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November 2007

Furry Weekend Atlanta November Newsletter

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The official newsletter of Furry Weekend Atlanta

February 15-17, 2008
Sheraton Gateway Hotel
Atlanta, GA, USA

1. Hotel is filling up!
2. Save time later, pre-register now!
3. Meet our Guest of Honor: Bonk!
4. Programming Spotlight: First Con Orientation
5. Art Show now accepting submissions!
6. Dealers Den over HALF FULL!
7. Volunteers needed!
8. The Furry Weekend Atlanta Family

Less than 110 days and counting!

2007 Recommended Anthropomorphics List is closing

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November has started. It's time to begin publicizing that there are less than two months left to make recommendations to the 2007 Recommended Anthropomorphics List of books, movies, comics, music videos, published illustrations, and other stuff that furry fans ought to know about, in time to check them out.

WikiFur launches in German

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WikiFur was especially active this week with the arrival of a German-language sister project founded by Eurofurence media contact o'wolf. Also recently started is WikiFur's Czech-language version, founded in mid-August by local fur Xkun with assistance from Lokosicek.

Close to a hundred German articles have been created in the first week, many with the aid of automatic translation tools. Some completely new articles on European topics, such as the Schweizer Stammtisch, have been translated from German to English.

Undercover Reporter Attends, Reviews Fur Con

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Review of FurFright 2007 by undercover reporter.

Jennifer Abel, a reporter for the US alt-weekly the Hartford Advocate, has written an amazingly unbiased review of her undercover experiences at the 2007 FurFright con. It's getting a lot of attention--be sure to read the comments other furs have left below the article.

Read the article here.

DreamKeepers’ anticipated sequel announced

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In the midst of disbursing prizes for their second annual Halloween Fanart contest, the DreamKeepers website announced another second...

Funday PawPet Show fundraiser breaks $10,000

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Funday PawPet Show logo. The characters displayed are (L-R) Mutt, Tod Ferret, Arthur, Poink, and Rummage.

Fans of the Funday PawPet Show dug deep this week, raising over $10,000 for the regular four-hour puppet show in a fundraiser spanning two broadcasts.

The show's initial goal of $6,000 was reached shortly into the second show. $10,052 was raised by the closing song.[1] Last year, $3,940.19 was donated.

The show's website lists over 120 separate donators.[2] Many are regulars of the show's IRC channel, which topped a record 237 simultaneous users in the last hour.

The largest sum came from T. H. Squirrel, who paid $1,400 for an acrylic commission donated by Herbie Bearclaw.[3]

Site update: ANTHRO #14 is live!

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here, once again announcing a new issue of ANTHRO -- #14 -- to the world. If you think I've finished #14 a heck of a lot later than usual, well, you're right; let's just say that Real Life (mostly in the form of job-hunting, and temporary employment) *really* got in the way. Do you think it's unfortunate that mundane financial considerations can get in the way of my working on the 'zine? Me, too. Do you want to help prevent this sort of thing from happening again? Great! You are cordially invited to check out the selection at ANTHRO Press [ ], the ANTHRO Mall [ ], and Graphic Descriptions [* ], and purchase whatever may strike your fancy; alternately, feel free to browse ANTHRO's Adams-to-Zelazny collection of recommended furry books [ ] and/or the Ultimate Anthropomorphic Checklist [ ], and buy the one(s) that look good to you.
Anywho... Although this issue is the latest ANTHRO has ever been, its contents are such that I think you'll agree it was worth the wait!

MFF 2007: Thursday

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At ninety minutes to midnight, the Hyatt Regency Woodfield's main atrium - newly accented with eerie colour-shifting LEDs - is packed with furs, tails and fursuits. Old friends greet one another with smiles, laughter, and a more-than-occasional hug. Midwest FurFest 2007 has arrived.

Registration opened promptly at 7PM, with badges flying off the printers as fast as staff could call the names out. A total of 649 were registered by the end of the day.

As has become customary, Thursday's early arrivals were greeted with a sweet treat, along with a variety of tasty toppings. Somewhat less customarily, the treat consisted of sweet mashed potato. Regular mash was also provided, along with pitchers of kool-aid.

While the official schedule doesn't start until Friday, a combination quiz and betting game was in progress down the corridor. The question of the day: "How fast is a speeding cheetah?" (Answer: 65 miles/hour.)

Upcoming furry comics for January 2008 (Previews only)

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Buy *Krazy and Ignatz*. Now.

PAGES 38, 39
NOV070049D3 Usagi Yojimbo #109 24pg, b&w $2.99
by Stan Sakai
Everybody's in one place for the finale; Sanshobo needs to exorcise Jei, the identity of Isamu is revealed, stuff like that.

Animal Dance January 30th in NYC with DJ Logic!

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An animal costume themed dance wll be hosted with DJ Logic in New York City on January 30th. The event starts at 8pm at Don Hills 511 Greenwich Street and the sexiest animal costume wins a weekend for two at the Emerson Spa in the Catskills. For more information, please go to:

FC2008 November Newsletter

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Further Confusion 2008 - November Newsletter

In this issue:
1.  Pre-Registration closes December 30th
2.  FCTV Needs Your Help
3.  Furry Night Live '08 - Ninja Master seeks disciples
4.  Art Show is Sold Out
5.  Furry Market Place almost Sold Out
6.  Species Track Panel Information
7.  Would you like to take a survey?
8.  Further Confusion 2008 in Second Life
9.  Next Public Meeting

UCLA Daily Bruin article on Furries on campus

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The Tuesday, November 27, 2007 UCLA campus newspaper has a sympathetic article on Furry fandom, especially Furries who are college students.