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If you're an artist who follows alt.fan.furry or yerf.yap semi-regularly, you've probably already seen this. However, if you haven't, you might want to take a peek at the Artists' Rant Board forum which was opened by Rebecca Gallant, an artist who works in the fantasy (including Furry) and wildlife genres of art. The forum has some tools which appear to be quite interesting, even to the non-artistic. There are areas for peer critiquing, tips and techniques, commission discussion and much more. While not exclusively "furry" this forum does support the fantasy genre as a whole, and the artist who opened the forum definately has done a number of "furry" works.

Yahoo News covers Furry

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Here we go again. Yahoo News has an article titled 'Group Celebrates 'Furry' Lifestyle'. I didn't find it very informative -- it was short and felt stilted. I guess, reading the context around it, that this article is actually an excerpt from a local Ohio TV station (Channel 5) report on fursuiters.

Comic-Con International acquires WonderCon

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Comic-Con International, the non-profit organization which sponsors San Diego Comic Con, the Alternate Press Expo, Pro-Con, and the Comic Book Expo, has entered into an agreement to acquire the comic convention WonderCon.

Furnetwork coming back end of May

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For those wondering about Furnetwork being down, it's back up, but partially. The front page is being hosted by YourHost.com, and all the user accounts are safe, if unaccessible. There's further news on the front page(www.furnetwork.net). Full service is expected to be restored before the end of the month.

Golden Duck nominees announced

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Super-Con-Duck-Tivity, the organization which sponsors DuckCon, has announced the nominees for the Golden Duck Awards. Each year, the Golden Duck Awards are given to the top three children's books in the category of science fiction.

Eisner nominees announced

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Comic-Con International has announced the
nominees for the 13th Annual Eisner Comics Industry awards. Nominees are selected by a panel of judges. Final awards are decided by a vote among comics professionals. Ballots will be going out in early May to over 5,000 comics publishers, creators, and retailers. The results will be announced in an awards ceremony at Comic-Con: International: San Diego on the night of Friday, July 20 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Elivra's next movie to be her last?

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Cassandra Peterson, a.k.a. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark revealed an an E! Online interview that her upcoming film, Elvira's Haunted Hills will be her final film outing.

'They Die Piece by Piece'

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If you love animals, you should spend some time considering how they're slaughtered. Not pretty, but if you eat them, you should know exactly what's going on behind the scenes.

Emperor's New Groove

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If you haven't seen this in your local Blockbuster or Video Update you should be seeing it now. That's right, The Emperor's New Groove is out on VHS and DVD (There is even a collector's edition on DVD) for your viewing pleasure. If you haven't seen this movie, now is the time to go rent it (or, if you've got kids, buy it). I haven't laughed at a movie so hard in a very long time, and it's geared for audiences both young and old, so you won't get tired of it when your children decide to watch it every time the TV is on.

Country Bears movie...

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This little tidbit was posted on alt.fan.furry by Joe Strike, and I thought it a little too surreal to be true. Christopher Walken is going to be in a movie with anthro or intelligent bears, produced by Disney? This is the same guy who was playing the vindictive, homicidal angel Gabriel in 'The Prophecy' and its sequel. It just doesn't mesh with reality, you know?

This is Joe's post to alt.fan.furry:

Mailbox Books calls for boycott of movie

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While browsing Mailbox Books today I stumbled across an interesting link on the front page. RABCO Publishing (who now runs MB), in conjuction with Shanda Fantasy Arts and "other comic professionals" have posted a notice calling for a boycott of the new "Josie and the Pussycats" movie currently in theaters. Reasons cited are primarily related to alleged abuse by Archive Comics and Universal Studios of the comic's creator in regards to fair compensation and credit for his 50 years of work.

Tall Tails fan club now open

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Fans of JD Calderon and Daphne Lage's Tall Tails comic, serialized monthly in Furrlough, can now congregate and share their thoughts at http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/clubtalltails.

Sanctioned by the comic's creators, the fan club is a new home for fans of Tall Tails to congregate, share their thoughts, get news, post fan art, and otherwise participate in the comic we enjoy.

Furnation Status Update

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From Email on TAFF list:

Pass this info on to the newsgroups.

Furnation will be getting a new SDSL connection in approximately 3-4
weeks and will come back on line as soon as possible thereafter. Nexxus
moved to a new part of town and it's taken a while for the DSL people to
get up to speed in the area, but he's on their list to get a hookup by
the end of May. Once the first line is in and clear, he will decide if
he can afford a second or third one again

Cordwainer Smith Award Created

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Sci Fi Wire is reporting that the Cordwainer Smith Foundation has announced "...the establishment of the Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award, an annual literary award for forgotten SF classics, named after the SF writer. The award will honor a science fiction or fantasy writer whose work deserves renewed attention or rediscovery and whose work displays unusual originality and embodies the spirit of Cordwainer Smith's fiction..."

2000 Nebula Award Winners Announced

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On April 28, 2001, the winners of the 2000 Nebula Awards were announced, with Greg Bear's Darwin's Radio taking the award for Best Novel. You can find the complete list at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America website

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