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January 2009

Upcoming furry comics for February 2009 (Previews only)

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No page numbers this month, just placeholders; none on my order form, and I am not going in search of another, being a couple of weeks late already. But there is a *lot* of great stuff this month. Three items I recommend, my average being under .5.

RCFM Registration is Now Open!

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We now have the Registration Page up on the RCFM website, so stop by and check it out today! -->

You save money by pre-registering, but did you know you could also save money as a Predator? Just register with your prey and bring them to RCFM. It'll save you $5 off your reg! And yes, the rumor is true - You can attend for free if you bring in 7 prey!

FC2009 January Pre-Con Newsletter

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1.  Hotel News
2.  Bag Stuffing Party!
3.  Titanium Tea
4.  Event Signups
5.  Artpocalypse
6.  Live Action Drawing
7.  Shave Ice at the Hotel!
8.  Laptop Warning!
9.  Important Times
10. Preliminary Schedule and Important Times
11. Open call for open mic event
12. Last Call for FNL pre-con reservations
13. Final Staff Meeting
14. Weather Report

Media roundup for January 2009

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What's going up, down, sideways and a little bit diagonally in the world of furry media.

ConFuzzled '09 has sold out

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The convention has sold out 5 months earlier than in 2008, due to such positive feedback from an initially sceptical public

ConFuzzled 2009, the second rendition of the Manchester-based British furry convention, has now sold out!

ConFuzzled - the first fully-residential furry convention in the UK - was initially deemed "the convention that wouldn't happen", due to scepticism over the viability and interest in a convention; this was condemned along with previous failures at starting a British event.

However ConFuzzled turned out to be a runaway success, and that seems to have come this year too, with all places selling out five months earlier than in 2008, despite the addition of numerous "attending only" tickets (the lack of which was a large criticism of ConFuzzled 2008).

A waiting list is now in action, so if you're still iffy on attending then now's the time to make your decision.

Whether we here at FT cover ConFuzzled again as we did last year remains to be seen, but let's hope we do!

Two furry films nominated for BAFTAs

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The front cover of the book Varmints

Two films starring anthropomorphic animals have been listed in the BAFTAs - both for the same award.

The award is for best short animation and is being battle between three candidates. One of the films, and no doubt favourite to win, is the new Wallace and Gromit film, A Matter of Loaf and Death, first broadcast in Britain on Christmas Day.

The second, more obscure film is Varmints. A 24-minute long film animated and directed by Marc Craste, it is an adaptation of Helen Ward’s book of the same name. In it, a small anthropomorphic creature tries to protect his environment from being lost by modern development – a clear reference to the dangers of pollution. The film is made by Studio aka, who previously won this BAFTA in 2004 for their film Jo Jo in the Stars.

New furry survey in the blocks

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Give feedback on your life in the Furry Survey 2009, where we will again find out the nature of all that is fuzzy!

We here at FT love to know about the make up of the fandom, and it seems that one Alex Osaki does too! Following the huge response to the 2008 Furry Survey, in which over 5000 people took part (the largest known response to a furry survey to date), it only seems fitting to do another one.

Osaki, the man behind and the Furry Research Center, is presenting an improved version of the 2008 survey with more questions concerning non-furry activities and convention attendance - both topics rarely covered by other surveys of the fandom - and with a turnout expected higher than that of last year, it proves an invaluable source of information on fandom life.

Kevin and Kell are in the papers

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The Dewclaw family from Kevin and Kell, drawn by Bill Holbrook

Long-running furry webcomic Kevin and Kell has survived a cull of comic strips from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

A few days ago, the newspaper decided to get rid of 11 of its 36 comic strips. An online poll was held to decide which of the comics should stay and which should go. In the end, Kevin and Kell received by the far the most votes and stays.

On the Kevin and Kell homepage, creator Bill Holbrook said: "Words cannot express my gratitude for your votes in the paper’s poll. The strip has always relied on its readers to continue, never more so than in this case. This victory is entirely your own."

Holbrook added: "In the end this was an example of the power of the online world’s ability for people to come together and create a community. Again, I thank each and every one of you out there."

Morphicon Newsletter

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Morphicon 6: "Inner City Critters"
May 15-17th 2009
Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington in Columbus, Ohio
Guests of Honor: Joey-Poey and Bucktown Tiger

Morphicon is coming soon, read the full article below.

2008 Ursa Major Award Nominations open

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The Ursa Major Awards logo, drawn by Heather Bruton

Nominations for the 2008 Ursa Major Awards, the furry fandom's biggest awards, are now open.

The Ursa Major Awards are presented every May to greatest furry works that year. Prizes are given to anthropomorphic films, books, comics, TV programmes, fanzines and computer games.

Upcoming furry comics for March 2009 (Previews only)

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Happy 2009! A number of new items this month besides the usual.