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Digging Up Positivity - March 2022

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Hello and welcome to the March edition of Digging Up Positivity. Where one global challenge is slowly nearing its end, another is waiting in its place to take over. But together we stand strong, and remember, in darkness even the smallest ray of light shines the brightest. And with that, I would like to mention that some of this episodes causes are about the Ukraine situation, including this months’ featurette: Blajn.

This months’ episode is packed with so many amazing charities, and even more. It is good to see that there is still plenty of force for good in the world. And with that, let's go on with listing them all!


This month was marked with that dreadful situation in Ukraine, and the furry fandom has quite a presence there. There was even a fur con: WUFF, and several regulars from my home-con, Eurofurence, are from that region. There were many donations from within the fandom, but in between all of those, #ArtForUA stood out! And Blajn, who started this amazing initiative will be telling more at the end of the video. But this ongoing initiative already raised $24,000 and it keeps on going strong!

Skai Wolf donates stuff for Ukraine

Now with this horrible situation going on, not just money is welcome, but so many other items, and Skai knew that all too well. He checked what he could miss, and donated it to a local drop off point that would make sure it would get to the right people. Simple things like toiletry, first aid stuffs, and all the other things that are easily overlooked yet so direly needed.

Riff Music Pony

Riff Music Pony will be donating the proceedings of his band camp sales to Ukraine cause during this entire month. As we can see, every pony can make a difference. Plus! He makes some real kicking tunes!


And in Arlington, USA we had the wonderful critters from FurTheMore raising over $5,600 for Casa Ruby. A bilingual and multicultural organization in the Washington DC area, helping the most vulnerable in the city and surrounding areas!

Blue Ridge Furfare

Blue Ridge Furfare was busy too! 883 critters banded together and raised $4,610 for Ashville Cat Weirdo’s. Once a Facebook group for funny cat pictures, they became a full fledged charity operating as an emergency fund for cat owners that find themselves in financial trouble, unable to take care of their feline companions.


At the other end of the world, down under, we had FurOutWest, raising $7,867.13 cents for the Darling Range Wildlife center, a not-for-profit volunteer organization that treats, cares for, and rehabilitates Australian native wildlife.

Gateway Furmeet

Back to the conventions in the US, we had Gateway Furmeet, where 348 noses touched our hearts by raising over $5,000 for Gateway Pet Guardians, an organization dedicated to help those who find themselves in dire straits, unable to take care of their beloved pets, making sure as many as possible have access to needed facilities to fuzzy friends.

Texas Furry Fiesta

In Texas we had Texas Furry Fiesta, for many one of the biggest happenings in the US to look forward to, where 5,494 critters joined forces to raise $40,420.69 to CARE. A charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and holistic nurturing of sick, injured, and abused exotic animals.

Meerkats for Ukraine

Back in The Netherlands, I myself was raising money on Twitch and beyond for our friends in Ukraine, raising $300 in the process. And the people got nice art, and an evening of chilling with doodles! Win-win, don’t you say?

Bats for Ukraine

And close by we had Karpour, that awesome kangaroo did the same! But even as a crazy batty. He managed to raise $664.23 for the Ukraine cause.

Furnal Equinox

And in Canada, we had Frugal Equinox, raising $337.45 for the Hobbitsee Wildlife Refuge, who is dedicated to helping outdoor animals.

A very awesome 70th birthday

Furtuber Hund The Hound’s mother recently celebrated her 70th birthday, which of course is a huge occasion. And Hund wanted to give a wholesome present to match! He had several friends wish her an amazing birthday on a big collaboration video. And he later published a response video too, and it is just wholesome to watch. In the end tears of joy were flowing, she is one proud mom and with good reason!

Sloth on the line

Go Adventure Arenal Park, located in Costa Rica has a zipline that runs through a local section of the rainforest. Every time, the line is being checked if all is cleared, but for some reason, 30 minutes can be enough for a wild sloth to appear on the line! And it was super effective in stopping the kid. Could take a punch too! Fortunately both the sloth and the kid were unharmed, they had to wait a little though as the sloth refused to move. Then again, it is a sloth. What did you expect?

In Singapore otters have right of way!

But in other parts of the world, otters claim their right of way as well, even through official means! In Signapore, the presidential office guards briefly closed an entire road to let 16 otters cross over. Lucky they are not cats, because then the roads would never open again! I mean, we all know them with doors....want in... want out... in, out, in, out. Ehhh...

Going bananas with Elden Ring

Now, I have seen people play Elden Ring, I think it looks awesome but this game is not for me. I am a meerkat who is short on time, so I only play a few games that I can sink some serious hours in. But it is always fun to see people play the game differently. And the YouTube SuperLouis64 managed to beat bosses in this already very difficult game with a controller...wait for it....made out of banana’s.

Okay, I had NO idea this could be a thing, but he did this before. And I think it is hilarious to see. Do check out his channel, he also uses controllers not made for that game, like a Ring Fit controller for Dark Souls, or Call of Duty with Donkey Kong bongo’s. Meerkat respect to you! *salutes*

It's really impressive.

Puss in Boots: The last wish

For the longest of times, most 3D animated movies kind of got stuck into a few main styles. Fortunately these days more and more big animated features are slowly venturing off the beaten path, both in looks, feel and story. Puss in Boots is trying this very thing. Not entirely succeeding, but enough to catch someone's attention.

In terms of story, Puss only has one life left, and he will have to make it count. The animation and pacing seems on par, but the style and coloring looks a bit all over the place. But I am definitely going to check it out. The series has proven to have a competent team behind it who could even work with a lower budget, and from there— that Sphinx definitely stole my heart.

Ask Papa Bear Lifetime Achievement award

We already had the yearly Ask Papabear awards, but in addition, they have announced a lifetime achievement award! This time not chosen by the furry fandom at large, but by a select committee of three veterans of the fandom! Now the requirements are not to be taken lightly. Contestants need to have been in the fandom for 25 years or longer and made some significant contributions that made a real historic impact on the fandom as a whole. The 2022 winner will be announced at the Biggest Little Furcon in Reno, USA. And of course, I will happily report about it, and I'm curious who it will be!

Blajn Featurette

[Video Interview]


And with that we have reached the end of this months’ video. Thank you for staying around 'til the very end, your viewership is much appreciated. If you want to support the show, you can always check out my Artwork Tee store linked in the description, or check out my Twitch channel! Most of the times, I will be there weekly, drawing all sorts of stuff with chill music, or assembling some Lego packages.

However, if you feel really generous, you can always subscribe to my Twitch, Subscribestar or Patreon like these amazing people: Cosmik with a K, Els Deckers, Falconeo, Hanzana, Ishnula, Kitako, Manick, Tantroo McNally, Taross, and Score Chaser.

The next Digging Up Positivity will be on April 30th, and where I did announce last months guest, we were planning all the things and then, at the very last moment.


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Congrats on the new fursuit.

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