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November 2010

'Wrapped Up' portfolio to promote safe sex

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Sharon, by LonginiusAn adult portfolio promoting condom use and safer sex is in development, and seeks artists willing to donate their effort.

The Wrapped Up! project is reminiscent of the Yiffy Guide to Safer Sex, a flyer distributed at conventions since 1996. Current contributors include A Blue Deer, Electrocat, Longinius, Naira, Naraku, Rorschfox, Shirik and Statik.

The portfolio is organized by RealZero, who intends for it to be printed by Rabbit Valley and sell for around 20€ (~US$25). Prints are also on sale at Inkbunny. All profit is to be donated to AIDS/HIV-fighting organization UNAIDS.

Inkbunny reconsiders 'no humans, no photos' policy

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Humains interdits, by RacineFurry art and story gallery Inkbunny has changed their content policy to permit limited photography and human-based art.

Humans and human-style characters are now allowed in art as long as they are not engaged in sexual activity and don't show genitals or sexual arousal. Stories containing humans were already permitted along similar lines.

Photographs of objects created "by you or for you" or acting as a background to another work may also be uploaded.

Launched in June, Inkbunny's features and policies won fans among those looking for a venue to sell their work, but many who draw humans or human-like characters avoided the site. Sculptors, photographers and fursuit builders also had little to contribute until now.

Research uncovers new depths to dolphin sociology

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Recent research on how dolphins interact with one another has shown surprising levels of complexity. Groups of dolphins have been observed working together and dolphins of different species may even be able to communicate – or at least attempt to.

Science NOW reported on two dolphin papers showing social co-operation, while the BBC covered preliminary research on dolphin communication.

Feral! 2011 to have B?movie theme, Blotch as guests

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Camp Feral announced today that its 2011 event – their 14th since 1998 – will have a B?movie theme: 'It Came From Camp Feral!'

The event is to occur August 31–September 4, in the traditional Algonquin Park campground. Artists Kenket and Black Teagan, together known as Blotch, are to be guests of honour.

Company offers tours of Paris for plush toys

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As reported on Gadling, Paris-based "Furry Toys Tours" offers to escort your favourite plush toy around the French capital and photograph them in front of various landmarks.

The basic one-week package costs 100€, and takes in such sights as the Eiffel Tower, the Seine bridges, and Notre Dame cathedral. The price includes thirty photographs, a certificate, a surprise souvenir, and shipping of the plush toy back to its owner.

Fox spotted chasing squirrels at Capitol Hill

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Red Fox, photo by CNNCNN photojournalist Giaco Riggs took a few pictures of a Red Fox in pursuit of squirrels on Capitol Hill last Friday.

"It just showed up and was hunting a squirrel," Riggs was quoted by CNN as saying. "When he showed up, all the other squirrels ran away. When the fox went away, all the squirrels came back."

CGI 'Firebreather' debuts November 24 on Cartoon Network

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The CGI adaption of Firebreather – a comic about a half-dragon, teenage superhero created by Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn – debuts November 24 at 7PM EST/PST on Cartoon Network.

The movie is directed by Peter Chung, creator of animated series Æon Flux (not to be confused with the live-action film), and written by Jim Kreig. [Lovejoy/Weasel Wordsmith]

'Mongrels' nominated for two RTS Craft and Design Awards

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'Mongrels' charactersBritish puppet-based sitcom Mongrels has been nominated for two Royal Television Society (RTS) Craft and Design Awards.

The series, which revolves around the lives of five anthropomorphic animals who hang around the bin yard of a pub on the Isle of Dogs, London, has been nominated for two awards which are given within the areas of TV production. The winners will be announced on 24th November.

Further Confusion 2011 November newsletter

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In this issue of the Further Confusion newsletter:

  1. Hotel Cancellations
  2. Last Chance Convention Book Submissions
  3. The Open Mic
  4. EVE's Karaoke Club
  5. Furry Market Place already at 75% capacity!
  6. Dealer Room Waiting List
  7. Chin-wag Events
  8. Overflow Hotel - The Sainte Claire
  9. Parking at the Fairmont
  10. Complimentary High-Speed Internet Access at the Fairmont
  11. Fursuit Badge submissions ?
  12. Pre-Registration Deadline, December 30th, 2010
  13. AAE now accepting bids to chair FC2012
  14. Next Public Meeting

The science of cats' lapping

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Roman Stocker, of MIT, was inspired by his cat, Cutta Cutta, to study how cats drink. Although humans are able to suck liquids, dogs and cats are unable to seal their cheeks and so need to lap. While dogs bend their tongue to form a scoop cats, both domesticate and wild, were found to use a different mechanism.

The Furtean Times closes; content brought to Flayrah

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British furry news site has closed after almost four years online.

Former editor-in-chief Alexander Grey (stories) explained:

With falling readership and contributions since the middle of the year, followed on by an exploit in early September bringing the site offline, I have decided to close the website for good.

It was my initial intention to rebuild the website from scratch to make it easier for users to contribute multimedia content [...], however this process was difficult and time consuming to complete while working alone. Having started university in September, I now have little time on my hands for such an in-depth and involved project.

Like WikiFur News, the site's previously published content is being preserved at Flayrah.

Transfur relaxes content policy after user survey

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Transformation art archive Transfur has relaxed its content policy, after surveys suggested enforcement of existing rules was negatively impacting the site.

The new rules remove a long list of forbidden transformation subjects, simply a skill warning, and permit occasional works not involving a direct transformation.