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May 2008

Baby Birds Babble

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MIT researchers have discovered that baby birds have something in common with baby humans: they first "babble" to learn to speak. In this case, the "speech" of a bird is the adult bird's song. The parallel between bird and human may lend insights into the mysteries of human language-learning.

The full story is available at Discovery News.

Upcoming furry comics for June 2008 (Previews only)

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Upcoming furry comics for June 2008 (from Previews)

'Ozy and Millie' to end after ten year run

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Cartoonist D.C. Simpson has announced plans to retire daily webcomic Ozy and Millie later this year, after a decade-long run of over 2,200 strips.[1][2]

The strip is to be completed with a final storyline and print collection, possibly followed by other projects involving the characters.

Simpson cited ongoing personal development as the reason for the change, finding a lessening ability to "deliver good [strips] that are up to my standards".

We're LIVE! Western PA Furry Weekend! 10/3-5/08

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I’m proud to announce the Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend,, is being held the weekend of, October 3-5, 2008, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This year’s “Featured Artist” is artist and illustrator MehndiX who is a great friend and one of the regions local talents.

RCFM May Newsletter - Only 3 weeks to GO!

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Issue 8, Vol. I
May, 2008

Hey Y'all,

It's been an eventful month, in many different ways. I have good news, bad new, and just plain news.

Disney goes Bollywood

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Disney is co-producing an animated CGI Bollywood film called Roadside Romeo which will be released in India on October 24th. Other than the Disney influence and similarities to Lady and the Tramp, it seems to be a mostly Indian production from Yash Raj Films, one of India's largest film companies. This is apparently their first foray into animation. In a recently-released trailer, Romeo acts out scenes from other Bollywood films.

Webcomic Secret Summer 2008

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Creators of comics, may I have your attention? The Webcomic Secret Summer is now accepting participants!

"What is the Webcomic Secret Summer?" you may ask. A Secret Santa is a type of exchange in which each participant gets one randomly assigned recipient and the gift-giver's identity remains secret until an assigned time when s/he presents the gift to the recipient. The Webcomic Secret Santa is an exchange of webcomic gifts using the same concept. Creators submit their comics to a list, and on a specific day, a random comic (not their own) is sent to them. That artist must then produce a guest comic or a piece of fan art for the assigned comic. Not wanting to wait until December for a Webcomic Secret Santa, I decided to run the exact same idea in the summer, hence the Webcomic Secret Summer!

There are some rules, of course, intended to make this as fun and straight-forward an activity as possible. For the timeline, sign-up rules, and other information, please visit the Webcomic Secret Summer site. Also, please pass the word, since the more, the merrier!

Heathen City to launch at Anthrocon

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Volume One of Heathen City, a new graphic novel from Bad Dog Books, has been announced with a release date of June 26 2008, to coincide with Anthrocon.

Heathen City is a modern, urban, gritty erotic thriller intended for mature audiences, written by Alex Vance, illustrated by Ayato, Distasty, Krahnos, Charha and Fel, with cover art by kamui, and will be sold at the FurPlanet table at Anthrocon.

2007 Ursa Major Award results

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The 2007 Ursa Major Awards have been presented at Morphicon 2008.

2007 Ursa Major Award winners announced

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The winners of the 2007 Ursa Major Awards were announced this Saturday, at Morphicon 2008 in Columbus, Ohio.[1]

Nominees and award winners were chosen by popular vote through the preceding months. Each of the ten award categories had at least five nominations. In total, 201 ballots were received from fifteen countries.[2]

Six awards went to active fandom members, three of whom had won in the two preceding years. Author Kyell Gold won Best Novel and Best Short Fiction twice in the last three years, gaining both in the 2006 awards.

At least one winner, D.C. Simpson, was there to collect the award in person, being a guest of honor at the convention. It is the third time Simpson's Ozy and Millie has won the award in book or strip form. Despite the strip's imminent retirement, it may yet win a fourth award, as a final collection remains to be published.

Upcoming furry comics for July 2008 (Previews only)

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This was delayed a bit by a trip to Morphicon. Nice little (but growing) convention, well done 'Hooray for Furrywood' theme, some fine fursuits, not much for me as a mostly comic-book furfan. I'll probably try again next year, though.

A number of notable nonpamphlets this month, like Chumble Spuzz and Flight, and some equally notable nonfurry stuff like a trade paperback of new Halo & Sprocket stories, yay!

FC2009 - May Newsletter

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In this issue:
1.  FC 2009 Campout and Picnic
2.  BayCon Party
3.  Announcing our Charities
4.  Hotel News
5.  FC09 Video Room wants you!
6.  Next Staff Meeting