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October 2004

Furry Convention iCal Calendar

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This will be mainly of interest to OS X fans and convention orgnanizers. I took a quick look around the net, and I didn't see any published iCal calendars of Furry convention dates and locations. So I made one...

Oklcaon Newsletter

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Oklacon News Letter #4

September 2004

October 28th through October 31st
Roman Nose State Park, in Watonga Oklahoma

Animal characters top cartoon survey

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A BBC item notes that Tom and Jerry have chased each other to the top of a poll about which cartoon stars adults most enjoyed as children, with the top 10 dominated by animal characters.

Ferrets Vetoed by the Govenator

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The legislation, SB 89 by Sen. Dede Alpert, D-San Diego, would have granted amnesty under limited conditions to ferrets already in California. A $75 license fee would have been dedicated to a study of whether ferrets pose any danger.

You can find more here.

- WhiteFire

Califur Newsletter - Fall 2004

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In this Newsletter:
Theme News
Guest of Honor Update
Hotel News
Registration News
Dealers Den/ Art Show News

Spanish Cheetahs

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Christa Heidenreich and her veterinary surgeon husband Manfred have achieved with Bagheera and Bunjee something thought almost impossible -- breeding cheetahs in captivity at their first attempt.

Given two South African cubs seven years ago, the German couple retired to Spain with the hope of breeding them, despite being told they were likely to fail.

They chose Spain because it offered a climate where the cheetahs would feel at home and a place with enough land for them to enjoy hunting.

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Newspaper story on Conifur

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The News Tribune has printed an article complete with a color picture from the Saturday fursuit parade. The online version can be found at here.

FurFright Update: Fun With Candy Corn

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Top paranormal scientists report that in approximately 3 weeks there will be a disturbance in the anthropomorphic world of biblical proportions. Or at least as big as a children's pop-up book. Experts predict that FurFright will come alive, drag its rotting corpse from the grave, and smell really bad. If spotted, douse it in Old Spice and give it a hug. It's lonely. *grins*

FurFright, the Northeast's very own Anthropomorphic Halloween Convention (October 23 & 24, Sheraton Hotel, Windsor Locks CT), is almost upon us, and we're hoping you all come out and join in the furry fun. Some of the most talented artists, animators, writers, and fursuiters in the fandom will be at FurFright, helping us make this young con something special.

Upcoming Comics for December 2004

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Here's the list of upcoming furry comics for this December from Doodles, with the addenda by Treesong: "As the year comes to a close, we look back upon the past 12 months and ask ourselves "Did I leave the oven on?""

Maryland Bear Hunt

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Animal-protection advocates filed a lawsuit Monday seeking to block Maryland's first bear hunt in 51 years, which they said was the product of flawed science.

State wildlife managers proposed the hunt in February after more than a decade of debate. They have said the two-week hunt, which would be limited to 30 bears and would begin October 25, will help contain an increasingly troublesome resident population of black bears.

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Collie Fire Alert

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Lake County Animal Control officials are crediting a dog with warning them about dangerous smoke coming from an area that contained 10 other dogs.

April Godra, a shelter official, said she knew something wasn't right when Foxie, a normally quiet collie, would not stop barking as Godra made her rounds through the northwestern Indiana kennels two weeks ago.

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Radio Comics Sale

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It is coming close to the end of the year, and we're running out of space in our storage space! In order to help make more room, and also to lower those end-of-year inventory taxes, we're clearing out comics at half off!

Every Radio Comix and Sin Factory comic book that is more than a year old at the Radio Comix Webstore is 50% off (this is 50% off the cover price, and 50% off the shipping, too). Titles include Furrlough, Genus, Havoc Inc, Hit the Beach, Eureka, Bureau of Mana Investigation, Tales of the Fehnnik, Morning Glory, Monsters of Rock, True Hue, Gold Digger Edge Guard, Mangaphile, Milk, and more.

This is our biggest sale ever, and we don't expect to offer a sale like this in the forseeable future, so act soon. Sale lasts for ONE WEEK ONLY, ending October 13th.

For more info, and to visit the web store, go to

- Matthew, Radio Comix