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May 2006

ANTHRO #5 is online (yay!)

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here with some late-breaking news: ANTHRO #5 (the May/June issue) is online! My apologies for the delay; I had to deal with some non-technical difficulties, sigh. As per usual, I hope you'll check out ANTHRO's "Support" section. No matter whether you subscribe, donate, buy a T-shirt or poster from ANTHRO, or click on through to for a darn fine furry novel, whatever money you give to ANTHRO means I'll be able to pay ANTHRO's contributing artists and writers.

The RCFM Rocket, May 2006

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The RCFM Rocket
The Official Newsletter of RCFM for May, 2006

- It's Almost Here!
- Registration Deadline
- Hotel Updates
- Dealers Den Updates
- Programming Updates
- Programming Spotlight: 99% Virgin Fur
- Programming Spotlight: Rant with 2
- Art Show Updates
- Call For Volunteers

Upcoming furry comics for July (Diamond Previews only)

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It's Once de Mayo, which means Doodles is busy and I'm taking over again. A pretty good pile this month.

MAY060027D3 Usagi Yojimbo #95 24pg, color $2.99
by Stan Sakai
The assassin Shizukiri's karma catches up with him. .

Conifur NorthWest 2006 canceled

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Due to unforseen circumstances, Conifur NW has been canceled for 2006. The previous year's hotel has been torn down, a hotel they considered using as a replacement was also recently torn down. Many other hotels in the area are either going through ownership changes, or remodeling changes, or otherwise not fitting for the convention. This unfortunately leaves them with not enough time to plan for a location to hold the convention.

More info available at

Morphicon 2006 Post-Con Report!

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Wow, what a year! It's nice to end my three-year stint as con chair on such a high note. Highlights from the convention follow...

'Hedge's' Willis, Sykes get in touch with their inner Furry

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'Hedge's' Willis, Sykes Have Furry Fetish

Actors explore human qualities in animal characters

By Hanh Nguyen

May 16 2006

LOS ANGELES -- Bruce Willis and Wanda Sykes both had problems tapping into their inner woodland creatures for the film "Over the Hedge" until they decided to make their furry characters more human.

Monkey-Eating Bears

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Bears killed and devoured a monkey in front of horrified visitors at a Dutch zoo, officials and witnesses said.

Visitors reported that the grisly scene began as several bears chased the monkey, a macaque, onto a wooden structure at Beekse Bergen Safari Park.

They said a bear tried unsuccessfully to shake the monkey loose, ignoring attempts by keepers to distract it. The bear then climbed up and grabbed the monkey, mauling it to death and bringing it to its concrete den, where three bears ate it.

(Full article can be found on CNN)

Western PA Furry Weekend!! Oct. 6-8, 2006

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Hello Friends!

I’m proud to announce the Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend,, is being held Columbus Day weekend, October 6-8, 2006, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

FurFright News (Cheap Reg Deadline Looms!)

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FurFright News (Cheap Reg Deadline Looms!)
FurFright Newsletter

October 20, 21, 22, 2006
Windsor Locks, CT

"Holy Crap! We got fur!"

In this issue:
1) Register Cheap Until May 31st!
2) Want To Run A Panel or Class?
3) Calling All Artists/Writers!
4) Furland Security (Army Needed!)
5) Planet of Sound (We Need PA Speakers!)
6) Fursuit Games
7) Con Kits On Sale And Going Fast!
8) Staff/Volunteers Needed
9) Gaming News
10) What is FurFright?

New issue of Tai-Pan available

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Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe #41 was is now available!

Thanks from ANTHRO!

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Greetings from Quentin 'Cubist' Long!

I just checked the 2006 Recommended Anthropomorphics list and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that ANTHRO is now up there *in triplicate*!

In the FANZINE category: ANTHRO itself.
And twice in the SHORT FICTION category: HELPING HANDS, by Equestrian Horse Wrangler, from ANTHRO #5, and FULL IMMERSION, by Phil Geusz, from ANTHRO #4.

Whoever made these nominations to the RAL, thank you!

FC2007: Fur Your Eyes Only - May Mission Briefings

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Come celebrate the world of espionage with us in '007. Tuxedo clad spies,
evil-geniuses, femme fatales, mad scientists, super-weapons, and henchman
abound as Further Confusion delves into a world of anthropomorphic Spies,
Spooks, and Double Agents. With special themed events and panels, FC2007
will be a world where nothing is as it seems on first glance, with surprise
lurking around every corner.

In this briefing:
- FC2007 Charitable Beneficiaries Selected
- FC2006 Charities Paid
- Online Hotel Reservations Available
- FC2007 Dealers Room and Furry Market Place Waiting Lists
- FC2007 Pre-registration Available
- Our next meeting