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January 2016

Newsbytes archive for December 2015

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Contibutors this month include crossaffliction, DarkXander, dronon, Fred, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, Patch Packrat, Rakuen Growlithe, RingtailedFox and Sonious.

Happy Zoo Year! New 'Zootopia' trailer released

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Disney Animation has officially released a new trailer for one of the most anticipated furry films of 2016 (or ever)!

The nearly 3 minute preview reveals much more about the Zootopia universe and its inhabitants than has been shared before, drawing from a rich diversity of species for clever puns and laughs. (The wolf segment at 1:45 is worth a playback alone.) There is also a stronger hint as to the plot details, which includes a shrewdly run polar bear crime mob.

Plenty to take in here, so enjoy! This could be as much preview content as we can expect from Disney before the big premiere (March 4th).

Flayrah in 2015

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In 2015, Flayrah published 140 stories from 20 contributors, including crossaffliction (with 64 stories), Fred (34), Sonious (9), GreenReaper (6), GreyFlank and Rakuen Growlithe (4 each), Huskyteer and RingtailedFox (3 each), DarkXander, earthfurst and georgesquares (2 each), and A C. Fox, CassidyTheCivet, Diamond Man, Isiah Jacobs, jm, M'aiq the Liar, Micah, Mister Twister and Quinn Yellowfox (one each).

Review: 'ROAR Volume 6: Scoundrels' edited by Mary E. Lowd

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roar6.jpgMary E. Lowd takes over the editing helm of the ROAR series from Bad Dog Books, taking on the theme of "Scoundrels" for this year. The 28 stories in ROAR volume 6 explore scoundrels from the light-hearted to the most dire.

Ms. Lowd went out of her way to look for writers who hadn't written for the furry fandom before and quite successfully brought back gold (along with fan favorites like Kyell Gold).

By the way, the table of contents is slightly off. There's a story out of order and the page numbers get a bit off. Considering the wayward story is about a dog being chased by his future father in law, you might say that he's trying to do this.

FurPlanet Productions, July, 2015, trade paperback $19.95 (294 pgs.). Edited by Mary E. Lowd.

Full version of "Try Everything" from 'Zootopia' released

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The much anticipated 'Try Everything' from Disney's upcoming Zootopia has been released in full on Shakira's Vevo. As one can see from the comments, people are pretty excited for this song.

The single is written by Sia Furler, and definitely sounds like it.

Zootopia is coming out soon; so enjoy this song while you wait!

It's too bad they went for a self esteem anthem for this song. With such a wide premise and world they built for Zootopia with all the rich environments and backgrounds, it's too bad we don't hear her name drop animals or anything in the song once. I think it's a big opportunity missed, maybe that's just me.

Let me know what you all think of it!

Review: 'An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments'

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badarg1.jpgIt's nice when you can combine two interests at once, such as logical reasoning and the furry fandom. An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments provides simple explanations of 19 common errors in reasoning and each is accompanied by an anthropomorphic illustration. There are two versions of the book, the online version from 2013 and a print version from 2014. The print version has a new summary page and some different formatting but no added sections. There are probably some minor differences in the text but one should not be worse off if they only read the online version.

With the growth of the internet across the globe facilitating discussion on innumerable topics it has become obvious that many people are incapable of constructive discourse. This has led to internet rules such as "Don't feed the trolls" and Godwin's Law and to mainstream media sometimes removing comment sections altogether. Flayrah has taken the approach of introducing comment ratings and a karma system. It was this general environment that led the author to write himself a guideline on how to argue online and provided inspiration for this book.

Many of the errors presented should be familiar, such as the "argument from consequences" (If x were true, the consequences would be bad, therefore x cannot be true) and the "argument from ignorance" (You can't tell me what caused x so it has to be aliens). Others you might have heard of but not be familiar with or might not know that there is a term for it. For me, "Affirming the consequent" was a term I had heard but would not have been able to explain. It is when a person erroneously takes the consequence of an action to be evidence of that action, which is not always the case. For example the consequence of running a race would be that you become tired. However, it's not true that if you are tired it means that you have run a race.

The Experiment, September 23, 2014, hardcover $14.95, Kindle $9.95 (64 pgs.). Written by Ali Almossawi, illustrated by Alejandro Giraldo.

