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December 2004

Anthrocon Hotel Closing...

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Sam Conway on the anthrocon website notified members that the Adams Mark hotel In Philadelphia will be closing within 60 days. Anthrocon staff members are currently looking into options for alternative hotel sites in Philadelphia for Anthrocon 2005.

Morphicon December Holiday Newsletter!

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Morphicon 2005 "Growing Pains": May 6-8, 2005
Radisson Columbus-Worthington, OH

Notice: Morphicon is coming up earlier this year than last, so register now; the deadline for early registration (and for the free Patron Membership contest) is March 1st, 2004, less than 12 weeks away!

In this issue:

* Morphicon 2005 Deadlines Set
* Sponsors and Patrons Get More!
* Looking to Get Involved at the Con?

(read on for more...)


Dog Owners Take Note - Grapes Toxic

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I found the following article by the ASPCA this weekend stating that there is increasing evidence that grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs. Of 140 cases of ingestion noted during a one year span from April '03 to April '04, 50 dogs developed complications ranging from vomiting to kidney failure. Seven dogs died.

As the specifics of the toxicity are not yet known, they cannot say whether the ill effects are only seen following a volume dose. There may be a cumulative component in reaching an individual dog's level of tolerance for whatever the toxin is.

The full article is here:

Apparently there are even still a lot of vets who do not know about this potential toxicity, so spread the word to anyone you know who has a dog. I know I've given grapes and raisins to Rio at times in the past...

Upcoming Furry Comics for February 2005

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Doodles sends in this month's listing from Previews. Click below!

Hotel selected for Anthrocon 2005.

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Anthrocon has a contract with the Wyndham Franklin Plaza in downtown Philadelphia for the same weekend, July 7-10, 2005.

Wyrmkeep Entertainment News for Dec. 2004

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Wyrmkeep Entertainment is offering free shipping on all our products during the holidays. This includes Inherit the Earth: Quest for Orb (for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux), the Inherit the Earth Adventurers Guide (the hint book), and newly released The Labyrinth of Time (not furry). Cafepress merchandise is excluded.

New Fur Forum Launching!

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Twosune Forums is now open for business! The forum allows furs to talk about art, games, and general news, as well as acting as a virtual flea market for furs.

Besides allowing artists to sell non-auction items and services, artists can also ask and be asked for commissions, as well as discuss art itself, such as drawing and writing techniques, as well as participate in ongoing contests! Come by and try us out!

Happy Holidays!

Further Confusion 2005 - January Newsletter

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In this issue:

1. Travel Assistance
2. Pre-Registration cut-off date
3. Our hotel is full!
4. Dealers Room hours and list of merchants
5. Art show hours and list of exhibitors
6. Other opening hours of note
7. Furly Edition #0 Deadline
8. Fursuit Badges
9. Single Day Registration costs
10. Sign-up Only Events

Upcoming Furry Comics for March, 2005

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Get yer comics here! From Doodles: "It may be colder than hell for us right now, but as far as Diamond is concerned, Spring is here!"

Online payments at C-ACE!

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Hello everyone!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that C-ACE finally has ONLINE REGISTRATION! You can now fill out the forms online and get your pre-registration, sponsorship, dealer table, art show panel and even past years' t-shirts paid with PayPal!

Of course, we still accept payments through regular mail with cheques, through printed text or pdf forms, like usual.

Remember that you can still save if you register before February 5, 2005 at the low rate of Cdn$30 for the whole weekend! You can also show your support by buying a Sponsorship at $80 and above, which gives you a free t-shirt,a free print by our Artist guest and a free lunch Saturday with our Guests of Honours - as well as our many thanks!

Don't forget about reserving your hotel room too! Just call the Best Western Victoria Park Suites at (613) 567-7275 or toll-free in North America at 1-800-465-7275, and mention Group Reservation #153544 to get our special rate of $109 for semi-suite and $119 for a Queen suite, all with kitchenettes included!

We hope to see many of you next June!

Niall MacConaill
Chair, C-ACE 2005