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January 2006

ANTHRO #3 is online!

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here, bringing you glad tidings with which to start the new year off right: ANTHRO #3 is online! The first thing you'll see is the cover by Opal Weasel -- and a fine cover it is, too, depicting a sophisticated wolf-about-town.

Woman Weds Dolphin

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Till depth do us part?

"An unusual wedding ceremony was held in the southern resort town of Eilat on Wednesday, as Sharon Tendler, a 41-years-old Jewish millionaire from London married her beloved Cindy, a 35-years-old dolphin, Israel's leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported Thursday."

A message from Rustybat

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Hello!.....Here I'm known as 'Rustybat'....I am the creator,artist and writer of FURRLOUGH's "ACE AND QUEENIE" series....I would very much like to hear from any furry fans who have read A&Q about how they are enjoying my series....what do you like or don't like about it? Please feel free to reply to this post! Thank you!

Mouse Burns Down House

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"A Fort Sumner, New Mexico, man says he caught a mouse inside his house and wanted to get rid of it. He had a pile of leaves burning outside, so he threw the mouse on it. The mouse caught fire and ran back into the house.

Eighty-one-year-old Luciano Mares talked about the event Saturday afternoon from a motel room. The blaze the mouse started destroyed the home and everything inside it." (AP)

Call for support on the art book.

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Some folks know I've been working on a book for SFA that is a manual of how to draw furry art for beginners who want to learn but don't know where or how to start.

The pre-orders came in from Diamond distributors, and they were not enough to pay for the printing.

I've been given an option however.
If I can cover the balance of the printing costs, SFA will still do the book and cover the associated costs.
Thats about $800 I need.

Furry Weekend Atlanta Newsletter

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The Official Newsletter of Furry Weekend Atlanta
January 2006

In this issue...
1. Important Hotel Information!
2. List of Dealers
3. Programming Spotlight: The Artful Art of Con Artist Artistry
4. Programming Spotlight: Comic De-Suckification
5. Programming Spotlight: Webcomics
6. Volunteers

Conifur Northwest 2005 Photoshoot pictures are now online

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After taking far too long to process and post them, I've finally gotten the pictures from the ConiFur Northwest 2005 Photoshoot finished.

You can find them here:

Sorry for the delay!

Comments or questions about the photoshoot are always welcome. You can reach me at .

RCFM 4: "The Fourth Dimension" Newsletter 4.2.4

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(This newsletter is also in a .txt file at URL. --> )

Newsletter 4.2.4

Rocket City Fur Meet - The Fourth Dimension!
May 26 -28, 2006, Huntsville, AL

We have seen the recent Midwest Fur Fest, and it was good! We hope everyone enjoyed one of our favorite furry events. RCFM was there and hosted a room party. We didn't sell a lot of memberships but we all had a great room party once again.

If you missed MFF maybe you were able to join the first furry cruise that headed out of Florida for 4 nights to hit the high seas! The fursuiters were a big hit on the ship and it looks like the Furry Cruise may become a yearly event in December.

On the horizon, Further Confusion is coming up in January. What better way to start the New Year than with a furry convention? Especially one that so many of us know and love.

Regardless of your favorite Con or Meet, we sincerely hope that you'll find time this year to come join us for Rocket City FurMeet, "The Fourth Dimension". Convieniently situated on Memorial Day weekend, it's an experience not to be missed!

FC2006 Pre-Con Newsletter

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Their claws drawn out, their wings unfurled, the beasts have come from
around the world.
Out from their dens and lairs and earthen holes to reveal themselves as
heroic souls.

The call to battle is a lion's roar; and soon it is joined by countless more.
Their long fangs bared, ears drawn back, the beasts charge forth to begin
the attack.

No one knows how the battle will end; whose sword shall break, whose claw
shall rend.
But one thing is certain before it is through: all shall fight well,
bravely and true.

And we shall sing of those who were: our heroes of feather, scale and fur.
The sun draws high, the hour is near; at last, Further Confusion is here.

1.  2007 Chair Announced
2.  Royal Rumour
3.  Parking at the Con
4.  Badge Art Contest Winners
5.  Hotel Full!
6.  Convention Schedule Online
7.  FC Weapons Policy
8.  Fursuit Parade Gathering
9.  Furry Market Place
10. Gaming at FC