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September 2008

Furry Art Pile ceases operation

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Furry Art Pile, an art archive and social networking site, has ceased operation after a little less than two years.

Rainfurrest Newsletter for August 2008

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In this Newsletter...
Hotel News
Events News
Registration News
Artshow News
Conbook News
Flickr Group

Morphicon September 2008 Newsletter

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Morphicon 6: "Inner City Critters" May 15-17, 2009
Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington, OH
Honoring: Joey Poey

In this issue:
Morphicon Freefall Picnic
New Chair
GOH Selection and 2009 Theme
Morphicon Staff Recruitment Drive!

Site Update: ANTHRO #19 is online!

Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote) -- the zine proper -- The ANTHRO Mall -- ANTHRO Press: We got books!* -- Graphic Descriptions: We got posters and t-shirts, too!

Quentin 'Cubist' Long here with a special announcement: ANTHRO #19 is online! Okay, this maybe isn’t all *that* special, what with the fact that it’s happened 18 times before... but considering how many other magazines have failed within their first year, it says something that ANTHRO has lasted *three* years plus change!
As per usual, I recommend that if you like ANTHRO, you should support it -- purchase ANTHRO art at [ href="* ], or buy some of the great anthropomorphic books listed at [ ], or even donate or subscribe [ ].

Furry Fiesta September Newsletter

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Furry Fiesta
February 20 - 22, 2009
Dallas, Texas

1. General Info
2. Registration
3. Guests of Honor
4. Hotel Info
5. Dealer's Room News
6. Con Book

Upcoming furry comics for November (Previews only)

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Even less furry than August, but there are a few things, like Pirat Tales.

New Anthro Book Out - 'Silver Foxes'

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A new anthro book is available now.

New ANTHRO collection on sale!

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Quentin Long here with the latest news about his furzine, ANTHRO: The 7th thru 12th issues -- ANTHRO's second year of existence -- is now available in paperback form. In other words, ANTHROlogy TWO is on sale! Buy this book, and more than 630 pages of furry ANTHRO goodness can be yours to read at any time of day or night, regardless of the state of your internet connection. And what's actually in those 630-odd pages? Glad you asked!

FC2009 September Newsletter

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1.  Pre-Registration Deadline: December 30th, 2008
2.  Furry Market Place
3.  Call for Operations Staff
4.  Fursuit Badge Submission
5.  Travel Assistance Program
6.  The Program Book Still Needs Your Submissions!
7.  Convention Book Art and Story Contest
8.  Spirituality at Further Confusion
9.  Announcing Furry Night Live 2009!
10. Final Call for Further Confusion DJs for the main dances
11. Next Staff Meeting

Feds: Bush Can't Override Gray Wolf Protection

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A federal court has overturned the Bush administration's attempt to circumvent the Endangered Species Act by selectively removing protection for gray wolves in three states of the upper Midwest.

You can read more about the ruling here.