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Newsbytes archive for March 2021

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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, dronon, earthfurst, GreenReaper, and Rakuen Growlithe.

GreenReaper: Photos from Stefan Christmann show the ways penguins young and old keep warm, on a continent hosting the coldest, windiest place on Earth.

GreenReaper: Can't stop the bop: Pabu the red panda shows off his moves.

2cross2affliction: Soul and Wolfwalkers each gain 10 nominations at the Annie Awards. However, they will not be competing against each other for Best Feature, as Wolfwalkers will be competing in the Independent Feature category.

GreenReaper: What's better than taming a pet wolf in Valheim? Setting up a forced-breeding apparatus to create a pack of fifty wolves, then using it to slay a nightmare.

2cross2affliction: New details about Space Jam: A New Legacy have emerged ... which mostly just caused Lola Bunny to trend on Twitter.

GreenReaper: "Their value has soared" - 'Wilodge Poshspice' sold for £262,000 [$360,000 USD]; double any prior Limousin cow, and £115,000 [$160,000 USD] more than any bull, on the back of IVF methods making extraction, storage and sale of cattle embryos routine.

GreenReaper: With Major in the White House doghouse, why not bring in another raccoon - or opossum?

dronon: Have you hugged a cow today?

Rakuen Growlithe: Australian artist, Josh Dykgraaf, shows the similarities in nature with his animal recreations using petals and leaves.

2cross2affliction: After a Chinese re-release, (sorta-furry) Avatar takes the crown of highest-grossing movie of all time back from (kinda-furry) Avengers: Endgame. Either way, Zoe Saldana wins.

GreenReaper: The National Review has stepped into the debate on Pepé Le Pew, comparing his fall from grace and cut scenes in Space Jam 2 to the re-education of Cookie Monster and the various recently-withdrawn works of Dr. Seuss.

earthfurst: The series finale (90 minutes long) of the 2017 reboot of DuckTales will be released on Monday, March 15th on Disney XD. Some of us were hoping for more seasons.

2cross2affliction: Pixar finally joins the two nominee club (after Dreamworks and Disney) in Best Animated Feature at the Oscars with Onward and Soul. Wolfwalkers, Over the Moon and Shaun the Sheep also nominated!

GreenReaper: "A Kitsune Played A Trick On Me" has a regrettable lack of tails, because as MAPLE's Kris Watts explains, it's actually about "feelings on growing up, and whether she made the right choices or not". So, not foxes.

GreenReaper: Good news for bear fans of a certain age: there's plans to bring back SuperTed - perhaps after toning down the stereotypically flamboyant skeleton. No word on whether Prince Harry brought his teddy to the USA to help pitch to the streaming giants.

GreenReaper: UK "extremely likely" to lift gene editing ban on agriculture, joining Australia, Japan, Argentina, the US and Brazil, with one scientist proposing "gluten-free wheat, oilseeds with heart-healthy fats, [and] disease-resistant sugar beet".

Rakuen Growlithe: Czech chimpanzees keep in contact via Zoom to compensate for a lack of zoo visitors.

GreenReaper: ABC News has a feature on furries, as Furry Down Under prepares to run a COVID-secure con in Queensland's Gold Coast on May 5-7, 2021.

GreenReaper: The walrus who went to Wales.

dronon: New game out! Inspector Waffles.

GreenReaper: What do bunnies do when they can't hop? Handstands, naturally.

GreenReaper: Recently added to our stream/podcast sidebar: What's The Fuzz?!, which "features BIPOC furries and discusses their lives inside and outside of the fandom", and long-running anthropomorphics video channel @CulturallyFd.

GreenReaper: "Chasing bees across a minefield is not a great idea" - how scientists from Bosnia and Croatia hope to combine insects, drones and computer algorithms to aid demining efforts in the Balkans.

2cross2affliction: King Ghidorah. Destoroyah. Bambi. He's fought them all, but today Godzilla faces his greatest foe. No, it's not King Kong.

GreenReaper: Don't be an April fool - get your vote in today before the Ursa Major Awards close!



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