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February 2006

COMING ATTRACTIONS! #4 - Megaplex 2006 - January 2006

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Experience...the THRILLS!...the FUN!...the FUR!

Megaplex 2006...the HORROR! It's coming...

Things are proceeding rapidly here at Megaplex Central, as we draw closer and closer to our fifth anniversary! Here's the latest on Florida's furry arts and performance convention.

Megaplex 2006 will be held 17-19 March 2006, as we return to the Sheraton World Resort in sunny Orlando, Florida. This year, we're saluting classic B-movies, especially the great horror flicks that came about during that time.

Morphicon's January Newsletter

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It's Morphicon's 2006 January Newsletter!
Now with exclamation marks, for extra excitement!

This Month's Contents:

Deadline: Art Contest ends 2/15! Oy Vey!
Skating Dropped for Mongolian BBQ!
Deadline: Prereg ends March 1st!
Programming Highlights!
Charity Auction still Seeking Donations!


Upcoming furry comics for March 2006 (Previews only)

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Awright, listen up! The tech boys say that on Sun, 1 Jan 2006 11:54:54 -0800 "Doodles" wrote to


Pg 29
Usagi Yojimbo #92 - $2.99
Usagi finds himself between Kitsune and Tomoe. This is a place half the
fanboys in town would envy...

pg 97
Scooby-Doo #106 - 2.25
This issue has the gang crapping all over James Bond's legacy. Then again, after "Tomorrow Never Dies," what's left?

Blacksad vol. 3 published in France

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For those who are such fans of the French Blacksad series by Canales and Guarnido that they cannot wait for vol. 3 to be translated into English, vol. 3. Red Soul (Ame Rouge) was published in France on November 18. It is most easily ordered from America by, but the BDPARADISE site has the most pictures including the first 9 pages

WatchingStone AnthroStory Contest

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Time's almost up in the judging phase of the WatchingStone AnthroStory Contest's fall/winter season. Have you cast your ballots? What makes this contest tick? The readers! You, the readers, get your say in which story is the best. What better chance to get more stories of the kind you like than to reward the authors who write them! Please take a little time and check them out at The WatchingStone AnthroStory Contest judging page . Let your voice be heard. What do you want to read?

Netzine update: TSAT

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Quentin Long here. I'm not just editor and webmaster of the netzine ANTHRO; I've also got a second netzine. It's called TSAT, and while its primary focus is transformations, there's enough overlap between TF and Furry that the zine has nonetheless managed to garner two Ursa Major Award nominations; one in its own right, for Best Zine, and the other, Best Novel, for Raven Blackmane's ECCE FEMINA (which appeared in TSAT #25).
Anyway, a new issue of TSAT (#44) is uploaded for your reading pleasure. The bits of greatest interest to furries are likely to be the latest installment of serials THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL, a TBP mega-story involving direct conflict between SCABs and bigoted norms; another TBP serial, RUNNING WILD, in which a near-insane cheetahmorph is finally getting the help he needs -- if he can survive the experience; and THE RIGHTS OF THE TRANSFORMED, a "point-counterpoint" examination of how US law might regard non-human sentient creatures.

Share and enjoy!

'Magic Time' books nearer to live action

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Science fiction writer Marc Zicree (Babylon 5, Sliders, Star Trek:Enterprise, Twilight Zone Companion) has progressed further towards getting his science fiction tranformation book trilogy Magic Time into a live action form.

The series is an exploration into a world subject to a 'change' where disaster strikes, all the machines stop working, but magic 'comes back' (for some, it never left *wink* )..

But folks have survived, only changed to ghosts, reptiles and other creatures not normally visiting Starbucks on a given day. Something about personalities shaping their form..but don't want to spoil it for anyone..

It's been out a few years now, but he has been working toward getting it filmed..
Should be interesting..

For more info:

Marc Zicree's Website
His blog

An interview with Zicree about the books

FWA Newsletter

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The official newsletter of Furry Weekend Atlanta
February 2006

In this issue...
- Arriving at the Con
- Registration Reminders
- Schedule Posted
- God Level Gift
- Volunteers Needed


Suburban Jungle Begins Eighth Year

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John "The Gneech" Robey's popular furry webcomic, The Suburban Jungle (Starring Tiffany Tiger), turns seven in February, 2006. Billed as "the life, loves, and career of aspiring supermodel and ferocious predator, Tiffany Tiger," Suburban Jungle (or SJ as it's often called) begins its eighth year with the titular tiger hiring a pair of private investigators named Squash and Stretch (an otter and ferret, respectively) to find her missing roommate, Yin the Giant Panda, who has been kidnapped by aliens.

Suburban Jungle is romantic comedy with the occasional out-there twist; over the course of its seven-years-and-counting, it has received such recognition as "tasty biscuits" from Websnark, and artist/author/creator The Gneech was Guest of Honor at this past year's Mephit Furmeet in Memphis, Tennessee. The strip runs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with "Grab Bag Saturday," ... "except when it doesn't." It can be found at

Furry! anthology now in bookstores

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Furry!: The World's Best Anthropomorphic Fiction, edited by Fred Patten, 445 pages, $12.99 (a retitled new edition of the 2003 book Best in Show), was published by iBooks on February 9.  It is on sale in bookstores throughout North America ... but maybe not where in the bookstores it would be expected. 

iBooks has packaged it as a General Fiction/Literature release, not a SF/Fantasy release, so it may not be on the SF/Fantasy shelves where fans usually browse.  Unlike most books, the Furry! entry does not include a cover picture, and is alphabetized under the name of the first author in the anthology rather than the editor's name.  If you cannot find it where you would expect to at your bookstore, ask a clerk where it is rather than assuming that they do not have it.

Upcoming furry comics for April 2006 (Diamond Previews only)

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Doodles had a run-in with the flu so I'm doing the whole thing this
month. Comics are 32-page, full-color, floppies except as noted. I have
no information on Marvel Comics furries (unlikely) or Genus #77; anyone
who does, please post.

Warm and Fuzzy

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(From here)

I have written about many diverse subjects in the genre of sexuality, but this takes the cake. Let me tell you a little bit about a subculture of people who call themselves “furries.”