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September 2007

Wedding bells ring at MFM 2007

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Source: Nihaler

Love was in the air at Mephit Furmeet 2007 as furries Butterscotch Vixen and Spectra Vixen joined paws in matrimony in a pawfasting ceremony held September 1, 2007 at 2PM, officiated by convention chairman Tyger Cowboy.[1]

The 17-minute long ceremony, written by DaliWolf, was open to their friends; who, in the handfasting tradition, came forward to bless the union by laying cords across the couple's wrists.

Several such ceremonies have taken place at a furry conventions. One of the earliest, in 1994, was the marriage of Jim and Rebekah Groat at ConFurence 5. Anthrocon gets so many requests that it now declines them.[2]

Frazzle first in Fursuit Fracas

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Frazzle with his ray gun at MFF 2006

The Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas, a fursuit competition organized by Exile Huscoon and Rhett Foxcoon, has finished after 88 days of voting.[1]

The winner, Frazzle (created by Frazzle and Rose Quoll) beat fellow finalist Sophie Cabra (Mixed Candy) by 135 votes to 122. The semi-finalists were Takala (Arend Studios) and Lucky Coyote (Don't Hug Cacti).[2]

The contest was organized as a series of one-on-one knockout rounds, with a simple vote deciding who would proceed to the next round. Groups were formed from 16 regions, named after those fursuits entered with the most nominations. Results were calculated on the journal, and reported on WikiFur.[3][4]

UK furry musical has September reading

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After the July reading of the musical Furry Tales in Pittsburgh, UK-based composer Tim Saward is staging a reading of his own musical based on the furry fandom, entitled Yiff!, which has been in development since before October 2006. [1]

The reading will be "a concert reading of 40 minutes worth of excerpts from the show",[2] and will be performed on September 27 and 29 at Goldsmiths College, New Cross, London.

As well as sixteen songs and professional musical theatre performers, the show will feature a series of animations by Australia-based furry fan Kyle Evans.

ANTHRO 13 is online!

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here, welcoming you all to the latest (and, perhaps, *last*) issue of ANTHRO -- lucky Number 13! Why did I mention "last" just now? Because it's true: This issue *could* be ANTHRO's last. Let me get the bad news out of the way right now, and then go on to the *good* news of ANTHRO 13...

Deer Me Hits 200th Comic Strip

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Deer Me, a comic about the humor of routine, everyday life, hit a milestone of 200 comic strips (not including guest strips) on Friday.

How many comics can brag about having 100 times as many comic strips as readers? ;-)

"Spontoon Island" forum begins!

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A public forum for the Spontoon Island setting!

Southern Tails: Furry Weekend Atlanta September Newsletter

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The official newsletter of FUrry Weekend Atlanta

February 15-17, 2008
Sheraton Gateway Hotel
Atlanta, GA, USA

1. Hotel is filling up!
2. Save time later, pre-register now!
3. Meet our Guest of Honor: Tilt Longtail!
4. Art Show now accepting submissions!
5. Snag a table in the Dealers' Den before it sells out!
6. Volunteers needed!
7. The Furry Weekend Atlanta Family

Less than 150 days and counting!

You can help save ANTHRO!

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Quentin Long here with some bad news... and how *you* can help to make that bad news go away.
You'll recall that when I announced the uploading of ANTHRO #13, I mentioned that I was in danger of going homeless, *real* soon. The support this brought was welcome... but it just isn't enough. And here's how bad things are now:

I need USD $500 in the next five days, or I *will* be homeless.

The people who have *already* donated and bought advertisements, they've done their part... but there's only, like, 20 of them. 20... out of a grand total of about *ten* *bleeding* *THOUSAND* people who read and enjoy every issue of ANTHRO.
So here I am again, exhorting furdom-at-large to open your wallets on my behalf, so that *I* can continue to do something which has been a distinct asset to *you*. I'm not exactly enthused to be going all "PBS pledge night" on y'all, but if it works, it works, okay? So here's the deal...

I've reformatted ANTHRO #1 so that it'll fit nicely on a 240-pixel-wide screen -- which means it will work nicely on Palm Pilots or Blackberrys or whatever other PDA you might happen to have. Cross my palm with $2.99 in good USA silver, and it's yours!

News roundup for September 2007

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News headlines from around the fandom!

That Horny Little Chestnut: Sex and the Furry Fandom

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A screenshot from Entourage, which described a furry as "Someone who wants to fuck you like a stuffed animal."

If there is one thing that comes around time and time again within the furry fandom, it is sex. The whole issue of yiff has been one that has surrounded the fandom the longest, and the one that has attracted most media attention. Most media representations show furries as sex mad. Although when you consider that according to last issue's poll that the ninth most popular character in the fandom is a porn star, there may well be some truth to it.

The YouTube Furry War

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'The YouTube Furry War'; the name really says it all. Starting around the end of July this year, said "war" has been raging ever since, with diverse participants on both sides. Many ask why I started to and still do partake in this "war" - the reason is quite simple. If someone - hell, anyone - backs from this then it's somehow a "win" for the other side. And, with my infamy within the trolling ranks (they really hate logic), if I at any point back out then it's going to be a "victory" for the voracious losers.

Still, not all the haters involved are trolls. A troll is someone who hates and dirupts for the hell of it (ala chav - associated with juvenile delinquency, the "ASBO Generation", "Hoodie culture", and "yob culture".) Users such as StarNut45, Amnesty667 and srpuntas show that some haters have genuine reasons for hating furry kind. Coincidentally those three have since removed themselves from the way, StarNut actually giving a full apology. These are the people that furries should do more than just like, these are people who we should respect. They have the decency to actually admit - in front of hundreds - that they're basically wrong.

There are other haters who can teach us lessons however. And here I've is what some of them have taught me personally.


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This quarter's furry outlook!