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June 2012

Best Game at the 2011 Ursa Majors?

8% (1 vote)
Pokemon: Black and White
15% (2 votes)
Solatorobo: Red the Hunter
54% (7 votes)
Sonic Generations
8% (1 vote)
Star Fox 64 3D
15% (2 votes)
Votes: 13

Kazka preps 'Bronies' story anthology for mid-June release

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Kazka Press, best known for their flash fiction, is publishing Bronies: For the Love of Ponies – an anthology of short stories inspired by My Little Pony fandom.

The anthology – which is definitely not for kids – is edited by L. Lambert Lawson, and includes work by several well-known writers, including Kij Johnson's Nebula-winning "Ponies".

Furry fans may be most familiar with Michael H. Payne, writing guest of honor for the first Further Confusion, who won the Ursa Major Award in 2002 for his short story, "Familiars", and was featured in Best in Show. Michael won fame among bronies for his fan novel Half the Day is Night.

Kazka promises to have online pre-ordering for the $13.99+s&h paperback up soon. The e-Book ($9.99) is planned for June 20. Illustrations are by Galen Dara.

Samples:?"The Extinctionists"?-?"Warden of the Valley"?-?"How Bacon Saved the Pony Express"

2011 Ursa Major Award winners announced at Califur VIII

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The winners of the 2011 Ursa Major Awards for the best anthropomorphic literature, artwork and websites published in 2011 were announced June 2 at a ceremony during Califur VIII.

1,782 ballots were cast in this year's voting, an increase of almost 30% on last year.

Only the winners were announced at the ceremony. However, due to a policy change voted upon by the ALAA Committee, the vote order of all nominees is available on the UMA website.

Read on for results. The story includes contributions from Fred Patten.

May 2012 Newsbytes archive

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This month’s contributors include Sonious, Higgs Raccoon, crossaffliction, RingtailedFox, GreenReaper, dronon, earthfurst and Fred.

Bear believed to have eaten, buried BC murderer

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Grizzly Bear Roar

This is becoming unbearable...

A bear has been implicated in the discovery of human remains on a remote logging road in British Columbia. The body has been positively-identified as convicted murderer Rory Nelson Wagner (aged 53, of Kamloops, BC). It is currently unknown what the cause of death was, but the BC Coroner has ruled out suicide.

Hunters first came across the remains after discovering Wagner's abandoned Volkswagen Jetta sedan on the road, and later discovered his buried and partially-consumed body.

French comic 'De Cape et de Crocs' ends with vol. 10 in April

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De Cape et de Crocs: De la Lune à la TerreThe French anthropomorphic bandes dessinees series De Cape et de Crocs (roughly With Capes and Fangs), featuring the exploits of a gentleman fox and wolf adventurers in 17th century Europe and on the Moon, has finally come to an end with Act 10, “De la Lune à la Terre” (“From the Moon to the Earth”), published by Delcourt on April 11, 2012.

The publisher’s summary (translated):

Prince Jean vanquished, the Moon saved, the hour has come for Gentlemen de Villalobos [the Spanish wolf] and Maupertuis [the French fox] to dream of returning. But the ignoble Mendoza has not said his last word, and with love, honor, and friendship still opposing each other, the comedy can still turn to tragedy. Before withdrawing their reverence, our gentlemen-heroes still have terrible coups de théâtre to deliver. Will they arrive safely?

Review: 'Dangerous Jade', by Malcolm "foozzzball" Cross

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Isiah reviews Dangerous Jade, foozzzball's thylacine-filled sexual drama.

Compare: Fred Patten's review of Dangerous Jade

'Cerebus: High Society' to go digital after Kickstarter success

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CerebusCerebus: High Society, part of Canadian comic-book artist Dave Sim's epic comic series Cerebus, is set to be released in an e-book format.

Cerebus ran over December 1977–March 2004. In its 6,000 pages, the series chronicled the adventures of an anthropomorphic aardvark. Initially a parody of sword and sorcery comics, the series explored such topics as politics, high society, and religion.

The High Society subplot is now being released as a "combination e-book, audio book/digital graphic novel/oral history/weekly serialization" after successfully raising over $33,000 in a Kickstarter campaign (with 25 days to go). As the initial $6,000 goal was exceeded in less than nine hours, Dave Sims has promised to release all the Cerebus books as e-books.

Bear Cavalry strikes again!

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WNEP-TV 2008 logoIt seems California's flag is appropriate, as this story echoes one we brought to you a few weeks ago. The Bear Cavalry has struck again, this time at a middle school graduation ceremony!

Apparently one young teenage black bear wanted an education so badly that he decided to enter Ramon Garza Elementary School in Bakersfield, California, scaring the students, and causing staff to usher them inside for safety.

The bear then wandered over to the neighbouring Sierra Middle School. This understandably threw the school into chaos and lockdown, while the California Department of Fish and Game were called and eventually tranquillized the bear (with assistance from Kern County Animal Control) at a nearby apartment complex; he was later moved to a remote area and released.

Review: 'Will of the Alpha', edited by Rechan and Kandrel

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Will of the AlphaWill of the Alpha is a work of anthropomorphic fiction for adult readers only. (publisher’s advisory)

That is especially true of this anthology of a dozen short stories. “A little over a year ago”, co-editor Rechan says in his Forward [sic.], “I noticed that there was very few furry media products aimed specifically at titillating the audience’s kinks. […] This book has a little something for everyone, be it orientation or fetish. Within these pages you’ll find extensive bondage, pony play, puppy play, flogging, objectification and power exchange. […] For your comfort, the stories have been organized by severity, with the first, ‘Savage Toys’, being the lightest, and the final story ‘Attachments’ being the most intense.” (p. 5)

The cover labels this “a BDSM anthology”. BDSM is defined by Wikipedia as standing for “bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism.”

FurPlanet Productions, February 2012, trade paperback $19.95 (246 pages; on Amazon). Illustrated by Dbull.

Video: 'The Guild' goes behind the seams of mystery fursuiter

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Season 5 of The Guild (on Amazon), features a mysterious fursuiter in episodes three, four, five, six, seven and nine. In a behind-the-scenes special [silverdrake3], fursuit-makers Colleen Campbell (Phar) and Bobby Bristow (Saberfire) explain their work and cast reactions.

The character also shows up (with a friend) in the background of the season finale.

Read more: An additional interview with Bobby and Colleen on The Guild

Movie teaser: 'Wreck-It Ralph', Disney's next theatrical animated feature, due for November 2 release

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Disney's next CGI animated feature, Wreck-It Ralph, coming November 2, is about a reluctant video-game villain who escapes from his game to become a Good Guy. Although most of the characters are realistic and cartoony humans, there are a lot of anthropomorphic animals and "things" as background and supporting characters. As with Pixar's Toy Story movies, Disney has licensed the rights to numerous real video-game characters, including many non-humans such as a Pac-Man ghost, to anthropomorphize and add them to the cast.

As usual, we can thank The Cartoon Brew for this trailer.