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Newsbytes archive for November 2019

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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction (not crossaffliction), BlindWolf8, dronon, earthfurst, GreenReaper, Rakuen Growlithe, and Sonious.

BlindWolf8: New competition series: Man vs Bear.

GreenReaper: The death of bugs? Research on German forests and grasslands show declines in most insect species - despite protected areas. Intensive agriculture, pesticides and climate change have been blamed.

earthfurst: Last Week Tonight's gay rabbit book, A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, got 2nd place in American Library Association's top-11 list of Most Challenged Books of 2018.

earthfurst: Crowdfunding for Moonlight: A Queer Werewolf Anthology, with comics and short stories by 21 LGBT creators, has reached its goal of $11k CAD with 10 days to go (ends November 12), so now you can pledge and not worry if the project won't reach its goal.

Sonious: Nova covers how wolves are more likely to be selfless to their fellow wolves than domesticated dogs will to their own.

GreenReaper: Rare Australian alpine dingo pup "comes from the heavens" into a Victorian backyard after a suspected escape from a bird of prey.

2cross2affliction: Was anybody excited about the live action, straight to streaming Lady and the Tramp remake? No? Well, here's a Variety review, anyway.

2cross2affliction: Sweet little fan animation featuring Star Fox's Krystal, "Ace Pilot Krystal".

dronon: Red wolf hybrids found in Texas.

GreenReaper: The lion who came to kick-off.

2cross2affliction: New Sonic the Hedgehog trailer with new design has dropped. You can compare the old trailer here.

2cross2affliction: While we're here, the trailer for Scoob!, the animated Scooby Doo ... reboot (?) dropped yesterday.

dronon: A computer game in early development: Curse of the Sea Rats.

Rakuen Growlithe: Narwhal, a rescue puppy who was found in Jackson in the United States, is unique in that he has a tail growing out of his forehead.

dronon: Furry artist SixthLeafClover on stage at BlizzCon 2019's cosplay Community Night (Large Fabrication category), as Alexstrasza the Dragon Queen.

GreenReaper: World's smallest ungulate, the silver-backed chevrotain, captured on camera after decades of uncertainty over its continued existence.

GreenReaper: "I want to know where it is because I want to kill it" - why the location of Michigan's tri-antlered deer must remain a secret.

GreenReaper: UK "full-time dragon scientist" proposes a permanent Pokémon Center in London's Leicester Square via the Metro's reader column, having attended in partial a fortnight ago. [G.G. EuDraco/@QuarksLepton]

Sonious: First annual Furry Film Festival is live now. [YouTube copy]

dronon: Chinese animated series: The Great Warrior Wall [tip: Saberspark]

dronon: The game Blacksad: Under the Skin has been released.

dronon: There's a new animal bravery medal.

GreenReaper: Time is running out to "save" thousands of sheep from a cargo ship capsized off the coast of Romania - although their fate in their destination of Saudi Arabia probably wouldn't be much better.

GreenReaper: Albino squirrel lover filmed feeding her nuts to beautiful white boy seeks eager student as research partner.

GreenReaper: The Daily Dot covers the ups, downs, ins and outs of furry-born dildo manufacturer Bad Dragon, concluding that "[sacrificing] the community’s best interests" is inherent to queer capitalism.

dronon: Trailer for The Fandom documentary!

Sonious: The Dorsai Irregulars have announced that they will not be running security for Anthrocon 2020.



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Since I made myself the world's first furry with an anthropomorphic Mandela effect for a fursona, I just thought of the world's only "furry Mandela effect"; so, who here remembers The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride getting a theatrical release? For the record, it didn't, it was straight to video, and I never remembered actually watching it in theaters; however, I thought I remembered it being advertised as an actual theatrical release. To be clear, I was just wrong; I'm not a believer in Mandela effects, if the tone of the Mandela effect article was clue enough.

However, I don't think I'm the only one; I remember a strip from Badly Drawn Kitties where the two main characters do watch The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride in a theater. However, I'm too lazy to crawl through that strip's archives (and there's a universe that has had it's history rewritten multiple times), so I might be mis-remembering that, too (it's quite possible they were on a couch or something; I do remember the strip in question featured a flashback to them watching the original Lion King, and I may be conflating the flashback with the present day panels in my memory).

Anyway, the Mandela effect thing is the sort of thing that fascinates me, even if I'm not a believer, so I'm curious if anyone else shares my delusion, or if I'm really just that delusional.

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When I think about direct-to-VHS Disney sequels, TLK 2 is the movie I think of first.

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It was one of the first, but maybe that's a future poll idea:

Which are worse: Disney-direct-to-VHS or Disney-live-action-remakes?

(I'd personally say the live action remakes are better, but only in a "well, they at least threw some money at them" kind of way; also The Jungle Book was good.)

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To melt your brain a little bit, at one point some theaters did screen TLK and TLK2 in a double feature. These were more indie theaters though. This is because the movie WAS released theatrically in Europe.

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