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September 2012

August 2012 Newsbytes archive

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This month’s contributors include crossaffliction, dronon, earthfurst, Fred, GreenReaper, Higgs Raccoon, Patch Packrat, Rakuen Growlithe, RingtailedFox and Sonious.

Review: 'The Ursa Major Awards Anthology', edited by Fred Patten (by Watts Martin)

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This anthology is drawn from the first decade of winners – and in some cases, nominees – for the Ursa Major Awards, furry fandom's rough equivalent to science fiction fandom's Hugo Awards.

The Ursas are a popular vote; any fan can nominate a work in one of several categories, as well as vote on the final ballot. The Ursas started in 2001, organized by longtime fan and editor Fred Patten, who's also the editor of this volume (as well as a frequent reviewer on Flayrah).

Many of the stories feature illustrations from their original publication; all are introduced by Patten.

Compare: The Ursa Major Awards Anthology as reviewed by Roz Gibson, and by dronon.

'Wastelander Panda' announces casting call

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Wastelander PandaEarlier this year, Epic Films released a trailer of Wastelander Panda, the story of an anthropomorphic panda named Arcayus, who wanders a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

After a successful bid to raise funds to turn the trailer into a three-episode series, Wastelander Panda went into pre-production and, on August 27, a casting call was made.

Filming of the series will take place over November 5-23, and will mostly occur in Adelaide, South Australia, with some additional filming in the Flinders Ranges. The parts to be cast include Rose (a human girl), gang members, and a family unit. In addition to these human parts, auditions will also be held for two actors to play "hybrid animal characters" in fursuits.

The deadline for applications is September 2. Extras casting will take place later, in October.

2012 Recommended Anthropomorphics Reading List: September update

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Ursa Major AwardsThe Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Association, which administers the annual Ursa Major Awards, has updated the 2012 Anthropomorphic Reading List to include the titles recommended by furry fans through the end of August. This list is often used by fans to nominate in the next year's Awards.

All fans are invited to recommend worthwhile anthropomorphic works in eleven categories (motion pictures, dramatic short films or broadcasts, novels, short fiction, other literary works, graphic stories, comic strips, magazines, published illustrations, websites, and games) first published during 2012, if they are not already on the list.

Send in your recommendations and read the List to see what other fans have recommended. Have you read all twenty-one comic strips, for example? What have you been missing?

Four furry projects at adult crowdfunding website Offbeatr

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OffbeatrOffbeatr is a new crowdfunding website which allows erotic projects. (Pornographic material is prohibited on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.)

From Offbeatr's FAQ:

Offbeatr is a site that enables people to raise money for adult creative projects. [...] something tangible like a movie, book, game, or physical product.

Forbes magazine has a nice introductory article, and furries are already using the site.

Video critique: 'Roar Vol. 4', part 1

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Isiah offers his own thoughts and analysis on Roar as a part of a twelve-part review series

See also: Reviews of Roar 4 by Roz Gibson and Fred Patten.

Howee Husky wins 2012 fursuit tourney after murrsuit fracas

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Howee HuskyResults are in for the 2012 Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas, with Howee Husky victorious over Matrices' Beef Jerky.

The husky won by a 20-vote margin, 209 to 189. Oz Kangaroo's Duke beat Clementine 200–165 in a showdown for third place.

The tourney was briefly suspended after the quarter-finals, when fursuit builder FirestormSix withdrew Dakkota Wolf, claiming to have been slandered by an opposition supporter.

2012 saw a crossover with the Furry Basketball Association, which provided names for the group brackets used for the single-elimination portion of the competition.

Organizers say almost 400 matchups were made and 70,000 votes taken during the Fracas.

See more: Complete competition bracket – coverage of the 2011 and 2010 tourneys

Review: 'The Silver Circle', by Kyell Gold

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Silver Circle cover art by KamuiKyell Gold wrote The Silver Circle as his first entry into the paranormal romance genre. As such, it is not a category-anthropomorphic novel as much as a category-werewolf novel, or a category-transformation novel. But it is Furry enough to please most anthro fans.

Valerie Creighton, a mid-level career businesswoman in her mid-thirties, has just had a mini-nervous breakdown. She is recently divorced from her husband who never did support her; she is trapped at a large corporation where she watches men all rise to executive positions above her; and when one more big account is handed to somebody else (male), she blows up at a company conference and rants until she gets a nosebleed. Martin, her supervisor who, despite not promoting her, clearly does not want to lose her, suggests that she take two weeks leave to relax, and even offers to let her use his vacation cabin at Lake Wahya.

Val, who is taking her maiden name of Michaels back, arrives at the lakeside grocery store just in time to encounter two unusual men; a taciturn older man with a thick Eastern European accent and a silver ring on his middle left finger, and a handsome man about her own age whom the storekeeper clearly does not trust. The next day, kayaking out to a little island in the midst of the lake, she finds the just-killed body of the older man with his throat torn out, and the other man dying with two silver-headed arrows in him.

This is a mature content book. Please ensure that you are of legal age to purchase this material in your state or region. (publisher’s advisory)

FurPlanet Productions, June 2012, trade paperback $11.95 (vii + 141 pages), Kindle $4.99.

Video: 'Life by a Thread'

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Anthropomorphism ain’t always pretty. Especially when it’s animated by Jim (Su)grue of NYC’s Titmouse Studios, and posted on the Cartoon Brew website. (Note: Graphic cartoon violence.)

San Francisco rapper MC Crumbsnatcher's furry music video

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As a club-goer most likely to get down to goth/industrial/EBM, I'm not qualified to say much about hip hop/rap. However, I know that MC Crumbsnatcher is a secret goth too, and that's my fursuited ass he's humping at 4:00 in the video, so let's do this.

The San Francisco Bay area hosts many subculture scenes. They bring people together who often stay separate in less busy places. MC Crumbsnatcher's ties might be tagged as spoken word/slam poetry, indie rap, electro, Nerdcore and Homocore. His Facebook page also lists Poo Joke Teller, ruiner of childhoods, and being a trained psychic. Let's add Furry to the list.

Content warning: Video contains extremely graphic sexual language and suggestive dancing.

Furs to roam unleashed in Spain this November at Ibercamp

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Ibercamp mascotsDemand appears high for the first two-day furry event in Spain - Ibercamp, held in the mountains outside Salem, halfway between Valencia and Alicante. Food, drinks (including a few hours of open bar at the kareoke), and a bungalow spot are included in the €75 registration fee.

The event website contains a comic by RayFkm advising attendees to follow the 6-2-1 rule; although sleeping may not be hard after Sunday, which includes three hours of hiking. (Fortunately, the staff includes a person equipped in "chest-pounding" who is familiar with using the kiss of life, "even in situations where it is not particularly necessary".)

While it seems likely that most attendees will come from the Iberian Peninsula, organizer Alex Vixgeck reports registrations from regions as far afield as Basingstoke in the UK. Some wishing to attend may have to wait for 2013, though, as the 24 spaces filled up in 24 hours.