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July 2004

Upcoming Comics For September 2004

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Comics updates from both Doodles and Treesong! "Beware the Ides of March and the doldrums of Labor Day. And any class in college where the instructor wrote the book..."

Sofawolf Press debuts four new publications just in time for Anthrocon

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The dedicated folks at Sofawolf Press have been working overtime to finish four new projects for debut at Anthrocon next week (July 9-11). We’re very excited about this latest batch of art and writing, and we hope you will be too.

Mephit FurMeet - Server Down and Change to T-Shirt Contest Deadline.

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Our webserver died suddenly sometime on Friday. As such, the MFM webpage, mailing lists, and email accounts for the staff are currently unavailable. Since this is impacting the upcoming deadline for the T-Shirt Contest, we're announcing....

Been struggling with your T-Shirt Entry? Been working your pencils to nubs as we approach the deadline on the 10th?

Well, I have some good news, folks...

Further Confusion at AnthroCon

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DVD Premiere

Further Confusion will have a table in the Dealer's Room at AnthroCon, and
we are excited to announce that this will be the first place the FC2004 Highlight DVD will be available for sale. It will be on sale at the low price of $10 each, and will be playable in DVD players on all regions. This DVD includes over 1,000 convention photographs, three songs from GOH Heather Alexander's concert, Critterlympics footage, as well as the Masquerade and FVS. It also contains the Late Night Show interviews with all three Guests of Honor (including Larry Niven and Grant Freckelton), plus other extras. We have put a lot of work into it, kept the price as low as possible and we hope you enjoy it for years to come.

Registration Sale

Even though FC2005 is still over 6 months away, AnthroCon is a great place for you to buy your FC membership. We will be selling full memberships for all five days of the convention for $35. This will probably be the last opportunity to get this price. We have a limited amount of the 2003 Highlights DVD for sale as well, at a discounted price of $5 each for those of you who didn't get one last year.

We hope everyone has a great time at AnthroCon this year, be watching for our full July newsletter when you get back from the con.

Further Confusion

Chronicles of Narnia Can Use Wolves, but Not Reindeer

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The Sunday Star-Times reports that Disney and Walden Media were denied use of reindeer in New Zealand for pulling the Ice Queen's sled in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Filming of the $170 million production started last week. The animals, which also pull Santa's sled in one scene, are now likely to be created by Peter Jackson's Weta Workshop special effects department.

Film-maker Lamp-Post Productions hit a speed bump on the road to Narnia when it applied to the Ministry of Argiculture and Forestry for permission to bring in the reindeer and eight wolf cross-breeds. The ministry was happy with wolves in the Auckland studio - which has been set up on the former Hobsonville airbase - but drew the line at reindeer.

Coming Soon News

Bombay Leopards Hunting Humans

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From a national park on the edge of Bombay, India, leopards have killed ten people this month that has prompted forest officials to let loose pigs and rabbits to feed the big cats.

The killings are up from previous years, and six of this month's deaths occurred outside the park as leopards extended their range in search of food.

2004 Recommended Anthropomorphics List

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This is the initial posting of the fourth annual Recommended Anthropomorphics List. It has two purposes. Firstly, it is open for all Furry fans to recommend the best anthropomorphic movies, TV series, novels, artwork, games, etc. that they find during 2004. It is for fans who want to know what Furry movies, TV series, novels, etc. are worth looking for. The List is open to anyone to add to, and it will be updated at least three times before the end of the year. If you find any 2004 Furry movies or comic books or comic strips, etc. that are worth recommending, please send your recommendations through the end of 2004 to:

Fred Patten
11863 West Jefferson Boulevard
Culver City, California 90230-6322

Secondly, this List is to be used as a guide for nominations to the 2004 Ursa Major Award, which will be presented at Anthrocon 2005 for the Best of the calendar year 2004 in the first ten categories. The List was actually started in 2001 as an aid to those fans who said, "The Award sounds like a good idea but I don't have the slightest idea what's eligible to be nominated." Read the List and find out what is eligible for the Best of 2004.

A new category has been added this year: Recommended Anthropomorphic Miscellany. This is for items such as action figures and plush dolls, songs, and other items which do not fit into the existing categories but are still worth recommending. This category will not be included in the Ursa Major Award, due to the inappropriateness of comparing such diverse items for a "best" vote.

Continuing publications such as comic books, comic strips, and fanzines are not carried over from one year to the next. If a favorite comic or fanzine of yours was on last year's List, it must be resubmitted to appear on this year's List.

This Recommended List is posted at This website includes links to as many as possible of the recommendated items that have their own entries on the Internet; so if you want to know more about any of them, you can go right to its site. It also includes the previous Lists, for the benefit of those looking for recommendations of good Furry art & literature since the 21st century started.

Conifur July Newsletter

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Conifur Northwest is Sept 24-26 in Tacoma, Washington. You can register now here. Also, through the miracle of the internet, you can reserve your hotel room for the convention on-line here.

It's not too late to pre-order your Conifur Northwest 2004 t-shirt! Designed by Guest of Honor, Chad Krueger, (your can see the design at the Conifur homepage default color is a black shirt with the 2004 design in white on the front.

Disney being sued in South Africa for copyright infringement

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Walt Disney Co. is being sued in South Africa for infringement of copyright on the song The Lion Sleeps Tonight, which was used in the film The Lion King. According to the lawsuit, the song was originally titled "Mbube" and was written by migrant worker Solomon Linda in 1939. Heirs of Linda, who died in 1962, are seeking royalties of more than $1.5 million. A recent legal move by the plaintiffs attached Disney's other trademarks to the lawsuit; if successful, the trademarks could be auctioned off to raise the funds.

Story from Reuters available here.

Review of "Kaze, Ghost Warrior"

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I just got my DVD of Khaze, Ghost Warrior in the mail this Saturday.

First, realize that the entire 20 minutes of video was done by one person with 2 off-the-shelf computers and off-the-shelf software. It is amazing that the film was created at all.

It’s a great film for furries, no doubt about it.

Killer Kangaroos!

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Australians living in the nation's drought-ravaged capital have been warned to keep their distance from aggressive kangaroos after the iconic marsupials attacked one woman and killed a pet dog.

Eastern Grey kangaroos, which can grow 1.7 meters (5.6 feet) tall and weigh 70 kg (154 lb), have started moving out of the parched bush into inner Canberra suburbs during the day to look for grass and water, increasing their contact with people.

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Philly CityPaper documents Furry community in good light

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The Philadelpha City Paper, a free alternative weekly newspaper, often covers items other papers wouldn't -- and they chose to cover the convention with a little bit of Animal Magnetism. However, true to any City Paper, they didn't MTV it -- the article is fairly even, while they concentrate on one person.