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July 2008

ConFuzzled 2008 photo galleries

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Thanks to all the folks who put their ConFuzzled photos online, as well as the ConFuzzled staff themselves!

ConFuzzled! Photo by Tiger Tom.

ConFuzzled 2008: The mundane view

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Saturday the 21st of June marked a significant day for Northern furries, the first UK convention outside of London, ConFuzzled. Of course, I had to wake up late. After a power-shower and a quick breakfast, I arrived in Manchester, meeting with Tori and Silentwulf, among others including Hyss and Istauri. I must say, I've never met quite a more friendly bunch of people, and this being my first meeting with a group from the fandom, ensured that my positive view on furries continued.

« It's been fantastic and hell to all the neysayers! » ~ Lazerus

ConFuzzled 2008: Tori reports

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Tori BelliachiIt was a cold, wet day in Manchester town on June 21st, but the atmosphere inside the Manchester YHA was as flaming as the residents of Canal Street just a few blocks away. Yes, the long awaited ConFuzzled is in town! And we here at The Furtean Times felt we should splash out a bit and report live from the convention itself, I mean, we have been documenting the rise of this homegrown convention since issue one; it was only fair we gave it a shot for a final finale.

One year of planning later and The Furtean Times is in the warm confines of the ConFuzzled hostel, a little damp from the unfortunately less welcoming weather outside; the newly renovated YHA in the Castlefield area of Manchester providing a much more inviting environment. In this one building there was 136 furs packed in to 35 rooms, served with top of the range facilities and events.

« To put it concisely, my opinion of ConFuzzled so far is as follows: Completely awesome! » ~ Fenrir

ConFuzzled 2008 video gallery

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Thanks to all the folks who put their ConFuzzled videos, as well as the ConFuzzled staff themselves!

ArtSpots merges with JaxPad; offers $500 scholarship, 2¢ promotion

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All-ages anthropomorphic art gallery ArtSpots has announced its merger with sister site JaxPad, effective immediately.[1] In addition, ArtSpots is offering an art student scholarship, and running a "give two cents, get two cents" promotion designed to increase comments.[2][3]

ArtSpots and JaxPad already shared the same database, but ArtSpots only showed the art of those vetted by a review process. ArtSpots will now cater to artists of all skill levels, with special recognition for those it previously featured. Site spokescheetah Seurat said these artists would be referred to as compagnon (journeymen), with the prospect of a higher "master" level in the future.

Final issue of FurNation Magazine published

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FurNation Magazine #10

FurNation Magazine #10 was released this May, marking the end of an eight-year run for the mature comic and story anthology.[1][2] Issues #6-9 are also available at a reduced price.[3]

Contributors to this issue include Kadath, Bayson, Necro Drone, Ringtail Cafe, Raziel, FuzzWolf, Obsidian Obelisk, Alex Vance and Sub-level 03 (which provided a bonus music CD).[1]

Pawz Calendar 2009 submissions open

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Pawz Calendar have announced the opening of art submissions for their 2009 calendar.[1]

Pawz calendar 2009 will consist of the 12 best submitted pieces of furry artwork. The artwork range is diverse, including styles such as photography, hand-drawn and CG.

The 12 winners will win a copy of Pawz Calendar 2009 in addition to a plushie.

Anthrocon 2008 report

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Last weekend I went to Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, the biggest anthropomorphics (furry) convention in the world, with 3390 in attendance. I thought some of a conreport might be of interest to some of my correspondents.

Upcoming furry comics for September 2008 (Previews only)

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Well, that was a fine Anthrocon, and I did indeed get the three paperbacks of Ursula Vernon's *Digger*, and I see that the first volume just appeared in Previews. See below under 'Sofawolf Press', and buy!

This month is also marked by maybe the most new furry comics from Fantagraphics ever, for fantagraphic values of 'furry'. Check 'em out.

Gorillaz create 'Journey to the East' for BBC Olympics coverage

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BBC Sport has unveiled a title animation featuring several anthropomorphic animals as part of their coverage of the Beijing Olympics.[1]

Created by Jamie Hewlett, illustrator of the virtual band Gorillaz and with music by Gorillaz creator Damon Albarn, the animation is based on Journey to the West; an ancient Chinese tale of pilgrimage to retrieve Buddhist scriptures which mixes adventure, allegory, and spiritual enlightenment. Both band members were born in the Year of the Monkey, and were fans of the British TV series Monkey.[2][3]

Depicted in the animation are lead characters S?n Wùk?ng, the Monkey King, and his golden-banded staff; Xuánzàng the monk; Zh? B?jiè (or Pigsy), once field marshal of the Milky Way, wielding his rake; and Sh? Wùjìng (Sandy), an immortal banished from heaven for smashing a crystal goblet, with his monk's spade.

The same story inspired elements of manga and anime such as Dragon Ball, InuYasha, and Ranma ½.

FC2009 July Newsletter

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In this issue:
1. Camping update
2. Picnic update
3. Dealers Room and Furry Market Place
4. Events
5. Supporting/Non Attending Membership
6. Con Book Submissions
7. Badge Art Wanted!
8. Next Staff Meeting