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September 2004

Southern Tales: Furry Weekend Atlanta August Newsletter

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The official newsletter of Furry Weekend Atlanta (February 11-13, 2005)
August 2004

In this issue...
1. Furry Weekend Atlanta Art Contest - win free admission!
2. Art Show Announcement
3. Dealers Den Update
4. Hotel Update
5. Programming Spotlight: 2 The Ranting Gryphon
6. Programming Spotlight: First Convention Panel
7. Volunteers Wanted!
8. FWA At Mephit Furmeet

Furtopia Art and Poerty Contests!

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There is still time to enter the Furtopia Art and Poetry contests which ends (9-7-04)! A link to the winning entries will be posted on the Furtopia main page! You can find information and submit entries here: & .

For information contact (

Furtopia Arts for Kids Community Project!

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Furtopia is proud to sponsor needy children with the help of Furry artists and fursuiters in our "Furtopia Arts for Kids Community Project". The goal of this project is to gather experienced furry artists and talented fursuiters (up to 12 total) to entertain sick children at the local Children's Hospital in Dayton, Ohio (Oct 20th). Housing and modest meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) will be provided to artists/fursuiters who wish to travel and help brighten the day of a needy child. If you think
you would like to help with this project contact WhiteShepherd at .

NOTE: We are also accepting donations of art (reviewed first and must be POSITIVE G-rated art, humor recommended) for donation to the hospital for hanging in the children's rooms. If you have some art piece(s) you are considering donating please email a preview of the art you wish to send to and we will inform you if we can use your art. Wish us luck on this important Furtopia charity project! will be the future website of this project (Due up Sep 3rd).


Conifur NW 2004 Is Nearly Here

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Remember that Conifur NW 2004 is September 24, 25, and 26 this year at the Tacoma Sheraton in Tacoma, WA. The pre-registration deadline is Friday, September 10, so make sure to register yourself if you have not already!

Click Read More for more information, links, and reminders.

Upcoming Comics for November 2004

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Doodles sent in his upcoming comics list a while ago, and here it is! "The holiday season is coming, and that means the usual flood of Yule-themed titles from the publishers will be hitting the stands. In addition, there will be tons of expensive trade paperbacks and collections coming out to pop up under the tree or get purchased by that $20 Grandma gave you."

Tiger spotted on Louisiana Army base

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FORT POLK, Louisiana -- A Bengal tiger on the loose in the thick brush surrounding an Army base is winning a game of hide and seek. About 40 soldiers and sheriff's deputies searched the woods in Fort Polk for a second day Wednesday. It was unclear where the animal came from, but it's likely that it was a pet that escaped or was set free, said Leslie Whitt, director of the Alexandria Zoo, who assisted in the search. Several witnesses said the animal was wearing a collar.

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Feral! 2005 - Join the Tribe

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Feral!, furry fandom's premier summer camp, is returning to Camp Arowhon after a successful year in 2004! Entering its 8th year, Feral! is excited to announce the dates for next year: August 27th to 31st. Also, the first Guest of Honour has been announced, and it will be 2, The Ranting Gryphon!

Upcoming Comics for November 2004

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No, not a repost of the previous story--an update! Treesong sent in the following additions to Doodles list: click on Read More to see them.

Midwest FurFest September Newsletter

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Why hello out there fellow travelers! Now that Mephit FurMeet is over with, we thought we would like to remind you that Midwest FurFest is now only a little over two months away. We are getting the hot air balloon* ready for our trip and we are hoping you will be able to join us for a wonderful time November 19th-21st, 2004!

This is our fifth year and are hoping to see our old friends along with many new faces, so we are working hard to make this a wonderful convention for everyone out there. So why not register and let us show you how to go 'Around the World in 80 Days.'

Califur Newsletter - Summer 2004

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Well, Califur.1 is Pleased to Announce our Theme, "The Islands" and we
are also pleased to introduce you to our new Mascots, Jonas and Sierra,
drawn by the wonderful A. Husky, who also does the Webcomic "Fur-piled"

I am also Pleased to Announce our Artist Guest of Honor, Brian Wear, who helped us out Greatly, with our Art Needs for Last Years Con.

And For those who couldn't make it to Califur, or who missed out on the
Pictures, we also have a Gallery on-line, everyone feel free to take a

Keep your Eyes and Ears peeled for an announcement from us, within the next month we will be announcing our New Venue, and opening our Registration System up

Robert Johnson
Chairman Califur.1

New Furtopia "Lister" Service Online!

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Looking for a fast and convient way to gallery your furry art? For furry Artists who would like an EASY to use gallery and still have the option to add a web page when they are ready, Furtopia web accounts now have a EASY built-in art gallery option with their free web sites for furry artists (art, writing, & music).

With our new listing feature any Furtopia/Dragaoncity web directories that do not have a web page will be listed with thumbnails of all images/artwork in an easy to view gallery format (instead of a plain listing of files). See: for an example. Descriptions to thumbnails are easily added. Just sort your art in folders you name and upload. That's all there is to it. :)

Furtopia's useful web hosting features (PHP, Perl, MYSQL, CGI, SSI, and more) all remain in full service so you can add/upgrade to a full web site at any time. In fact, if you like the "look" and ease of the Furtopia Web Lister, you can use it by linking from your created web pages as a quick way to add your art.

Feel free to let us know what you think of this new program and any services you may find useful (email and our busy furry forums). Our lister service is newly finished and more features will be comming soon! If you know an Artist who would like to display their furry art but has no web experience feel free to recommend a Furtopia/Dragoncity account. It's EXTREMELY easy to use and the account can be used for a personal art web page whenever the artist is ready!

Furtopia also has a friendly staff for answering the questions of newbies and veterans alike (see forums).

WhiteShepherd & Kada-Ru Furtopia staff

Jailhouse Pussies

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It sounds like a rude film of the type that made Betamax popular, doesn't it? Actually, this is Flahrah, so you get a story about cats.

Inmates in Indiana prisons have started adopting felines who have wandered into the prison yard. There has been some speculation about how the cats have gotten into the jails, but so far the prison officials are permitting about 29 inmates to keep cats. Reportedly, it calms in the inmates. Another news site reported some skirmishes over the felines, but it sounds like so far they're doing more harm than good.