Ambitious furry fighter 'Beast's Fury' pulls plug

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Beast's FuryOn January 7, Ryhan Stevens announced that after many years of development that Beast's Fury, a fighting game that would feature furry characters, would be ceased. This announcement has created a lot of controversy and demand by those who funded the project over its multiple crowdfunding campaigns, two of which were successful. It has brought to bear the risks of public funding of projects by those in both the furry and gaming communities, and has opened discussions about the actual costs of developing video games.

Review: 'Learning to Go' by Friday Donnelly

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7087188.jpgLearning to Go is a sweet, romantic read with a light touch and plenty of humour; no mean achievement for a book with BDSM and abusive relationships as its core themes.

Rufus the tiger's life is stable without being fantastic. He's in a relationship with Victor, a lion, although they argue a lot. He's got a good job, although he works with Victor, which is a major cause of friction.

The incident that upsets the status quo comes early on: Rufus, reeling from another argument and taking advantage of his relationship's open status, hires the services of a sex worker to scratch an itch Victor has been unwilling to explore with him.

When professional dom Bennett, a German shepherd, arrives at his apartment, Rufus is able to see beyond his job (and his good looks), treating him as a person. He'd like to have Bennett as a friend, but this would dangerously blur the boundaries of their arrangement; most friends don't charge $200 an hour to hang out and chat.

Jaffa Books, May 1, 2015, ebook $5.50, 256 pages. Cover by Peta Fenton.

Review: 'All Creatures Big and Small' (2015)

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All Creatures Big and SmallBetter late then never, they always say, and that is never more true than with movies. For it does not matter how old a movie is; if it is good, and timeless, it won't be dated five years later.

So, one year after its worldwide premiere, I am reviewing All Creatures Big and Small, a movie that everybody forgot immediately after it came out. Apparently, nobody thought it was very good (which is probably what you heard). But let me tell you this: it is good, and if you give it a chance, you will see why I say this.

Review: 'Otters in Space: The Search for Cat Havana' by Mary E. Lowd (by GreyFlank)

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Otters In Space: The Search for Cat HavanaIn an uplifted universe, where the humans sneaked away when no one was looking, Earth is largely cats and dogs.

The dogs rule, at least in North America, and two sisters are trying to get more feline representation in what is supposedly a democracy. Events conspire to separate the sisters, and the level headed sister, Kipper, is forced into a wild adventure to find her sister, or at least solve the mystery that seems to threaten them both.

This is book one of three, with the third coming out soon.

See also: Reviews by Fred and dronon.

FurPlanet Publications, January 2012, 2nd Ed.; trade paperback $9.95 (176 pages); ebook $5.99.

'Cats and More Cats' anthology to launch at Further Confusion 2016

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Cats and More CatsCats and More Cats; Feline Fantasy Fiction, edited by Fred Patten, is launching at Further Confusion 2016 in San Jose, California over the January 14-18 five-day weekend. The book can be pre-ordered online from FurPlanet Productions. It will be for sale on the FurPlanet online catalogue afterwards.

Cats and More Cats is a reprint anthology of 14 short stories and novelettes of feline fantasy fiction (“the best of the best”) from 1989 to the present, most of them out-of-print today, plus a new essay and an extensive bibliography of cat fantasy books. This is designed to appeal to both science fiction and fantasy fans, and all cat-lovers.

FurPlanet Publications, $19.95 (261 pages). Wraparound cover by Donryu. ISBN 978-1-61450-297-5

Obituary: Brian Bedford, voice of Disney's 'Robin Hood'

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Brian BedfordBrian Bedford, an English-born actor best known to furs as the voice of the titular character in Disney's Robin Hood, passed away January 13, 2016, due to cancer in Santa Barbera, California. He was 80.

Bedford was born in Morley, UK on February 16, 1935. Primarily a stage actor, known for his work on Broadway, he made his Broadway debut in 1959, in the play Five Finger Exercise, directed by John Gielgud. In 1971, he won a Tony Award for his role in The School for Wives. He would gain an additional six Tony nominations; the most recent coming for his last stage role, Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest. He also appeared in many TV and film roles, though his vocal role as the vulpine Robin Hood is his best known.

Bedford is survived by his husband, Tim MacDonald.