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Help Sought for 2001 Furry Reading list

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This is a spinoff of the ConFurence's new annual Anthropomorphic Awards. I am trying to compile a database of the Furry novels, short stories, fanzines, movies, art, etc. published and released during 2001 that are good enough to be worth nominating for the final ballot at the end of 2001. I am sure that I have not discovered or had time to read and watch everything that is good enough to qualify. I will send my list so far to anyone who wants to compare notes. Recommendations from others are solicited; it would be nice if this database can be built into a general Recommended Reading/Viewing List of all the best Furry fiction and art of 2001. Contact me at: fredpatten[AT]earthlink[DOT]net.As a sample, here are the short stories I have read so far this year that I consider good enough to qualify for the final ballot:

    Best Anthropomorphic Short Story
  • Green, David. "A Matter of Perspective", in Fur Visions #19, January 2001.
  • Hayden, Jim. "Niner-Thirteen", in Yarf! #61, January 2001.
  • Hoagland, Brock. The five individual stories in his Tales of Perissa (United Publications, July 2001).
  • Kieffer, Bill. "The Good Sport", on the Metamor Keep website, uploaded March 29, 2001. ( But posted on Kieffer's own website during mid-2000! Ineligible?)
  • Loewen, C. Alan. "Coventry House", in Pawprints Fanzine #12, Fall 2001.
  • Mellon, Mark. "The Brave Little Cockroach", in Anthrolations #3, January 2001.
  • Reid, Richard. "New World Awaiting: Claw and Shield", on Reid's Corwinda website, posted July 23, 2001. (
  • Ruskin, Elan. "Moon Goddess", in Pawprints Fanzine #12, Fall 2001.
  • Wanderer. "Much Obliged", in Fang, Claw, & Steel #10, Winter 2001.


Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

Wow... you know what's funny? No one told me I was on the list until Feburary 2002... and now I see that I've been on the list since August! :-)

What's really funny is I can't get anyone to tell me who won short story *sob* I know, all my friends are probably all zonked out from the dead dog party or something. I'm sure I'll found out tomorrow. Or the next day.

Well, if I've won, I'd like to thank all the little fuzzies... :-)

I am large grey draft horse. Currently, I am attempting to raise funds due to a death in my family.

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