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April 2007

Amazon tag creates new furry novel list

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The Furry Novel List by Dave Farrance has not been updated since 2001.[1] As a result there has not been an up-to-date source for published works relating to the fandom. Many novels on the list are now long out of print and difficult to find.

However, users of the system of tagging products are creating an alternative. So far, 22 users have marked 90 novels, non-fiction works, CDs and DVDs with the tag furry. Searching for this tag displays products of interest to the fandom.

Red Blue & White selects 'Furs in Black' theme

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Red Blue & White

Red Blue & White plans to make a splash with 'Furs in Black', to be hosted December 1-2 on board a River Thames party boat.[1][2]

The meetup is headed by Rapido of the Londonfurs, who has hopes of doubling last December's attendance of 85.[3][4] This year's boat, the Golden Jubilee, can hold up to 240 guests, and has a built-in DJ booth and dance floor.[5] Non-boat events will be held on both days at the City Golf Bar in Blackfriars.

Inherit the Earth ported to Pocket PC

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Rif, hero and protagonist of Inherit the Earth

Classic furry adventure game Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb has been ported to the Pocket PC platform by maintainers Wyrmkeep Entertainment.[1] The same company released a CD version for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X in 2004. An official comic was started in 2005.

Inherit The Earth's storyline revolves around the development of anthropomorphic species, who have formed into tribes after a biological catastrophe wiped their human creators from the Earth. The player guides a member of the Fox tribe, Rif, in his quest to locate the Orb of Storms, a technological artifact which can predict the weather.

Assisted in his quest by members of two other species, Rif and his new friends must solve several puzzles and help other characters deal with their own problems in order to achieve their goal.

Kitterwing update for Furcadia

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Players are already making heavy use of the new "lead and follow" functionality to form conga lines

Earlier today Dragon's Eye Productions launched the first client update in over a year for their massively multiplayer online game Furcadia.[1]

The Kitterwing update provides a number of new features besides support for the Kitterwing avatar itself,[2] including a new class of wings, a free bovine/minotaur avatar, and 24-bit non-remappable portraits. Prior versions used indexed colour which provided only a small number of switchable colour values per portrait. Full in-world 32-bit colour support is still "two updates away", according to producer Emerald Flame.[3]

The update was originally intended to contain an even larger number of features, but was rushed out to provide compatibility with Windows Vista, which places restrictions on where programs may write documents such as log files and user preferences.

Califur Semimonthly Newsletter for April 2007.

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Califur Semimonthly Newsletter for April 2007.

Registration Information.
Hotel Information.
List of Participating Dealers.

Morphicon Hotel Name Change!

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The Morphicon 2007 hotel, the Radisson Columbus-Worthington, is transmogrifying into a Holiday Inn. This change is set to take place in June, but it is possible that signage outside the hotel will say "Holiday Inn" rather than "Radisson" by the time of our convention. Please do not be alarmed or confused by the change! Only the name of the hotel is changing.

If you want to get the discount room rate, you MUST reserve by April 26th. Call the Radisson directly at 614-436-0700, or fax them at 614-436-5318. You may also call the central office at 1-800-333-3333. Either way, be sure to ask for the Morphicon room rate (room block MOR-07).

Hotel Liaison Type Fuzzball

Califur Conbook Update.

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We have not yet received enough submissions to make a decent ConBook and we are running out of time.

Midwest FurFest announces 2007 theme, Guests of Honor

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Midwest FurFest released information about the convention theme and guests for honor today. The convention also announced its newly-revamped website at[1]

The convention theme is to be "Critters on the High Seas", which could include pirates, sailing ships, and all things nautical.

The Guests of Honor include artists and illustrator Cara Mitten, artist, illustrator, and costumer Jill0r, and author Will Sanborn.

Califur 2007 schedule finalized, including the Ursa Major Awards

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Califur 3 has recently updated its website with complete programming schedules for the weekend of May 4-6, 2007. The events page indicates that the schedules were last updated on April 24.[1]

Advance registration numbers have been larger than expected and all available Dealers Den spaces have sold out.[2] Online registration is now closed, but membership can still be purchased at the door for $45. Attendees who pre-registered early will receive specially-made durable plastic badges.[3]

WhiteWizard purges The Lining from Tapestries

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Tapestries MUCK

MUCK head WhiteWizard purged the popular Tapestries location known as The Lining this Monday.[1] The action was in response to an ultimatum posted two days earlier by its owner, Banner, who had threatened to close the bar himself at the end of the month if he did not receive an apology for what he termed "abusive and obnoxious behavior" on WhiteWizard's part.[2]

Califur Semi-Occasional Monthly Newsletter for May 2007

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Califur Semi-Occasional Monthly Newsletter for May 2007
Registration News.
Programming News.
Special Announcement.

International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day

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Author Jo Walton has organized "International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day," for authors to release previously unavailable stories into the wild for free -- or to promote stories that have already been released. I've released the title story to my Sofawolf collection, "Why Coyotes Howl," as part of the day; there may be other stories of interest to furry fans being released and/or promoted in her list.

Why Coyotes Howl

Flight of the Godkin Griffin, M.C.A. Hogarth's online serial

Sythyry's Journal, Bard Bloom's fictional journal from the World Tree setting

Jo Walton's Master List of Stories