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2023 Furry Charity Index

Edited by Sonious
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Welcome to this years’ Furry Charity Index. And first of all, I would like to thank everybody who has been submitting charities, without your help we could not make this video! We will start with a little breakdown of the numbers first, with some examples from every category, then we will vibe with some chill music while we go through all the charities, and boy, are there a lot of them! And in the end we will give out the final numbers and of course, the grand total compared to the previous years.

Normally I try to put all my sources in the description below, but for this video, there are so many, I have linked a google sheet where you can check out the sources. And all the amounts have been converted into US dollars. So...let’s get started!

Charity type breakdown

This year, I have kept a list with the breakdown of all the numbers. And the first category covers all the charities that benefits the LGBTQ community in one way or another. After all, a significant proportion of the furry fandom is part of this colorful community which reflects in the numbers! Globally 10.5 percent of all charities went to LGBTQ friendly causes like The Trevor Project, Trans Life Line, or the Florida Equality Institute.

But furries around the world also worked hard to raise money for various other human interests. From smaller causes like Meals On Wheels, to the Maui Wildfire Relief, Give Kids The World, and of course, one of the major charities many furries raise money for: ALS, keeping Dogbomb’s spirit alive. All this responsible for 21.62 percent of the total amount raised worldwide.

However, it is no secret, most of the money raised goes to causes related to animal welfare, with the backing of the biggest conventions in the world like Midwest Furfest in the lead. We are talking about $178,605.38 dollars raised for ‘The Live Like Roo’ foundation. But don’t forget Furry Weekend Atlanta, who broke the magical $100,000 dollars as well with their support for Animal Park at the Convention Center, putting the animal welfare category firmly in the lead with almost 68 percent of the total raised worldwide.

But first, let us chill out with some lovely music and all the numbers we could find!


Restored trend toward positivity

Thank you for staying with us till the very end of this lovely list! Now it is time for the total! But how will it reflect against previous years?The first attempt to make a complete charity index, was in 2019, where the grand total was $1,109,974.51. Where 2020 was a very rocky year, with the plague roaming the world, but despite the many cancellations of events, the furry fandom came together in virtual spaces, supporting each other and more, raising $500,657.87 despite everything!

In 2021 we saw events slowly coming back, and this reflected in a worldwide amount of $727,748.23! A significant improvement, but still...not pre-plague levels. But the line kept on going up, because in 2022 we all raised $1,180,320.69 breaking the record of 2019! As for this year, events exploded in popularity, pushing the numbers up, volunteers working overtime, and furries donated more than before with a grand total of... $1,499,725.43 raised world wide. Hearing this number really just...warms my heart, and I am sure there are more charities world wide that are waiting to be discovered, to be covered, and if you know of them!

Please do use the contact form below and I would LOVE to cover them in the monthly Digging Up Positivity video every last Saturday of the month. Before I move on to the people that I would like to send special thanks, a moment for our sponsor: ArtworkTee. They graciously provided Thabo T-shirts and Paws that I will give away amongst the people that are commenting on this video. I will announce the lucky winners in the January edition of Digging Up Positivity, so do comment before then!


I would like to give special thanks to everybody who submitted their charities, and my team: Mieno Badger, Score Chaser, Tani the lynx, and of course Pawsry and the Global Furry TV team together with Silver Pearce. But lets not forget supporters of this channel. Without you all, it would be a lot more difficult to make content. You all make it worth it! Youtube Channel Member:- Longtooth, Patreon Members:- Tantroo McNally- Ishnula- Els Deckers, Subscribe Star Members:- Manicknux- Cosmik with a K- Taross- Hanzana- Score Chaser, Twitch Subscribers:- AjabuYeen- FalcoNeio- Jake_R_G- Swex The Mischievous Fox - AuraPuffs- Drohan Star Bear- Duwahli- JansDeTrekGans- MarcelCoppersan- Ishnula But of course, we will return in 2024 with a fresh season of Digging Up Positivity, and I try to stream every Monday on twitch.

Seriously, you all are awesome, and I wish you all a fun filled year, lots of love, happiness and luck. Love you all, and all the hugs!


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