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Goodbye 2011… Hello Awards Season!

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As we wish you all a happy, healthy, and creative New Year in 2012, it’s time to start thinking about what we’re going to award from 2011! Besides the Oscars and the Annie Awards (which many of us follow closely), for Furry Fandom it’s time to start thinking about the annual Ursa Major Awards, the anthro-fan’s answer to the Hugo Awards ™ from science fiction fandom. Nominations for 2011 are open to any and all, and they open on January 12th. If you visit the Ursa Major Awards web site, you’ll find the Recommended Anthropomorphics Reading and Viewing List for you to peruse, listing some of the many interesting items of anthropomorphic interest that came about in 2011.  Like what?  Well… movies like Rango, Rio, Puss in Boots, and Kung Fu Panda 2… TV series like Thundercats, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic… books and stories by authors like Kyell Gold, Alflor Aalto, MCA Hogarth, and Paul Kidd…  plus comics, games, artwork, and a brand new category for Best Anthropomorphic Web Site. All this and much much  more! But remember: An item does NOT need to be on the Recommended List for  you and your friends to nominate it for an Ursa Major Award. It just needs to be Furry! [Check the web site for how the Ursa Majors define that!] After the the nominations are tabulated, the voting will begin this spring — followed by the Ursa Major Awards presentation at CaliFur in Southern California this June.  Remember, last year more than 1,000 fans world wide took part in the voting.  Help to make that number even bigger in 2012!

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The Ursas have grown - I recall numbers in the low hundreds being thrown around previously. Let's hope their rise in popularity continues.

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Last year's voting total was more than just "over 1,000"; it was 1,372. Yes, the total was in the low hundreds for the first few years. That was the result of the misapprehension at first that only attendees of the ConFurences were eligible to vote, and lack of publicity. This is why each Furry convention is now invited to have a representative on the Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Ass'n's administrative committee, and to publicize the Awards at its convention. (Unfortunately, some conventions have ignored our invitations.) We hope that the number of voters will continue to grow -- and that the number of fans who watch the Furry films, read the fiction and comic strips and magazines, etc., instead of "just wearing Fursuits", will also grow.

Fred Patten

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