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May 2004

Ohio Morphicon April Newsletter

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Ohio Morphicon April Newsletter
June 25-27, 2004 / Columbus, OH

Join our convention t-shirt art contest! In this edition:

-- Calling All Artists!
-- Charity Selected: Citizens for Humane Action
-- Panels of Interest at Morphicon
-- Hotel Reservations Through June 3rd
-- Airport/Greyhound Shuttle Update

(read on for more...)


Upcoming Furry Comics for July 2004

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Combined the updates from Doodles and Treesong this month. From Doodles: "This is the big month, with ComicCon International taking place in the middle, and so the publishers pull out all the stops to get new titles available. The bigger pubs also like to do listings of all their backstock, a hint of which can be found in the gaps between a mess of these listings. In addition, the industry has moved their Free Comic Book Day to July 3, so you'll be able to pick up all kinds of goodies from your local store. (Personal recommendation: grab Gemstone Publishing's "Mickey Mouse and Friends" freebie.)"

Vote Furry in the Squiddies!

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From Treesong: "The premier Usenet comics awards are the Squiddies. Furry comics fans, give furdom a little added recognition by voting in them. The current ballot has been posted to the main rec.arts.comics.* newsgroups, as has the third and final 'pseudo-nominees' ballot (showing everything and everyone that anyone's voted for so far)."

Four Months To Camp Feral!

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Wow! It's only four months to Feral! 2004, furry fandom's premiere summer escape. This year's camp will be the best yet, taking place in beautiful Algonquin Park at rustic Camp Arowhon, the site of the first Feral in 1998! Our Guests of Honour, Aethan and Iyu, are hyped about coming to Ontario, as are our returning past Guest of Honour- J. Willard, the newest member of the Toronto Furry community- the artist Grimal, and the man with the comics- Sean Rabbitt of Rabbit Valley Comics!

Legacy Animation closed

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Legacy Animation, the hand drawn animation studio that opened from refugees of Disney Feature Animation Florida's closing, has shut thier doors. Reasons are currently scarce, but the following quote from Eddie Pittman says it all:

"To set the record straight, Legacy is in fact finished. I wish I could tell everyone more, but, for obvious reasons, I'm just not able to at this time. It was a wild ride and I think Lucky [Legacy's initially proposed short film] is a fantastic project that would have been well worth the effort. We had a lot of amazing people who were ready to jump into the production with both feet but it wasn't to be. I wish the best of luck to Firefly. Perhaps they will have better success"

Their website at is already offline. More information can be found at Animated And Project Firefly, the remaining studio left of Disney refugees, can be found at:

Yet another furry rock video

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The Californian rock band Incubus has released a video on their song 'Talk Shows on Mute' from their latest album 'A Crow Left of the Murder '.

In the video, the band are abducted by an anthro collie with a van and are brought to a furry TV show where they have to play while other humans are doing tricks to entertain the furry audience. The show is led by a hyena and three white kitty hostesses.

Watch the video.

Right now, there is a poll on Incubus homepage about the video. Go vote! apparel returns!

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For anyfur looking to proudly wear a piece of furry apparel, check out the shirts now hosted through Zazzle! (They're especially appropriate for Canadian furries!)
The graphics are printed in full colour on quality shirts, available in numerous different styles, from t-shirts to hoodies. The back of the shirt is user-customisable so you can add in your own furry name, catch phrase, or what have you.
Enjoy! :X)

FC 2005 May Newsletter

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Further Confusion 2005: Furs of the Nile
January 13-17, 2005 - San Jose, CA

May 2004 Newsletter

1. Guests of Honor Announcement
2. Further Confusion Theme Announcement
3. BayCon party
4. Hotel Block Open
5. Online Registration Open
6. FC2005 Dealer's Room and Market Place News
7. Meeting Dates

Wolf - The Animated Film

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There is a new animated feature film in preproduction

"Wolves were the devil incarnate; plotting and loping through the shadows of night to prey upon the righteous. They were feared, hated and destroyed on sight if possible.

This sentiment, this belief was almost universal, and the wolves, once occupying more land than humans, quickly started to fade away as Man gained more expierence in eliminating them.

However, someone had been watching the death and destruction all through the ages. Enough was enough; Change was to happen, and it would begin in the most unlikely of places. This is the story of that change. This is the story of 'Wolf'."

Official Wolf Website

Oldest hummingbird fossils found

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BBC Online reports that two nearly intact, 30 million year-old hummingbird fossils have been found in southern Germany. The fossils are "strikingly similar" to modern hummingbirds. Hummingbirds have been extinct in the Old World since prehistoric times.

Dan Shaw and Cuddles Make Bid For State House.

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For Immediate Release Contact: Dan Shaw
Friday, February 27, 2004

Dan Shaw who lives in Ellsworth is seeking the Democratic nomination for Representative to the Legislature from House District 38. House District 38 includes Ellsworth, Otis, and Trenton.

“Representing the people of District 38 would be a great honor and a privilege,” said Mr. Shaw. “Serving in the legislature is about improving the quality of life for Maine citizens. I am running for the legislature because of my commitment to dealing with issues that matter most to Maine families-access to affordable health care, taking care of our children and our elderly, access to affordable higher education, and sound economic development which includes good jobs. I want to introduce my real-life experiences to the legislature,” said Shaw.

Dan Shaw is well known to area children and adults as the owner of Cuddles, the world’s first guide horse. Dan, who has retinitis pigmentosa, a disease of the eyes affecting his vision, acquired Cuddles three years ago as a substitute for a guide dog. Since then his story has been recounted to Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters, and Connie Chung to name only a few.

Dan, 47, is a book writer, carpenter, and a landscaper. He is married to Ann Shaw who is employed at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth.

Dan and Cuddles can be visited at their Website:

Dan is a Maine Clean Election candidate and will accept no campaign funds from special interest political action committees (PACs).

Plush Microbes!

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Have you hugged your local halitosis strain today? Spent any good time cuddling with the common cold? Or had a good time with beer yeast? Geek outfitter ThinkGeek is selling plush microbes, plush critters modeled after nine strains of microbes enlarged over 1,000,000 times. The perfect gift for the furry with everything.

So. Any anthropomorphic microbes out there?