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June 2007

Western PA Furry Weekend June Newsletter!

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Hello friends!

It's June and there are just four more months left until the Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend,, is upon us.

Have you registered yet?? The Early Bird Basic pre-registration cost of $15 is only good until the end of the month. Then Basic level pre-registration for the event goes up to $20 until it closes in early September. Register on-line. It's fast, easy and only takes a minute or two.

Newshounds to return in July

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The date of the sequel to Thomas K. Dye's humorously satirical webcomic Newshounds has been announced. Newshounds II will start on 2 July, 2007.[1]

The new series will continue from where the first Newshounds left off, with KPET manager Lorna Dilbrook taking the post of head news editor of MegaNewsWest, on the condition the her old staff at KPET were also given jobs.

Since Newshounds ended on December 8,[2] Dye has been running a commentary on old strips, as well as making a spin-off featuring the cubs of Wolfram Blitzen and Rochelle O'Shea, Malcolm and Emma, in a strip called Kid Gloves since January 30.[3] The last Kid Gloves will be published on June 29, with Newshounds II taking over.[1]

The original Newshounds ran from November 1997, and was published in seven compilations.

John Hodgman reviews furry comics favorably in 3 June *NY Times Book Review*

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First is Kim Deitch's mostly-human Alias, which starts out biographical, then goes whacko as Waldo the cartoon-cat id-monster, who he's been drawing for forty years, comes into his life and becomes an obsession.

More to the point are reviews of two books in Lewis Trondheim and Johann Sfar's Dungeon series: Dungeon Parade, vol. 1: A Dungeon Too Many (NBM, paper, $9.95) and the start of the whole phenomenon, Dungeon, vol. 1: Duck Heart (NBM, paper, $14.95). As I noted in my Previews post in May, these and all the earlier Dungeon trade paperbacks are offered again in the current Previews, along with the latest one. Each comprises the contents of two or three of the original French albums.

His review begins: 'I could begin by telling you that the "Dungeon" series is an ambitious, surprising epic, its two dozen or so existing episodes scattered over three generations of characters, with the promise of possibly hundreds more episodes to come. But eventually I'm going to just have to come out and say it: "Dungeon" is about a duck and a dragon going on adventures in a Dungeons & Dragons-style fantasy realm called Terra Amata. . . . This is pure funny-animal stuff. . . . And precisely because it is so light and warmhearted, the moments of melancholy and actual profundity reach into your chest, pull out your heart and keep it hostage.'

Rocket City FurMeet chairman injured, donations sought

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On the evening of Monday, June 4, 2007, KO, the chairman of Rocket City FurMeet was helping a friend move a washer on some stairs. The washer tipped over and fell, taking KO with it,[1] breaking both of his wrists and his scapula. As of this writing, he is at Crestwood Medical Center in Huntsville, Alabama having undergone surgery to repair some of the damage.[2]

It is unclear how much of KO's medical care will be covered by insurance, and he will definitely be out of work while he recuperates. To help bridge the gap, Alexander Katz is collecting donations via PayPal. Alexander is also inviting comments and get-well wishes to pass along to KO.[3]

Club Stripes prepares to enter book market

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Club Stripes

Adult subscription website Club Stripes has announced the launch of their first collaborative graphic novel publication, titled The Best of Club Stripes: Private Exhibition. The 96 page, full-color book is tentatively scheduled for mass-market purchase at the beginning of July.[1]

The recommended retail price is $24.95, for which readers are promised "about 30 pages of comics, more than 150 pictures." Pre-orders are being accepted through the end of June for $20, including shipping.

Canadian fans bid farewell to C-ACE

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C-ACE (the Canadian Art and Cartooning Expo, held in Ottawa) has come to a close for its sixth - and apparently final - year. Guests included artist/costumer Andrew "Loopy" Pidcock and fantasy author Fiona Patton.

The main reasons cited for the closure were increased hotel operating costs and the lack of medium-sized facilities.[1]

Rainfurrest Web Update.

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Due to technical difficulties with our former webmaster, our address has changed to, please do us a favor and spread this around, as well up update your own bookmarks.

Also Folks, if you can, Mention Rainfurrest when you put out the link..

Robert Johnson
Rainfurrest Marketing and Publications Lead

Iron Age 'Mickey Mouse' Found

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One thousand years before the cartoon character Mickey Mouse was even a glint in Walt Disney's eye, a French artist created a bronze brooch that looks remarkably like the famous rodent, according to archaeologists at Sweden's Lund Historical Museum, which houses the recent find.

Visit the Discovery article, Iron Age "Mickey Mouse" Found for more.

Yiffit promises adult version of ArtSpots

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The architects of quality-controlled all-ages furry art site ArtSpots have licensed the site's source code to Inaki, who is launching a separate site, Yiffit, dedicated to "high quality adult anthropomorphic animal artwork."[1]

Another site, Furverts, will hold mature furry art of all quality levels.[2] Cub art, and works centering around infantilism, excessive gore, scat and snuff will not be permitted on either site.[3]

Poink T. Ferret for sale

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Poink has been significantly modified over the years

Regular Funday PawPet Show cast member Poink T. Ferret has been put up for auction by his owner, Jackrabbit.[1][2]

The pawpet - originally a Folkmanis design - has been modified over the years to include balloons, ping-pong balls, and red LED eyes. He was shaved by Uncle Kage during its last visit to Anthrocon, and currently wears hair implants.

The final bid was $237.50. Shipping costs were not specified.

New Furry Podcast Community

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Hello furry rascals, vagrants, and the downright crazy! There is a new furry podcast on the horizon starring Flain Falcon, Zim Skunk, and Schryari, and our preparations are near completion. It is called Clawcast. This is not just a podcast, however, it is also a community. Come join the forums in anxious anticipation of our first episode.

What makes this podcast different, you ask? You can call in our skype or landline and leave responses to our discussions, tell us about news of interest to the furry community, or yap at us like a rabid chihuahua. If you make a good point, have interesting news, or make yourself entertaining, we may even play your message on the air!

Please mind the dust, as we are still growing and adding more features. For more information, visit our website.

ConFuzzled - Britain's First Convention (Update)!

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Hi everyone!

It's June and there is literally less than 12 months until ConFuzzled, Britain's first furry convention, is upon us.