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May 2005

RCFM News #4

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RCFM - 3.14159

__RCFM is less than a month away. Are you registered yet?__

Pre register for RCFM here -->
For all those slow-moving furs out there, pre-reg runs up to midnight
on May 25th! How cool is that!?

(Prices for Pre-registration only)
* $10 - Non-attending, support level membership
* $30 - Attending level membership, all three days
* $40 - Sponsor level membership
* $70 - Super sponsor level membership
* $140 - Booster level membership

Califur Fursuit Schedule

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There is now a (tentative) fursuit schedule for Califur 1 (May 21-22)...

Anthrozona coming soon

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Ok, my original plan for Phoenix Phur Con died, mostly from over ambition. This time, we're moving slowly, we've got a Yahoo group, for discussion. All manner of discussion is welcome and desired, particularly that from people with con experience, furry or otherwise, and furs that have felt that the cons they have attended could have been improved. Currently we're at the initial stage of locating potential venues, and may even had one, more news on that will be posted in the group.

"Skinwalkers" coming to North America

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SciFi Wire reports that Lions Gate Films has acquired the werewolf film Skinwalkers for the world outside Germany, Variety reported. Lions Gate will release the movie wide in North America next year and handle international sales. Production is slated to begin this fall.

Complete article on SciFi Wire.

More upcoming comics (from Previews) for July 2005

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There are a few things to add to Doodles' list. Black and white except as noted. Actually, only one this month isn't in color, but that's exceptional.

New Species of Rodent Found in Thailand

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The BBC is reporting that an animal know locally as "Kha-Nyou" and given the scientific name Laonastes aenigmamus may have diverged from the rest of the rodent population millions of years ago. The animal is described as having "long whiskers, stubby legs and a tail covered in dense hair." Picture in article.

London Auction House to Sell Chimp Artwork

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LONDON - Congo the chimpanzee led a brief artistic career and enjoyed little critical success, despite the patronage of his contemporary and fellow abstract painter, Pablo Picasso. But nearly half a century after Congo's artistic career, some of his paintings are going on sale at a prestigious London auction house alongside works by Andy Warhol and Renoir.

Both hotels for Anthrocon now sold out

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From Anthrocon's web page

The rooms that we were able to secure at the Windsor have now been sold. The remainder of the hotel is booked for other functions, so there are no more rooms to be had. If you are still in need of a room, please check our hotel page for a list of hotels nearby. Anthrocon has not blocked any rooms at those hotels since at this point we have no idea how many rooms to guarantee, so you'll have to pay the prevailing "rack rate." A NOTE ABOUT THE WYNDHAM: The Wyndham is overbooked. We expect that there will be enough attrition in the room block that this will not be a concern when the convention rolls around. If you are not going to be able to make it to the convention this year and have reserved a room, please remember to cancel the reservation as soon as possible. The hotel will no longer allow a room to be switched to someone else's name, so if you can't go but know a friend who is looking for a room, please send that friend to our list of alternate hotels. You will not be able to "give" your room over. It may seem like a kind thing to do, but you may well be preventing some other person from getting a room when they arrive at the hotel. We'd like to try to avoid that!

Morphicon 2005 Official Post-Con Report!

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NEW! See links to convention photos at:

In this report:

* Official Numbers
* Special Thanks
* Morphicon Feedback
* What's Next

(read on for more...)


Swiss B&D Bear Banned from public diplay.

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Remember Chicago's "Cows on Parade" statues? Well, Zurich decided to follow suit, but use bears. Only this particular one, painted up in bondage gear, was deemed to be unsuitable for the place it was going, right next to some of Switzerland's most prominent banks. Full story on Yahoo! News

Tony The Tiger Is Silent...

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Thurl Ravenscroft of Fullerton, Calif., whose voice
was known worldwide through his work in movies, TV and at Disneyland, died Sunday from prostate cancer. He was 91.

Tony the Tiger?

That was Ravenscroft.

Desert Explorer and Founder of the WILD CAMEL PROTECTION FOUNDATION, John Hare,

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Desert Explorer and Founder of the WILD CAMEL PROTECTION FOUNDATION, John Hare, Travels to North America to Share the Miraculous Story of the Bactrian Camel's Ability to Survive 43 Atmospheric Nuclear Tests

Real Life Explorer has traveled the deserts of the world, his only concession to modern technology being a satellite telephone