cat-people was Survival, which featured the 'Cheetah People'. This was also the last episode of Doctor Who before it went on its multi-year hiatus.)

Upcoming furry comics for May 2006 (Diamond Previews only)

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Doodles wrote to on Sat, 4 Mar 2006:

< February.

Things start to heat up as the publishers try to get a selection of big
items ready for convention season. Equally important, May 6th is Free Comic
Book Day, and there's all kinds of fun freebies from Gladstone, Tokyopop,
Top Shelf and Fantagraphics that are likely to be of interest to this bunch.
There's some particularly good stuff in the pay section too, so pay

Oklacon 2006: March Newsletter

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Roman Nose State Park
Watonga, Oklahoma
October 27 - 29, 2006

Oklacon is proud to announce it's 2006 Guests of Honor will be Goldenwolf and Lightfoot Kyohti. Goldenwolf has eagerly accepted our offer to join us in 2006 as one of our guests of honor! An accomplished and well-known artist in the fandom, Goldenwolf has steadily worked on her style and techniques to include other genres including fantasy, wildlife, and pagan/spiritual themes. Lightfoot Kyohti is a native Oklahoma artist with impressive skill, who also has a black belt in Spaghetti.

Oklacon 2006’s theme is “Ruffin’ It”, a reflection of the nature of Oklacon, the United States’ only outdoor and most affordable convention. Hosted in scenic Roman Nose State Park, our family of loyal attendees returns every year for our refreshing change of pace from hotel cons. Our Art Director is hungry for your artwork and stories to include on our website or conbook. If you thought about visiting our family this year, or have submissions for our theme, please visit our site for details.

Jared Fox is the winner of the first drawing for our preregistration contest! For a limited time, every two to three weeks the Art Director is drawing names of preregistered and prepaid attendees for Oklacon 2006 to win prizes including free conbadge commissions, commemorative Oklacon t-shirts, and other goodies. Visit to preregister for Oklacon 2006 for your chance to win!

Morphicon March Madness 2006 Newsletter!

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Morphicon "The Food Chain": May 5-7, 2006
Radisson Columbus-Worthington, OH
Honoring: Candy and Ryan DeWalt, and Bill Holbrook

In this issue:

* Hotel Rate Ends April 19th!
* Pre-con Events
* Ferrets Still Need You
* Fluxx Tournament Scheduled
* Travel Information
* FVS Preparations


Califur CF2.2 News

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Califur is the latest furry fandom event to hit Southern California,
and we need YOU to help us make it the best! Califur has positions
open for STAFF and VOLUNTEERS, with plenty of opportunities for furry
fans with ambition and drive. We have several cool ideas we're
working on for events and other activities at Califur Two (May 5-6-7
in Costa Mesa). Things like:

· Our new favorite - The Pet Auction
· Life Drawing workshops
· How-To Workshops for Fur Suit Making, Art, and Animation
· A DDR competition
· The Cabaret

… and many others. But all of these things and more will only happen
if we have the Staff and Volunteers to help organize them. That's
where you come in! Have ideas? Have energy? Sign on as part of

Visit for more information. See you this May!

Robert K. Johnson Jr
Chairman - FENEC Adventures
Califur Volunteer Lead